Hi,Guys….Don’t take me wrong for starting another ff…Guys..i just thought i’m dragging the story and making it bore for u..so, if u like this story..then, i will continue..or if u all likes both then, i will continue both..It’s just for u…hope u will understand me…



R,k just return to home after a very long day shooting..he is so tired and slowly leaves to his room…He found Ansh toys at a side and remembers Ansh!..Who is just 1&1/2 yr old.! he then recall’s After Madhu left home..he didn’t give time or attention to Ansh..so, he just want to see him and slowly went to Radha’s room….

He find’s Ansh is sleeping by holding Madhu’s dupatta ! R.k realises that Ansh is missing Madhu…he slowly sit’s beside Ansh and slowly cares his hair..and thinks.” Sorry..Ansh i know ur in pain..but, i can’t do anything..becoz, Now, I hates her and i don’t want her to be important in my and ur life too….I know it will take time ..but u have to forget her..becoz, she is not a part of my life anymore…!” and slowly leaves from there..While Radha just comes in and see’s him…she then say’s” Rishu..though u make madhu’s belongings out but u can’t make a son away from his mother..!” R.k stares her and say’s” Maa! Madhu is not my wife & not his mother anymore..she is not important to me in my life..plz accept this..it will be gud for u..” and leaves from there….While Radhu thinks ” Rishu..u can make a Madhu away from u but, can’t make her out of ur Life ..becoz, U LOves Her..and This is True! it can’t be change..!” and sleeps with Ansh..


R.k get’s ready for shooting..When he is about to leave..he find’s Ansh sit’s upset and went to him..he slowly takes Ansh in Arms and ask’s what happen? Ansh looks dull and ask’s Mamma? R.k get’s Angry and controls saying “Ansh! she is not ur mom..and will not return here..kk so, just go and play with sikki..!” and leaves from there….Ansh starts crying by hugging radha… Radha slowly convinces him and say’s “U r mamma is busy in work..she will come soon..!” she then distracts Ansh in some games and prays god to make Ansh unite with Madhu!

R.k reaches studio and finds Madhu is busy in work..he slowly goes to her and troubles her…But Madhu ignores him and leaves from there…


Madhu is having her food not at all interested in it..becoz, she is missing Ansh very badly…she then wants to meet Ansh but couldn’t becoz of R.k…..While she is lost in some thoughts of Ansh..she receives a call from Radha and attends it…Radha say’s Ansh is missing her so much , just talk to him and gives phone to Ansh…Madhu slowly say’s Ansh!
By listening Madhu’s voice Ansh starts crying recalling her…Madhu then makes him cool and say’s” Ansh bacha! ur a very good boy..na? then, if u cry ..then, mamma too starts crying…! u want this?” Ansh say’s ” No..! no mamma” Madhu smiles and say’s” I will come soon for u..kk till then, u have to be good boy! u have to listen dadi’s words and eats on time..kk? then, i will come to u..kk promise me!” Ansh promises and ask’s her to come soon…Madhu controls her tears and say’s “pakka! promise i will come for u…mera bacha!.” and ends the call…..she then feels sad and realizes Ansh is suffering becoz of their fighting….

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    Nice dear…..I love both ur ffs…..update the other one too

  2. Plz write on love can change life ff only plz….bcoz tht was awsome story….

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