Unconditional Love Episode 1


Hello my name is Ishu from France, i’m a big fan of KUMKUM BHAGYA so I tried something new, it’s my first time, hope you like it!!

Abhi: Rockstar with thousands of fan, music lover and also an popular business man.
Pragya : Simple girl searching for a job and taking care of her mother’s marriage hall
Purab: Abhi’s best friend and also his manager
Bulbul: Pragya’s sister, and final year student
Alia: Abhi’s sister and also Bulbul’s friend
Tanu: Top model and Alia’s friend
Sarla: Mother of Pragya and Bulbul and also the owner of KUMKUM BHAGYA hall

Mehra’s mansion:

Abhi and Purab sitting on the dinning table and talking about an international project in France.

Purab: Abhi, I can’t believe this, your dream came true today your international contract has been final, you have to go to France in 2 months, that’s an amazing opportunity to became more famous.
Abhi: You’re right Purab, I’m so exited to do this add, it’ll boost my career to the top and after that i’ll be famous all over the world.

Dadi came near them with a smile and share her hapiness to Abhi :

Dadi: Bacche, today you’ve made your granny and parents so proud. You know when your mom and dad were gone, I was afraid about how I could do with you and Alia you were to small to understand things but today I can only be proud and say thanks to them that they give me such a beautiful and caring grandson.

And she kissed his forehead and hugged him.

Sarla’s house:

Bulbul: Maa, please come quick, I’ve to go early because today is my last exam and after that i’ll be in live for 2 months so I can’t be late.
Sarla: Wait Bacche, I’m preparing your lunch, coming.
Pragya: Maa, I’m also going, you remember I have an interview for my secretary job today.

Sarla come and kissed Pragya’s forehead and gave her blessings after that made the same with Bulbul. The two left together and take a riccha.

Bulbul: Di, you have to get this job today, it’s your last you know that Maa is planning to get you married to our neighbor Suresh and I know that you don’t like him because you considerate him just has your friend so please di do your best and best of luck.
Pragya: You’re right Bulbul today is my last chance otherwise i’ll be trapped by Maa to get married,thank you I’ll do my best.

And she left.

Abhi’s office:

Purab: Abhi, today you know that we are interviewing some girls to be your personal secretary.
Abhi: OH OH Purab, I’m not interseted, I have a lots of work, I need to compose a new song so do it as you want.
Purab: Ok, but don’t blame me after, that you don’t like my choice will be final.

Abhi smiled at him. Same time Alia came to Abhi’s office and hugged him by saying that she wants to help Purab to find the new personal secretary of her brother as she know him better then anyone and they agreed.

Pragya reached Abhi’s office and prayed a while before makibg her ebtrance. At the same time Abhi and Pragya felt something, their hearts were beating hard and fast but they can’t explain that feeling.
Next was Pragya to be interviewed by Purab and Alia.

Purab: Miss Pragya, come inside please!

Pragya made her entry and directly recognized Alia as Bulbul’s friend they hugged each other and Purab look on.

Alia: Pragya di, what are you doing here ? Are searching for a jod ? Why Bulbul didn’t tell me anything ? Why don’t you ask me help ? Where is Bulbul ? Her exams has finished ?
Pragya: Cool Alia, so many questions, yes i’m here to attend the interview for the secretary job and you what are you doing here ?
Alia: It’s my brother’s office and you’re here to became his personal secretary!
Purab: If you two have finished can we start ?
Alia: Purab, there is nothing to star I have decided ! She will be my brother’s personal assistant ok.
Purab: How can you say that she have to be interviewed has everyone !
Pragya: Alia wait, he is correct I can’t take your favor I want to be interviewed by the manager as he can compare me to others and see if i’m able to be your bhai’s secretary.
Purab: Perfect, so we can strat.

Alia looks Purab angry.

Purab: You know that we are searching for a personal secretary for our rockstar Abhisheck Prem Mehra, what do you know about him ?
Pragya: I’m sorry, bu I don’t listen to his music, I don’t know who he is as an musician but I can just tell that I heard Alia talk to me about her brother and I think he is a great human, he knows values of family, and from nothing and without his parents support he became today a rockstar and an successful business man so I’ll be proud to be his secretary and make his life much easier by doing my job great.

Purab and Alia was impressed and shouldn’t talk back.

Alia: See Purab I told you that sh’ll be perfect, if you’ve finished with your silly question can you sign her appointment letter please.
Purab smiled and said: You’re appointed Miss Pragya! Come to Abhi’s cabin tomorrow at 9AM.

They all smiled and was happy of getting a great secretary to Abhi.

Alia left with Pragya as she want to get to her house to meet Bulbul and Maa.

Purab came to Abhi’s cabin.

Purab: You won’t believe me, we’ve found you an amazing secretary, she is so simple and caring, she told to us about your character and we were mesmerized how she tell good about you. I think she’ll be perfect for this job and you know what your sister is her sisters friend and she didn’t wanted to be appointed without interview.
Abhi: Calm down Purab, why are you so exited buddy ? After that I’m exited to meet her tomorrow and want to see how she is ? Did you say her to came at 9AM to my cabin ?
Purab nods yes and leaves.

Abhi was thinking about Purab words and was exited to meet her and regrets a little that he didn’t meet her and made her interview by himself.

Pragya reaches home with Alia but she wanted to make a surprise to Bulbul so she hide next to the entrance door. Pragya decided to prank her sister and Maa so she entered with a sad face.

Bulbul: What happen Di, you didn’t get the job? What happened there? Why are you so sad ? So my Jiijju is going to be Chashmish Suresh ? How can you lose this opportunity Di?
Sarla: Bulbul stop it and and let her speek!!
Pragya started with a small smile and scream: I got the job!!!

All became exited and Alia made her entry by saying: She will be the personal secretary of brother rockstar Abhi, your idol Bulbul !!

Bulbul was shocked to see Aliya and hugged her and started to dance together.

Next morning Pragya is getting ready to attend her job and Abhi is also getting ready with excitement because today is the first day of his secretary.

Precap : Abhi is sitting in his cabin and Pragya opens the door to enter.

Credit to: Ishu

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