Hi, Guys..this is Adhya! i just thought about another story line….I hope u all will like this…..

Guys u all know that MADHUBALA is a beautiful and wonderful story…so, i don’t want to change it..but want to add some extra characters in it….


In this Story, R.k has 1 elder sister…Priya! he loves her so much…Though he hates his mom..but he loves and care his sister….

Priya get’s love marriage with Abhay Arora…! They love each other and leads a very happy life…! After 2 yrs Priya & Abhay blessed with a baby boy…ANSH! R.k loves him so much…

But unexpectedly Priya & Abhay met with an Accident and dies in it…So, R.K took Ansh responsibility…and treats him as his own son….!

Later, He forcefully marries madhu and treats her ill…But soon, Madhu and Ansh grew bonding and unconditional love ..!.Madhu feels Motherly love towards Ansh…! Soon, R.k & Madhu loves each other..but, Finally, R.k betrays Madhu for her 4 slaps….!

By this, R.k& Madhu lives separately …While Ansh misses Madhu very badly…R.k can’t able to see Ansh pain..but, he can’t able to obey his mistakes becoz, of his Ego…!

Though Madhu hates R.k..she still cares for Ansh and misses him….Madhu can do anything for Ansh’s happiness.. but, she is totally heart broken after R.k’s betrayal..and she want to fight with her situations for her mom… So, she continues her job as Hair Dresser in R.k’s movie

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  1. Mystery

    Awesome…..update it other ff too

  2. Ur love can change life s better then this so focus on tht nd make a new episode soo we can enjoy it…….plz srry nd if u feel bad bt dear u r awsome writer nd make a good story tht story was awsome so.i said to u this ….plz dear frgv m if u feel bad…??

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