Unconditional Love Episode 4 (Abhi & Pragya)

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recap: Pragya feels relief, Tanu fumed, Abhi leaved.

Abhi was too much angry and leaved out near the hotel’s swimming pool. Pragya was searching for him all over the hotel and finally found him near the pool and came to him.

Pragya: Hum… Abhi what are you doing here ? Everyone is waiting for you there ?
Abhi: Sorry Pragya but I don’t want to come you go please leave me alone!
Pragya: How can I leave a sad friend here like this ?
Abhi: A friend ?
Pragya: Yeah, you told me that you considerate me as a friend not l’m like an employee so how can I let you like this here!
Abhi with a smile: I’m so sorry Pragya I was too much upset because of this Tanu!
Pragya: But sir what happened to you, she is your girlfriend you can’t talk to her like this she had rights to kiss you!!
Abhi: What the nonsense are you talking about, she is not my girlfriend but she wants to be my fiancee but you I believe in love marriage so I want to fall in love and you you believe in love.
Pragya: Of course I’m sure that if I’ll get marry one day that would be an love marriage !

They were talking for a while and they were feeling good together but Alia came to them and said that Sarla Maa wants to leave so she wants Pragya to come with her!
They come in the hotel and was about to leave all but Daadi asked Abhi to drop them home and he was so exited but

Pragya said: It’s OK
Abhi: What happened to you, we are friends right!
Pragya nods yes and finally get dropped by Abhi!

They reached home Pragya asked to everyone to enter and and said that she will come after some time cause she wants to thanks Abhi.

She was walking around the car to came near Abhi but she slip on something and was about to fall but Abhi catches her and they shared an intense eye look (sanam re plays).
They came back to sense and both of them felt so much happy to being together.

Abhi finally left Sarla’s home and reached his home, there Daadi was waiting for him and scolds him about Tanu’s act and said that she had looked a girl to him that they are going to meet her tomorrow. He was shocked but can’t say anything against her he felt so bad has he wanted to make an love marriage…

Next day evreyone is getting ready at Mehra mansion as they have to meet bride’s house but Abhi kept a sad face…

At Saarla’s house

Pragya: Maa I’m going to be late to work today give me my lunch box!!
Saarla: Wait I’m coming… You’re not going work today Pragya I already told your office that you’re not coming today cause the boy’s family is on the way to see you… get ready!!
Pragya: What Maa, why did you do this, I don’t want to get married now!! I can’t leave it’s my second day of job, I’m not interested, i’m going!

Sarlaa fainted on the couch and felt so week, Pragya rushes to her

Pragya: Maa what happened to you?
Sarlaa:Why Baacche are you doing this? Why don’t you understand that I got to get you married so soon cause you got a sister, It’s my duty being a single mother, please accept this for me !!
Pragya: Tikke Maa just for you take care, I’m going to get ready!

Mehra’s reached their destination but Abhi was too much upset to realize that he was standing in front of Pragya’s house.

They all entered and Abhi was only looking the floor and didn’t noticed Sarlaa aunty but Alia was too much exited with Bulbul and they both was having so much fun together as they were looking out of their brother sister’s faces! They were looking so sad.
Some time after Abhi get called by Bulbul and was shocked to see where he was standing and looked so confused..

Bulbul: Jiijuu !!
Abhi: Daadi, what is going on? Why are we here? It’s my new secretary’s house right ?
Bulbul: Jiiiju whty are you so shocked come inside you’ll understand everything!
Abhi: Jiijuu??? Who is your Jiiiju? Pragya is already married ? (he aked that in anger tone)
Bulbul: Oh Oh Jiijuu you didn’t understand anything come on

They all entered and Sarlaa called Pragya to comùe and give tea.
Pragya came and was shocked and too confused to see the Mehra’s, she gave all tea and we can see a little on Abhi and Pragya’s face despite the confusion.

Daadi explain that she talked to Sarlaa during the party and she was impressed about Pragya’s intelligence and decided that she will be a great wife for Abhi and Alia also loves her Pragya so she forced us to made all arrangements from today as they both can get married soon.

Abhi: If you don’tt mind Daadi, can I speak to Pragya for a while please!
Daadi nods yes and both go to the terrace.

Abhi: So Miss Pragya what is happening here? I can see that you impressed my Daadi as she want you to be her daughter in law so soon? Listen I don’t know about your decision but I want to tell you that first time I saw you I was just mesmerized, I felt some connection, I was feeling to good with you, last night when Daadi told me that she want to get me married I was so shocked because I wanted to made a love marriage, and the whole night I don’t know why but I was missing you, I thought that I’m going to loose you forever because of this marriage but when I see you standing and giving me tea I got a smile I don’t know why? Maybe love I believe on love thunderbolt, for the first time that happened to me and if I’m not wrong I think you can feel what I’m saying so for me I want to get a love marriage I’m in love with you and if you nods yes when my Daadi will ask you down I take it like you also love me but I want to say you that I will only marry you from today it’s my final decision for my whole life

He left down, Pragya was confused…

Precap: Everyone was looking after Pragya for her answer, she looked the floor confused, Abhi looked so tensed…

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