Unconditional love between MV

Day 1 of the school she went to school’s office for enquiry of buses.
There she saw a man in tidy blue shirt and a black pant looking extra smart and dashing.
She admired him as her crush and was continuously staring him noticing his every move his smile each and everything.

Vedika she was a girl with a frank attitude friendly to all and enjoyed her life’s every single moment.
She was a national basketball player?.

She left basketball as she couldn’t balance her studies .
Next time she saw that guy again in school premises…..and now she wanted to know his name..and she got to know his name from her busmate Pragati.

Pragati had a crush on Mithun and everyone knew about this so vedika was broken from inside and kept her feeling hidden….

Pragati told vedika that how much she loved him .Vedika always supported her and encouraged her for love for him…..

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  1. Swethaa

    nice but what about that guy whom is he loving

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