“Abhi Its a murder yaar then why did you close this case telling as a accident” Nikil grined his teeth while abhi removed his police shirt and wore his black jacket

“I know Nikil but we can’t do anything now we should wait for a right opportunity to catch him now the murder will feel happy thinking he escaped and will definitely come out” he said convincingly

“okay abhi I am leaving I have important work” Nikil turned to leave but suddenly stopped seeing pragya

“pragya you…here” exclaimed in happiness and hugged her, abhi who was watching this felt uneasy to see this it so he took a file and pretended to read it

“why he is hugging her ” mumered to himself and sat on the table with one leg in this floor.

“Nikil when did you come Mumbai you didn’t tell anything? ” pragya asked with a fake anger

“I got transfer to here okay fine leave it Pragzs why you are here, anywork?” Nikil asked while abhi was trying to eavesdrop

“A small work,tell me how is aliya” pragya asked knowing abhi is trying to eavesdrop

“ya aliya is fine she also got transfer but she is not feeling well so only I am going now” Nikil said

“you go immediately and take care of her I will come to your home tomorrow” pragya smiled and Nikil waved his hand to pragya and left.Pragya saw abhi who was still pretending to file having it upside down.

“did you took any promise to read the file upside down” pragya asked with a sarcastic smile and abhi was embarrassed

“No actually if read upside down your memory power will increase” abhi made up his stories
and make a excuse
“arrey va you did PhD in making excuses,okay just leave it I have a important matter to talk” pragya said

“by the way who are u? I saw u somewhere I couldn’t remember” abhi pretended to think having his hand on this forehead.

“you don’t remember me” she said irritated

“knowing me is not an important think I came here to talk about a murder which you stated as a accident” pragya said seriously and abhi stood up

“Why you want to talk about that accident we closed the case it’s useless to talk about it” he said and walked but was stoped by pragya’s tight grip on his wrist.

“Abhishek please understand I don’t think it’s a accident it’s a murder I was the who saw him lastly and if It was a accident then where is the driver who was driving the car” she said.

“okay let us talk about this somewhere not here now come with me” abhi said and they both came outside the office.Abhi started his bike and pragya who initial hesitated finally sat behind him sitting sideways.

“Now what can I do if I go deeper to this case ram uncle will be arrested and dad will not leave me so I should do something to stop pragya but what can I do now” abhi’s chain of thoughts was breaked by a speed breaker and pragya who was maintaining a distance came very closer to him and both felt something weird abhi was continuously looking at pragya through the mirror and pragya felt uneasy and moved back.

“How do you know Nikil” abhi spoke to remove from that weird feeling caused few minutes back

“Why are asking this to a random girl” she said

“hey fuggy I was just kidding sorry yaar” abhi apologized her

“Nikil is my childhood friend he is very close to me” she said and they reached to a company which was sealed

“Abhishek why you brought me here you know I am very scared of dark please you itself go na I will stay here ?” she said and abhi laughed at her

“This is ankush’s company definitely we can find something here and you being a journalist shouldn’t be scared of ghost so come with me” abhi said and went near the company his phone rang so excused himself and went to attain the phone.

“haan ram uncle tell me” abhi started the phone conversation
“abhi someone else rather than us is also behind ankush”
“uncle I can’t understand”
“we thought I was me who killed him but before my hit men went there he was dead”
“what?uncle are you sure”
“haan abhi someone else is also there to destroy ankush”
“ABHISHEK…..” abhi heard pragya shouting
“okay uncle I will call u later” he hung up the phone.

“haan pragya I am coming” he came and climed on the wall pragya some how managed to climb finally abhi jumped

“Abhishek how will I jump please help me” pragya shouted and abhi hit his hand over his forehead

“give me your hand” he forwarded his hand

“I am scared abhishek” she hesitated to jump
“come on pragya otherwise I will leave and i heard ghost is riving this area ” abhi said and pragya closed her eyes and jumped and slowly opened her eyes,she was protected by his strong arms over her he was continuously looking her eyes it created a magic between them both of them can’t take their eyes off they heard a thunder and he dropped her suddenly

“ahhh……you must have not catched me if you need to drop me like this” she shouted in pain and abhi couldn’t see her in pain so he lifted her in arms and went inside.

“Abhishek leave me I can walk your hands will pain” she said.

“chup…l was the reason for your state I can’t leave you alone and go” abhi said and pragya felt happy after some time abhi left her in floor and broked the door and went inside that company was was full dark so he switched on his flash light on phone.

the wind started blowing terribly Windows,curtains started hitting the wall pragya tightly clutched abhi’s arm and he too comforted her.

“Abhishek it’s like a haunted house let us leave na” pragya started sweating

“I am here with you na nothing will happen to you come with me” they both headed to a cabin and started searching everything.

“fuggy see if anything you feel suspicious you get it me” he said and both started searching everything they refered all files but they didn’t get anything

“okay Pragya let’s leave I don’t think we will get anything” abhi said suddenly pragya got clicked and she referred the file on the table and scanned it with her eyes

“Abhishek ankush said that he will be signing this contract next week but here it is signed” pragya said and abhi went through it.

“so he came here before going to his house if we cheak the ccv footage we will get something but we came come later now let us leave” abhi said they both came down and a car entered the company.

Abhi pulled pragya and the both hid themselves behind a wall,pragya kept her head in abhi’s chest and abhi covered her with his protective arms and he was peeping to see who it was.two people walked inside.

“I think someone had came here before us I think It will be Ram” one of the guy said

“chup…it was you who left that file if we have it now we must of got whole of this property” the another blast in anger.

“talk slowly can’t you see the bike is still there then he must he here let us kill him” the first one said and pragya was scared

“pragya you be here I will see who is it” abhi said and tried to move but pragya stopped him

“abhi you are one but they are two we have what they want definitely they will come for it and we can see them later now you come” pragya said and they moved out.

“what the hell is this where is the file”
“I kept it here only it must be here only”
“hey see here someone is eloping from her” they both ran and saw them sitting in the bike

they took a photo,both saw pragya’s face but couldn’t see abhi’s face.

“It must be her boyfriend now she is going to face the death soon I will catch you” the man said.

It started raining heavily and abhi stopped his bike they both went inside a small hut they both got drenched in the rain pragya and abhi were trembling in the coldness.pragya called her mom and informed that she is with her friend and its heavily raining herom adviced her to stay with her friend if it’s raining heavily

“pragya come and sit here” abhi made her to sit in the big rock in the hut and he collected logs and lit up it with his lighter but pragya started sneezing so abhi removed his jacket and kept it over her shoulder.

“you will smoke right” pragya asked unrelevantly

“why you are asking suddenly” abhi asked

“you are having lighter with you na that’s why I guessed it” pragya said

“even i will drink” abhi stated

“what and all bad habits you have” pragya asked while stroking her hands over her arms to keep herself warm

“to take a girl with me in bike slowly it starts raining and stay with her in a hut like this the loneliness between us will enlight to do mistakes” abhi taunted spoke and pragya stood up and moved backwards while he was following her

Finally she has no way she got struck in the edge of the hut and abhi smirked at her naughtily he came near her the cold breeze was hitting her hair to move all over her face abhi was completely mesmerized and his hand involunteredly tugged her hair behind her ears she had a sharp eyes which killed him he felt his whole world around her beautiful eyes.pragya started breathing heavily his lips came near to her lips and she closed her eyes accepting her deafeat.

she opened her eyes when she heard him laughing
“so you have ideas of doing this me” abhi laughed and pragya couldn’t move from those incidents which happened before few seconds she was still breathing heavily” she took the jacket over her shoulder and chased him with it and finally they both were exhausted and slept in the dry straw.

Next day

Abhi was the first one to wake up pragya was comfortably sleeping in his lap he slowly caressed her face

“this is new to me pragya this feeling I feel happy when I am with you I always feel scared of falling in love but seeing you all my fears are running away I love u pragya I love u” abhi said to himself and kissed her forehead


“pragyaaaa” abhi pulled her towards him.

hy guys i will soon update love of two poles and this is a SS I already mentioned it have less no of episodes thank u all who supported me all my friend thank you


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