Precap: Ardhika met in a hotel…. Cute eye lock …..friends party……

As soon as Arjun and Radhika reach the floor where the party hall is they again confront each other….

Arjun and Radhika together: (In surprise) u??? Here???? What r u doing here???
They both look at each other n giggle

Radhika: I am here too attend one of my friends party…. But what r u doing here??
Arjun: even I m here to attend my friends party….. That means….. Could I please know your name..
Radhika: Radhika… Radhika Mishra
Arjun: OMG!! Rahila how r u?? It’s been such a long time and u have seriously changed so much
Radhika looking a bit boggled at his reaction
Arjun: oh! I m so sorry I forgot to introduce myself… Remember me? Arjun…. Arjun Mehra…
Radhika:my gosh Arjun ..u!!
In the excitement they forget their boundaries and hug each other ….
Arjun’s heart starts thumping again…
Radhika unknowingly cherishes the moment but then both come back to their senses and break the hug….
Arjun:it’s been so long Radhika! I m so happy meeting you!!! What r u doing right now??
Radhika: well I am the CEO Of Mishra industries …n u??
Arjun: wow u have grown into such a storming business woman ….
They talk about their lives and enter the hall together almost forgetting their surroundings….

Suddenly another guy comes there shouting
Guy: CHASHNI!!!! My baby, how r u ?
He lifts radhika up n twirls her around….
Arjun feels a bit jealous at this..
Radhika: Neil!!! How r u…. My adopted Dad!!!

Arjun feels weird at this but soon they are surrounded by their own group of friends n are separated
Arjun keeps on looking at Radhika….

He didn’t like the way she was interacting with Neil…

Radhika on the other hand was so busy that she didn’t notice him at all
Suddenly Aaryan one of their friends and a huge flirt came to Radhika and asked her for a dance
She reluctantly agreed as they were friends too

Aaryan became sensual while dancing n tried to touch her bare skin….He pulled her to himself and Radhika felt uncomfortable. This could easily be noticed by Neil and Arjun….
Neil to his friend and secrete love SAM in anger: This guy will never learn.. Wait I will teach him a lesson….
Sam held his hand and Neil looked towards her
Sam: leave it Neil don’t create a scene here … Our Chashni is brave and can manage herself well enough…..just wait n watch what will happen….
She smirked and looked at Aaryan pitying his condition as she knew as her best friend would not spare him now, her chashni will kill him for this…

Arjun couldn’t take this anymore he went out of senses excused his friends who too didn’t feel good about the way Aaryan was trying to touch Radhika but kept quiet…

Arjun kept on pacing towards Aaryan and Radhika
At the same moment Radhika stamped aaryans foot so hard that he slightly pushed her n fell on the ground
Radhika too lost her balance but her saviour Arjun caught her in no time
Lost into each other they started dancing on khamoshiyan awaaz he…

They twirled around, Arjun lifted Radhika and he was so lost in her eyes that he kissed her forehead…
Neil lost his temper again
But Sam controlled him
Sam: Neil just look at them… They r so comfortable in each other’s embrace. I don’t know but I feel as if….
Neil: Enough Sam… Radhika is not that mature too take her decision.
Sam: OK Chill Neil!!! Let them enjoy.. They look perfect together… cHashni and Arjun…
Sam could easily feel their emotions. She understood that they liked each other in their childhood too… And this feeling didn’t die till now….
Neil unaware about their childhood love felt a bit uneasy about it….

Sam too was unaware about her feelings towards Neil….

The song ended but Arjun and Radhika were so lost in each other they didn’t notice it until they came back to the world with a loud thundering clap by the audience…

Radhika came back to Neil and was shocked seeing Sam: Sam!!! My sammy!!! After such a long time…!!!
Sam: I know right chashni!!!! Missed u sooo much !
By the way u looked great in Arjuna arms….
By these statement Radhika started blushing a little but then… How could she forget what’s happened with her….
Radhika’s POV : how can I even think like that…. He wouldn’t spare me if he comes too know…. He will kill my parents…. No, never , I can’t even think about Arjun….

Arjun too came back to his friends where he was teased… He too blushed and smiled
Arjun’s POV: God what’s happening to me… I always liked Radhika… But today … It’s a different feeling altogether…..

Precap: Arjun meets Neil
Sam and Arjun are besties….
Rashi calls all the three at cafe rosa the next day

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