Unconditional Love Episode 2

Hello guys thank u so much for your comments so here it is your second episode!!!

Recap: Next morning Pragya is getting ready to attend her job and Abhi is also getting ready with excitement because today is the first day of his secretary.

For the first time in his life Abhi came to the office at 8AM. And when he reached, he immidiatly called Purab who was still sleeping.

Abhi: Arrey Purab, where are you buddy, i’m already at the office and I need your appointment letter for my new secretary !
Purab with a sleepy voice: What time is it ? I’m late ? Sorry, Abhi I’m coming… But wait it’s only 8AM what are you doing at the office she will only come at 9AM!
Abhi: I know but I just want to read her profile and Alia has actually gone to Chennai with dadi so you are the one who knows her.
Purab: But Abhi why are you so interested about her ? What happened to you (he smiled next to his phone)
Abhi: Nothing, leave it buddy.

They hung up. Purab thought, why Abhi is so exited, I have to go there right now to follow his gestures.

Abhi entered in his cabin and started to be busy with his work so he didn’t see that time passed.

Pragya reached the office and she went to meet Purab has he can tell her work and introduce M. Abhishek Prem Mehra her Boss.Purab told her that Abhi was waiting for her in his cabin. At the same time Abhi was busy with a client and didn’t expect her arrival.

Pragya opens the door and Abhi was screaming with a client.

Abhi to his client: What is wrong with you ? How can you do this mistake, I already told you that I wanted this hotel to do my success party for my international contract and you’re notable to do such a simple thing ? (he screamed) YOU ARE FIRED!

Pragya looks on and get afraid about his anger. The client was very upset and gets out the cabin sad.

Pragya: Excuse me sir can I come inside ?
Abhi: No I want anyone in my cabin right now, OUT!
Pragya: Ok sir, sorry.

She closed the door and ran after the client and asked him what was the matter to tell her why the boss is so angry. He explain her the situation and left. Pragya thought that she can’t leave that like this, and goes to her new cabin take her phone and called the manager of the hotel and made an arrangement with him and finalize the booking for Abhi to his party and also made all the arrangements like food, decoration and service…

She after went to meet Purab.

Pragya: Hi Purab, I’m here because I don’t know what kind of food and decoration sir would like to his party can you please help me ?
Purab: Oh Oh he already gave you lots of work ?
Pragya: No I didn’t meet him yet but I heard him screming on Ronnie (the client) so I wanted to help him. So can you help me for the rest ?
Purab: Sure Pragya Di.

They both finalized everything and Pragya called Ronnie in front of Purab and gave him every details and also said to go and meet Abhi sir and tell him that he haddone everything, after that he won’t be fired.

Ronnie: Thank you so much di, you’ve made a great help, I will never forget that;

They smile and Purab was amzed of her kindness and generosity.

Abhi was sitting upset in his cabin, Ronnie entered, Purab and Pragya stand outside and looks on.

Ronnie: Sir, sorry to disturb you again but can I speak to you I have great news…
Abhi: Wait, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t talk to you like this, it was not your fault.
Ronnie: It’s ok sir, I fixed everything so we can have party tonight at the hotel with chinese food, blackand white decoration, red roses…

Abhi hugged Ronnie and kissed him and was so exited. Pragya smiled and goes to her cabin. Purab entered to Abhi’s cabin and Ronnie goes out.

Purab: What happened to you ? Why are you so exited buddy ?
Abhi: Because we are going to have a great party to celebrate my international contract, so I’m going tio peak up Dadi and Alia at the airport. Bye Purab..

Abhi was going and Purab scream but he didn’t heared.
Purab: Abhi but your secretary is here!!!!

He was already gone without seeing her.

Pragya in her cabin. She was thinking about Abhi and was impressed about his sensibility and how down to heart he was. She was smiling alone and was happy to be the secretary of such a good human as him. Purab came and told her to go and get ready for the party tonight. She nods yes and left.

Abhi in his room getting ready and thinking.
Abhi: Oh my god, I didn’t see her today, I was so busy, but let me think it was her voice who asked me that she want to enter in my cabin how could I forgot her and if I go to Alia ask about her she will start to tease me so I’ll have to wait for the party and if she didn’t came there? Everything was my mistake , it was her first day and I screamed after her what would she think about me ?

Abhi was almost ready and take with him his whole family to the party. At the same time Pragya also getting ready with her family (Alia invited everyone for her bhai’s success party).

Abhi was wearing a white suite and Pragya a beautiful white saree. All the people who came to the party were wearing black clothes just Abhi and Pragya wore white clothes because it was their favorite color.

Abhi was there first and run to Purab and asked if his secretary is coming, he nods yes with a smile and left the place. Abhi was waiting and a car stops at the entrance, he was anxioous and see that it was Tanu, one of Alia’s friens who was ther and she came near him huggede him.

Tanu: Hi Abhi, I missed you so much. I’m so happy for you baby, why did you stop calling me, you know that I was in London for my contract. I missed you so much sweetheart.
Abhi was embarrassed: Hi Tanu, I’m sorry I was so busy that’s why, go inside I will join you later.
Tanu : Ok, but don’t be late I have a suprise for you.

Abhi nods ans she left after that he looks after a white. In this car there was Pragya and her family and Alia came out to welcome them.

Precap: Ronnie took the mike and ask Pragya to come on stage.

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