Unconditional Love Episode 3 (Abhi & Pragya)


Sorry for the late guys, i’ll post you two episodes today enjoy!!

Recap: In this car there was Pragya and her family and Alia came out to welcome them.

Bulbul was first to get out of the car and directly hugged Alia and thanked her for calling the whole family to her idol’s party Abhi the Rockstar.
Abhi was waiting for Pragya getting out the car and ther his heart star to beat fast (tu mera jaan hai song plays) and he saw a girl getting out with a white saree, he was mesmerized by her. He taought how beautiful she is like an angel and a cute smile.

Alia: Wouaaaw Pragya di, your looking so hot and gorgeous!
Bulbul: Is she the only to be beautiful? Not me?

Alia: OH OH Meri beautiful baby you are always cute!

They all smiled and go to attend the party.
At the same time Abhi can’t take his eyes from Pragya, it was the first time that he felt something like this for a girl which he don’t know anytyhing about her, he asked himself if it was love or just physical attachement and conclude by saying, whaterver it makes me feel good and special. I like it.

They all were busy with guests, Dadi was speaking with Sarla and said that she tries to found a girl for her Abhi and Sarla Ma said the same for Pragya, she is searching a boy for her daughter and Dadi directly said that she had a beautiful daughter to not worry and Purab came to Pragya.

Purab: Oh Pragya Di, you’re looking beautiful in your saree, did you meet our boss Rockstar ?
Pragya: Thanks Purab, not yet!
Purab: OK, come with me I’ll introduce you to him.

They both searched for Abhi who was talking with a guest, they find him and Purab get called by Dadi so he left Pragya Di by saying he is Abhi get introce I’ll be right back.
She was a little nervous but put her hand on Abhi’s shoulder and said:

Pragya: Suniye… Hello sir!
Abhi turned and was stunned.
Pragya: Hello! Are you there?
Abhi back to sense: OH Hello!
Pragya: Nice to meet you I’m Pragya your new secretary.
Abhi: Oh Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Abhi your BOSS.
Pragay: Congrats sir, for your new international project sir.
Abhi: thank you, but stop calling me sir, I treat my employees as friends so you can call me Abhi.
Pragya: Sorry sir but I can’t do that you are my boss, I need to rspect you!
Abhi: You’ll have to change this cause I want you to be my first friend as you can feel confortable with me to waork
Pragya: I will try…

Purab takes the mike on stage and called Abhisheck Prem Mehra ou Rockstar to satge but he was lost ion Pragya’s eyes and didn’t hear anything so Purab tried again much louder and he came back to normal and said Pragya to wait and goes to the stage, he took the mike and said

Abhi: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to be here and share my happiness cause I get this contract and I want to thank Ronnie for this party, he made such a wonderful work here, Ronnie come to the stage please! (everyone applauds)

Ronnie: Thank you sir but I want to tell you something I didn’t do anything here!

Everyone looked on, Abhi was confused, Purab smiled and Pragya nods no by looking Ronnie.

Ronnie: To be honest you should thank another person who did everything here but let me take all the credit, she is the one who made all the arrangements and the cause of the happiness and wonderfull party! So can I invite our beautiful Pragya di on stage the new secretary of Rockstar. She became one of my favorite secretary by her acts she is too down to heart so please Di come to stage!

She nods no. Abhi smiled and take back the mike.

Abhi: So it was you, come on stage please!
Pragya come and feel too shy, Daadi tought how great human she was and how great she take care of her grand son, and Tanu was so jaleous but Abhi didn’t finished yet.

Abhi: I present to you all my new friend Pragya, she is such a great worker and made my night great, I’ll never forgot that! Thank you so much!
Pragya: No thank you between friends and smiled.
Abhi: So let’s begin the party and Pragya will you dance with me.

She nods yes and started to dance (for sun satiya from ABCD2).

They both were lost in their eyes and there Tanu came and take Abhi to dance with her he felt embarassed and Pragya a little jaleaus so left there and goes to Bulbul and Alia.

Bulbul: What happened Di? Why did you came fast? You know how you were cute with Jiiju ?
Pragya: JIIJU?
Alia: Han Babhi, you both were beautifull, din’t you see how bhai look after you. I never see him like this with a girl.
Both girls started to tease her she felt embaressed.

The dance fnished everyone applauds ans Tanu pull Abhi next to her, she held his head and kissed his cheek by saying: I’m so proud of you Baby this was my surprise did you like it ?

Everyone looked on Daadi, Pragya, Alia and Bulbul were agry but other guests applaids by thinking that she will be his fiancee…

Abhi took Tanu out of the stage and scolds her in front of Pragya by saying: How dare you do somethoing like this, you already know that I didn’t love you and that I will never marry a girl like you who only loves money!Don’t ever try to do something like this or came near me!!

Pragya feels relief, Tanu fumed, Abhi leaved.

Precap: Abhi took Pragya to home and they share an eye look.

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