Unconditional love (Introduction)

Unconditional love


(A/N: I hope you all will like this story and my writing. Let me know how you feel..)


What is love…?

To some it’s kind and innocent..

To some it’s desire and passion..

To some it’s beautiful and wonderful..

To some it’s sacrifice and happiness..

To some it’s painful and heart aching..

To some it’s obsession and possession..

To some it’s everything and soul consuming..

And to some it’s limitless and endless..

So.. What really is love..? How would you explain what is love when it depends on how we see..? Will you justify the definition of love by your explanation..? Will you?

Will you say the love that is cute and innocent is only true love..? Doesn’t crazy and all consuming love isn’t true love..? Who are we to decide which is true love..? Love can be in any form..

Love… Love is just love.. No matter how one loves another it still is love..

Arjun didn’t realize this and it was too late to realize anyway.. After all he fell in love with a Psycho..

First episode will be posted asap…

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