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PREM MEHRA: A rich bussiness come dirty politician who wants to became a MP and rule Mumbai with his friend RAM KAPOOR.He thinks his sons are his life and belives that his elder Son will takecare of his business and family after him
ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA: elder son of prem who supports his father in all his work and belives him to be everything and becomes A police officer to support his father’s politics.
PURAB PREM MEHRA: younger one of Mehra family who is bubbly,charming and happy evertime.
DALJEET MEHRA: prem’s mother who often advices him to go in a right track
INDU SURI: daljeet’s sister who always charming and always bully others
RAM KAPOOR: A business tycoon who is the support system of prem and does all dirty criminal works for him.

PRIYA KAPOOR: A good human being and loves her husband and daughter to a core that she can be easily convinced by them
TANU KAPOOR: A cunning lady who wants to trap prem and make her father to own PREM INDUSTRIES.
SARALA ARORA: A single mother who brings her daughters pragya and bulbul to this evil earth with lot of difficulties
PRAGYA ARORA: A journalist who wants to destroy PREM MEHRA AND HIS FOLKS
BULBUL ARORA: A chubby and charming girl who loves purab and always hides about him to her family
NIKIL SOOD: best friend of pragya who is a faithful and good policer officer who works under abhi.
ALIYA SOOD: Nikil’s sister and also a policer officer who works under abhi. best friend of Bulbul and purab.

Chapter one

“don’t worry dad we will get that consignment and I will make sure everything happens how it supposed to be and dad tell purab to be with ram uncle” abhi stopped talking when a group of people were surrounded and girl came running to holding a dog which got badly hurt in its leg.

“sir please help me this dog got hurt please give a lift” the girl asked him and abhi was looking as if a alien jumped from an another planet his thoughts were broked when she opened the door and sat in the passenger seat next to his.

“sir please drive the car fast” the girl requested.
” Why she is ordering me as if I am her driver now a days people will not even care if an human is dieing before them but this girl is worrying about a dog” abhi’s thoughts was broken when he realised that he left his licence in home seeing the traffic police”

the car before abhi’s moved and the police came working towards him “oops I left my licence in my home” abhi said and pragya became tensed seeing the police…

“license” the police was standing beside abhi’s car before abhi could speak “ahhhhhh…….” he heard the girls voice and turned towards her and was shocked seeing her

“sir please leave us we want to save our baby…ahhh” she shouted and abhi was looking at her in shock…

“please leave now your wife is in pain please go fast ” the police said and he moved his car. girl took the pillow she hid behind hear duppata and she took the dog from under her seat

“sir go fast…” she said and abhi was amazed seeing this girl


“thank you sir really thank you so much today you saved this dog” the girl thanked him

“I am Abhisek Mehra” abhi forwarded his hand and introduced himself

“I am pragya..pragya arora” she gave her for an handshake

“okay sir I am leaving really thank u” pragya simled and came outside the hospital

“stop you sirs…don’t be so formal yaar” abhi replied throwing his hands in the air

“okay Abhishek I am leaving” pragya said “If you don’t mind shall I drop you” he offered to drop her.

“No abhishek already you did so much I don’t want to disturb you I will leave by an auto you don’t worry” she said and went to catch a auto but it was her bad luck that none of an auto stopped for her seeing this abhi laughed

“hey come yaar I will drop you please think me as your friend and come I will drop you” he asked her knowing that no auto will stop at this night so she sat on his car.

“so what are you doing Abhishek” pragya asked him. “I am ACP of Mumbai city” he said and she was suprised and shocked at the same time.

“what you are an police officer then you must have used your influence to that traffic police” she asked him and abhi smiled

“yes I am supposed to do that but you had some others plans to escape” he laughed at her and she was slightly embarrassed.

“okay fuggy tell me what are you doing?” he nicknamed her with in few minutes.

“I am an journalist in Apple tv hey one minute what did you call me now” she asked recongning how he called her.

“fuggy your house came” he stopped infront ofzw his house.

“hey stop calling me like that” she hit him with her bag and got down “okay bye” she said and moved

“fuggy bye see u soon” abhi said and drove his car from there.he was thinking about her innocent child like face and smiled.


10 days later…..

“we don’t know how this happened but we are investigating he lost his control as he was druken and he also had personal problems so even this can be a susuide” pragya saw abhi giving a interview on the accident where a leading bussiness man died due to rash driving.

“I was the one who took an interview with him last night and he told that he got a big consignment and he is very happy about it and there is no chance of susuide attempts or rash driving because he had a driver who drove the car so how could this be possible or its a trap for him” pragya doubted it as a murder
“I have to meet Abhishek now and tell everything” pragya took her hand bag and went to meet him


“dad what is the necessary to kill him” abhi enquired

“abhi understand we need that consignment so only I did it please don’t blame prem” ram interrupted

“uncle just stay from this matter I pretty well know it’s your brain behind this murder” abhi throwed his anger.

” abhi stop it how dare you are to speak like this to him” prem got up from his arm chair.

“please dad I can’t apologize anybody somehow I managed it to a accident but please don’t repeat this” he walked away.


“Abhishek please understand I don’t think it’s a accident please try to understand”

“okay let us talk about this after now come with me” abhi said and pragya sat on abhi’s bike…

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