Hi., Guys…i’m sorry but i just getting random thoughts about this story…so i want give this episode and want to make my heart lights…if u didn’t like this….that’s kk for me…



R.k reaches Home and finds everything is silent….Radhu comes to him and gives him water…R.k ask’s about Ansh…Radha say’s he is dull and didn’t eat anything…and he is in ur room…and plz if u don’t want to answer him..don’t do ..but plz don’t talks rude with him… and leaves from there…R.k feels sad about his behaviour towards Ansh…he slowly goes to his Room. and find’s Ansh is busy in drawing.. R.k recall’s Madhu…

An F.B shows…..

R.k enters Room and see’s Madhu practicing Ansh how to draw… and how to colour it…Ansh troubles her and tries to draw something…R.k smiles seeing them and ask’s ” Madhu you u forcing him…he’s not interested in it..na?” Madhu say’s” We have to make them learn..becoz, It’s not good to leave their mind empty…we have to make them busy in some other works than playing….Kids have to be always busy…so that they will know the enjoyment in learning….!” F.B ends

R.k came to senses and see’s Ansh looks dull ..he then finds a bowl of food next to Ansh… he understood Ansh didn’t have anything…so, he slowly goes to fresh up and comes to Ansh…he Sit’s beside Ansh and slowly takes him into his lap…Ansh looks at him but didn’t say anything…R.k realizes Ansh is hurt by his behaviour…so he too joins with him and does coloring… Slowly he makes Ansh busy in it and starts feeding him food… Ansh involves in coloring and completes his food…Lastly Ansh colors all ..and hugs R.k with joy…R.k smiles seeing him and cares his hairs… Ansh then ask’s ” Papa! I want to see Mamma!” R.k smile vanishes he just tries to behave normal and ask’s” What dadi said about ur Mamma?” Ansh say’s” Dadi say’s Mamma is busy in work..” R.k say’s” then, why ur asking me again..?” Ansh get’s upset…R.k then say’s” If ur dadi said means she will come na..?” Ansh ask’s really? R.k say’s haa..! Ansh smiles and hugs him… R.k cares his hair…Slowly both talks for some time..and Ansh falls asleep on R.k’s lap…Later, R.k sleeps with Ansh …


R.k is having coffee… Suddenly, he heard Ansh crying and runs to see him…Ansh looks so scares and cries..he see’s R.k and hugs him…R.k slowly consoles him…Ansh still cries and leans on R.k’s shoulder..he’s not ready to leave R.k… R.k understood Ansh have a bad dream… He remembers an F.B.******.. R.k enters Room and ask’s Madhu to get ready ..they have to attend a award function…Madhu say’s he can’t come now..u plz carry on…R.k ask’s but why..? ur my wife…! Madhu explains Ansh had a bad dream..in this conditions..kids behaves very scary and want to be with Parents..so, i have to be with Ansh until he becomes normal..plz… F.B ends…*****

R.k ask’s Maid Naina to make Ansh ready… and say’s” I’m taking Ansh with me..to STUDIO..!” Naina took Ansh with her… Radhu comes to R.k and ask’s what happen…? R.k explains about Ansh and say’s i’m taking him with me…He then call’s Bittuji and informs Ansh is coming with me today..so, do arrangements for it…

Ansh get’s wounded …Madhu meets Ansh!


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