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Precap: Radhika and Aaryan dance…. Then Radhika and Arjun dance

Today Epi:

Arjun not able to control his feelings walks towards Radhika. He sees Sam and jumps in excitement…
Arjun: Buddy!!!! What Are you doing here!! I thought u weren’t coming.. Leave that how is everything…. And what about ur love life….

Sam: hey Arjun… My bestie…. After such a long time!!! Leave about my love life…..everything fine….what about you!!! How’s ur business?? I mean u and our Chashni have become such business tycoons Yaar!

Arjun: yeah everything ok! Hey Neil, brother what’s up! We are meeting after a decade..

Neil didn’t like Sam and Arjun together. He gave a fake smile and answered

Neil: I am ok bro…. Seems like u and Sam need some time alone together….lets go chashni don’t disturb them…

Radhika clearly understood Neil’s feelings.. She was very much aware about Neil’s love for Sam and she knew she had to bring them together…..

Radhika too felt weird about Arjun and Sam but went after Neil to the food counter….

The party went on and Neil, Radhika, Sam and Arjun sat together for dinner at one table….

Suddenly, Radhika’s phone beeped and she received a message… She read it and suddenly the smile on her face vanished.. She looked tensed

Message: Hey baby! Where are you ? u come to my place and become mine tonight….. Ok I know u don’t like this… But after tomorrow I will have a permanent right on you…n then u will be on my bed until our wedding night… How’s is the plan? Ok kidding…. But tomorrow after the function u will come to my house with me…. N without me asking u… U will be in my bed…ok? N u know what will happen if u don’t listen to me ….

Radhakant had tears in her eyes.. She kept her phone aside and kept sobbing
Neil got worried and asked radhika

Neil: Radhika what happened baby!!! Why r u crying…. I will kill the person who made my baby cry….

Arjun too looked worried but he knew that he didn’t have a right on Radhika as much as Neil had

Sam:’Chashni what’s wrong!

But Radhika got up wiped her tears banged the table in anger and said : I want all three of u at Cafe Rosa tomorrow… If any of u don’t come then you will never see me alive again….

She left her food took her purse and left running crying …
Neil and Sam got up and ran behind Radhika but she was already out of sight…
Arjun was there shocked at Radhika’s words…

Arjun: what did she mean by we won’t see her alive again. Is this something to say? How could she?…. He realised how suddenly in a day he became so attached to Radhika and his childhood feelings started growing again…..

Sam and Neil came back all of the three were tensed….

The rest of the people were also a bit shocked as to what happened and started questioning about what happened to them suddenly….

Neil caught SAMs hand and went out of the hall without a word and Arjun to followed them out leaving the others in a confusion….

Rashi ka while driving her car back home reminisced some words
” if u don’t become mine I will kill ur parents… Because I want to feel u and ur body…..u r only mine and always will be mine….. I don’t care …if u try to look at someone else I will chop that guy’s head… Cuz u and ur body are mine… ”

radhi ka kept weeping …. And drove back home….

On the other side the trio was so disturbed that even they didn’t speak n they were waiting for their meeting at cafe rosa in the morning…..
Arjun sat in his room and thought…
Arjun’s POV : I felt so touched and moved and hurt and … Y am I caring about Radhika… I know I always liked her but I don’t lov….. Arjun whatever it is atleast as a friend u need to help her….

Rsdhika POV: U destroyed my life !!! I can’t live now!!! I can’t love anyone now !!! Not even Arj….. Radhika!!! U know what r u even doing !!! Stop it !!! He will kill u for even thinking about it!!! U have to be aggressive and forget all this !!! U can’t love anyone even if u want to!!! Otherwise…..

She kept weeping

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