Unconditional Love Episode 5 (Abhi & Pragya)


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Recap: He left down, Pragya was confused…
Everyone was waiting in the dinning table and there Pragya came with a confused face, everyone were scared as she can reject the proposal…

Sarlaa: Bacchee, tell me what you have decided everyone is waiting!
Pragya: Maa… Vo Vo… I just want to tel you that I had a conversation with Abhi and thought that I will only accept in one condition!
Sarlaa: What condition Beta ?
Pragya: Before and after marriage I want to be his personnal secretary as well…

Everyone get relief and also laugh at her. Abhi was shocked, happy and confused at the same time as he want to know if she also loves him.

The whole family was discussing about the mariage arrangements and Abhi joines Pragya to kitchen as he wants to clear his doubts.

Abhi: I was to talk to my future wife alone!
Bulbul: Oh Oh Jiiiju when I called you Jiiju before you didn’t understand and now you became my Di’s future husband ?
Alia: Bulbul is correct Bhai, you can’t speak to Bhabi roght now…
they teased Abhi and Pragya for a while and get out of the kitchen to let them privacy before mariage.

Abhi: So, you accepted but want to work for me… Are you serious? What kind of condition is this?
Pragya: Why not I want to take care of my future husband near him and if I work for him at office he will work for me at home!
Abhi was surprised by her words and Pragya was emberrassed… They shared an eye look (sanam Re played)

And they came back to sense

Abhi: Can I ask you something ?
Pragya: Tell me
Abhi: You too love me ?
Pragya: I don’t know but I can feel something when I’m with you…

Abhi was a little bit disapointed but tell to himself that she accepted his prposal that’s great. They came back to the living room and Daadi annouce that the engagement will take place tomorrow and that she already made all the arrangements and gifted Pragya a beautifull bleu lehenga.

Everyone get exited but Sarlaa was a little bit nervous as she doesn’t want Abhi’s family made all the arrangements she felt emberassed, Abhi noticed her face and came to her.

Abhi: Aunty Jii, I know that everything is happening so fast than you expectations and I know that Pragya is your loving daughter but just take me as your son and let things happen I will make sure that everything will be perfect and I promise you that Pragya will be my queen, I’ll made my best to take care of her better than you. I first take me as your son and after you’ll see I’ll take care of everything.

Everyone get teary eye and Sarlaa gave her blessings to Abhi and accept him as her son.
Merha’s left to their house.

Abhi in his room was only thinking about Pragya so he took his phone and called her, she picked up.

Abhi: Hello, future wife, what are you doing?
Pragya: Hi future husband, actually I was thinking about you and you called me ?
Abhi: Ohoh so you wanted to ask something right?
Pragya: Yes, but how do you know that?
Abhi: Cause I can feel it, when you’ll start to love me, you’ll also feel it…
Pragya: Accha Achha… You know I had such dreams about my marriage and I wanted to share everything with you cause we are gonna get married in 3 days so I want you to know about me much better!
Abhi: Ok no problem tell me everything!
Pragya: So First I always wanted to be dressed with a beautiful red and white saree for my saree with lots of red roses aroud me, every one will be dressed with withe and rose dresses and lots of flowers…
Abhi: OhOh, how romantic you are…
Pragya: let me finish… I always wanted my father to assist to my marriage but he is not here anymore, I always that he wopuld treat me as a princess but God didn’t let enough time to us… I know that you are a great rockstar ect… but can I ask you some thing please?
Abhi: Tell me
Pragya: Can we got married in my mother’s marriage hall, please beacause this hall means a lot for me, it made the women who Iam today, I can understand that you are a great star and we are middle class familly but my familly is really attached to this hall and my parents always dreamed to get me married ther so..
Abhi: Heyy Paagal… It’s just that your dream, getting married in your mom’s marriage hall? That will never cause problem for me.. You know me too I lost my parents when I was too young so Daadi took care of me and Alia but Daadi always used to say me that mom and dad wants me to became who I want and get sttled in life with a great girl and when I saw you at your home while ago I though my marriage with you will fullfil my parents wish as I know that you’ll be a great daughter to my Daadi and a great mom for my sister Alia.
Pragya: You’re such a great man you know, I never seen someone who is to dedicated to his familly and I’ll be proud to be a part of it, thank you Mr. Rockstar for everything.
Abhi: Your welcome sweetheart!
Pragya: Sweetheart?
Abhi: Yeah why not you’re going to be my wife before I call you bhivii I want to call you sweetheart I have all the rights.
She smiled
Abhi: Don’t smile too much, I’ll fall
Pragya: Oh Oh you are too much in love Mr. Rockstar calm down we didn’t even got engaged…
Abhi: For me we are already married sweetheart!

And they speek like that whole night…

Next day, everybody was preparing for the engament and Daadi sent a car to Sarlaa’s house to pick them up.

Arora family came for the first time at Merhas mansion for the first time.
They were amazed by the house it was too big and they enterred a little bit embarrassed.

Daadi and whole family welcomed them…

Abhi was still in his room as he prepared a little surprise to Pragya..
Pragya was searching everywhere to him but can’t see him, so she asked Alia but she also didn’t know and suddenly lights get off…

Precap: Everybody were searching for Abhi.

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