Unconditional Love Episode 6 (Abhi & Pragya)


Hi Guys, Sorry for this too late updates I was ou of town so let’s get in the story.

Pragya was a little bit nervous cause she is afraid of dark. She felt someone behind her but she can’t recognise because of the darkness..
Someone take a lighter in front of her, she saw a small light in front of her face and tried to look the person standing in front but she failed. Suddenly the light gets on and everyone were relieved but Pragya was a little bit tensed cause she could feel that it wasn’t Abhi in front of her so whas that person ?

On the stage Abhi came with a mike and said: Hello guiys, thank you all for coming first of all, as you everyone know today is my engagement. I want you to meet my future wife, Pragya come on stage please.

She feel shy but came o the stage.

Abhi continues: You all know that I’m a famous rockstar and you should think that it’s an love marriage but no guys, it’s only an arranged marriage by my beautiful Daadi, this girl is my secretary but before that Daadi fixed my mariage what to do can’t take back my promise to Daadi but I just want to say that in this short time that I’ve passed with you Pragya I can feel something, I’m sure that life could be beautifull with her cause she got something , first of all she is just beautiful, she is carring, a great human being and so sensible so yes Pragya I just want to ask you something (he sat on his knees) Will you marr me ?

At the same time a video started in the screen, it was photos of Pragya from the childhood with her father and family, she was stunned.

She turned in front of Abhi who where now standing and hugged him tigh by saying YES I WILL MARRY YOU.

The engagement took place, they exchanged their rings.

Both of the families were too happy and days passed it’ time to put mehendi on Pragya’s hand!

Abhi and Pragya started to become close as they talk every day on phone. Today Abhi woke up early as he wanted to help Daadi to decorate the house. He was too much busy so he didn’t see that Pragya was waiting for her good morning message. Pragya was so angry and sad because of his ignorance. She told her family that she won’t came to her own mehendi function and closed the door. Sarlaa and Daadi were shocked as they can’t understand her reaction…

Bulbul tried hard to talk to her but she didn’t even replied anything, she was too much angry.

Bulbul called Purab and asked him to come immidiatly at her house and he came.

Bulbul explained everything and asked him to tell that to her Jiiju has Pragya didn’t even give a sound.
Purab called Abhi and tell him everything, Abhi smiled and tell him that he will take care of everything and said to everyone to get ready and came home he will take care of his wife. Purab smiled and asked everyone to get ready and take them to Abhi’s house.

Pragya was in her room looking out of the window and thinking about Abhi who didn’t asked her if she is alive and didn’t text any message or called her…
She was too much desappointed by him as ok he coulb be busy but he can text her for once to take news… But at the same time she started to think that how is that possible there is no noise out where everyone coulb be and came out of her room and saw the house completly empty, she was so confused…

Abhi came to pick up Pragya and hought to give her a surprise and came from the windoow no the entrance Pragya heard a noise from her room and was scared has it could be a thief so she take a vase on her hand to hit hit but when she was about to hit she was about to fall and Abhi catches her and they both fell on the bed and shared an eye lock. It was the first time they were too close, he could feel her beath and was too much mesmerized to take his eye off…

She came back to sense, pushed him and goes to the living room without looking at him, she remembered that she was angry…

He followed her sit near her and asked her to get ready as today its our mehendi today what is this your family is already at home. She didn’t respond. Abhi was fed up of her anger so said: Sweetheart it’s the last I’m telling you get up and get ready otherwise you’ll have to face other things
Pragya: Are you trying to make me afraid?
Abhi: Kind of
Pragya: I’m not scared of you, you didn’t even take a news of me from morning, what do you think about yourself, if you are too much busy we can cancel the mariage and talk to me when you’ll be free, you know what I don’t want to talk to you anymore…
Abhi: I know I was wrong but I was helping Daadi cause I want this function to be special one for you, Sorry I’ll never repeat that fault again
Pragya smiled but didn’t want to forgive him too fast so she turned her face.
Abhi got angry and lifted her in his arms and said: If you won’t go to get ready you will have to face the consequence as we are only two at home and I can do anything so choose and started to look her romanticly she got afraid and said: Vo… Vo.. Aaap Kuch nai kar sakti… let me go I’ll be ready in 20 minutes, please let me go so get into the room smilling and wear a beautiful white and pink saree and put her jewells and came out Abhi was mesmerized by her beauty and whistled.

Both sat in car and came to Abhi’s home, Sarlaa was relief and the function was a big one and everyone was too much happy.

Next day it was Haldi function and after that it was today the day of their marriage in kumkum bhagya hall.

Pragya was wearing a red lehenga and Abhi a gold gurutha they were stunning.

The rituals started and everyone one were oo much exited with teras of joy. Everything were finished and it was time to Pragya to quit Sarlaa’s mansion and her family, she was too much sad her family started to cry and seeing this tears started to roll from her eyes.

Sarlaa: Bachhe don’t cry you know that mumuy is not too much far so you can see me when you want and ypou have to be a great daughter to them and mostly be a great wife to Abhi and be there when he needs you, you should respect them and be carring with everyone, if you want to see us just take your phone and call us we’ll be there in 10 minutes…

Daadi signed Abhi to take Pragya and get into the car, he came and take her with him but started to cry a lot as it was the firt time that she was seperate from her family.. Abhi also can’t see her state and took her in his arms and said don’t worry biwii we’ll come often to your mom’s house, please don’t cry for me and a tear fall from his eyes, seeing this she wiped is and her tears and saied, i’m ok, I won’t cry, you don’t fell otherwise it’ll hurt me please.

They both smiled and reached home..

Precap: Pragya was too much tensed but why, what happened ?

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