Hey guys this is only a ARDHIKA ff…. I am a new beginner hope u love it

A sweet and a bubbly girl, as beautiful as a princess entered the hotel while talking to her employee on her phone. She rebuked, “HOW DARE U!! I had warned you that the deal should be final… Then what is this crap!!”. This beautiful lady is none other than our Radhika. She was wearing her formals and had just come there after her busy day in the office. She was a storming business woman and the owners of Mishra Industries.

On the other hand a handsome business man walked in from the other direction talking to his employee on his phone ,” it’s ok Sanchit if the deal is not done. We will convince them later on. I will work it out a bit more.” He is none other than our handsome and polite Arjun Mehra, the owners of THE MEHRAS. Though belonging to the corporate world Radhika and Arjun hadn’t met.

They were so busy on their mobiles that they hardly noticed and banged into each other. Radhika lost her balance and fell into Arjun’s arms. Arjun held her and was mesmerised by her beauty. There was a cute eye lock….but Radhika broke it .

Radhika: I m so sorry… I was so busy I didn’t see you…

Arjun: it’s ok miss I m sorry too. I too didn’t notice you….

Both of them gave a warm smile to each other and left in the opposite direction.

Arjun’s POV: “why was I so taken away by her. It seems a bit weird as if I know her…. Nah what am I thinking. Now concentrate. Leave all this u have to reach the party hall first”.
He takes the stairs….

Radhika’s POV:”hmmm…. It felt so weird I thought as if I know him….. Those warm arms…. What am I thinking!! Radhika control!! U aren’t like that u r an aggressive business woman. Now search the party hall.”
She takes the lift……

Both are unaware about facing each other again. N this time it will be revealed that both r long lost friends….

They have come for attending a party thrown by one of their school friends. Both were in the same school long back n were good friends. And both had secretely liked each other…. It was after a long time, they were going to meet their dear friends.
But both were unaware of the future consequences….

PRECAP: Ardhika come to know they were school friends, feelings deepen for Arjun. And a shocking news by radhika…

Hey friends I promise for a longer ff tomorrow….
Hope u like it and please comment??

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  1. Story is interesting, please continue. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks I hope u like it n please keep on commenting

  2. I loved it

    1. Thanks for ur support n keep on commenting

  3. Hey zoya……. i loved it!!!! I was taking a break from studying and came upon this…. it was a really good start…… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Write soon dear…….

    1. Thanks a lot Amy ?? keep commenting

  4. Hey zoya…..very good start…..I loved…written soon ….tc…

    1. Thanks a lot!!!! I have already written the second one it will get posted in some time

  5. Very nice zoya…somewhere in my heart I wanted this kind of story on ardhika…thanks for filling my untold wish….great ??

    1. Thanks so muchh!!!! I hope I fulfill ur dream

  6. nice start..keep going…

    1. Thanks so much for ur support!

  7. Zoyu ( hope you dnt mind it)…..its superb…….loved the reversal of ardhika’s nature………usually Arjun is the angry bird……..their meeting was cute and I loved both the POV’s………the precap makes me happy and at the same time tensed…….plzzzzz update soooooon……love u…..TC………

    Plzzz can u tell me mre abt urself????? In which class r u studying ?????

    1. Yup I m in eleventh currently hmm there is an incident in her life I mean radhika so she is like that
      Wait for the twist
      Thanks a lott!

    2. What about u which class r u in right now

    3. N I love that name!!!!!

  8. Hi Zoya.. polite Arjun and angry Rads…!!!! Will Arjun sweet chocolate boy here ? waiting 4 nxt update

  9. Its nice start zoya want to know more dear pls do continue

  10. Nice start do continue pls…..

  11. Hehe arjun and radz buussness rivals . .pls update it asap ..nice update zoya..

  12. awesome …interesting story .please update

    1. Thank you everyone I will update soon

  13. My goodness zoyaaaaa, it was really superbbbb. …I loved it sweeeeeetheart. ..very lovely narration n awesoooooome plot…rads owner of mishras n arjun ownwr of mehras…both childhood frieds…n sectet lovers….wowwwwww….very interesting…plzzzz continue dear, all the best. …keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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