Hello this is VHM signing in with a few shots FF…this story will pick from my own imagination involving current track and spoilers taken into account….i hope the readers will support me the same way as they did earlier….
This is a mystery and as episodes proceeds everything will be revealed…so please bear with me !!!

Recap: Mahi is also being kidnapped…a young man enters Oberoi Mansion to meet Tej and family…OmRu and Sahil does the final rites of (Fake) Anika….Shivaay goes to forensic doctor to test hair strands and finger prints of Fake and real Anika ….He gets the reports after long wait and gets shocked seeing the reports…
Shivaay thanks the doctor and leaves for oberoi mansion in his car…while driving he thinks of what needs to be done next….he reaches Oberoi mansion and goes to his room and closes the room door….
It was next morning everyone woke up but they were all sad for what had happened earlier….Shivaay and OmRu reached the dining table and sat at their respective places…OmRu were in no mood to talk to Shivaay for his unacceptable behaviour…but for Dadi’s sake and remembering what Anika said earlier they sat back without leaving from there….
Shivaay decided to talk to them in person after breakfast….after they completed breakfast OmRu were about to leave when Shivaay asked them to stop…
They stopped and Shivaay said ‘’I want to talk to you something in person…please come to my room’’
Rudra ‘’ no bhayya…after what you did yesterday I am in no mood to follow or listen to what you say’’
Om didn’t even bother to respond but Shivaay held both their hands and dragged them to his room and closed the door…
Everyone present at the dining table were shocked to see Shivaay behaving like that….
In Shivaay’s room :
Om ‘’ what’s this Shivaay…you cannot show your rudeness to us’’
Shivaay was teary eyed and said ‘’ just shut up both of you…how can you behave with me like this? Am I not your brother anymore?’’
Rudra ‘’ you are our brother but for namesake…our respect for you died yesterday…we will maintain this relation only for Anika Bhabhi..because I know she will be seeing from the sky and will feel bad if we separate from you…other than this we have nothing else with you…come Om we will leave’’
Shivaay ‘’ fine before you decide to do this with me read these reports’’
Shivaay gave the forensic reports to OmRu………..
OmRu were shocked to see the reports as the dead body’s and real Anika’s hair and fingerprints both were not matching….Om frowned and looked at Shivaay
Shivaay “ now you understand that I was right…the one for whom you did last rites was not Anika…Anika…My Anika is alive…yes Om AND Rudra she is alive…”
Saying this he cried for the first time after yesterday’s phone call……….
OmRu were also happy knowing the fact that their Anika Bhabhi was alive and then apologised for their behaviour with Shivaay and for not trusting him…all the three brothers had a tearful hug after a long time….
Rudra ‘’but how will we find Anika Bhabhi ? we don’t know where to start with”
Shivaay “ Rudra get the board here..we have to first list all the incidents and find a way to get Anika back’’
Om ‘’ wait a minute Shivaay…where is Mahi ? he too is not seen and in midst of all the happenings since yesterday evening we completely forgot about Mahi ‘’
Rudra “yes bhayya…is Mahi bhayya also trapped?”
Shivaay “ get the board Rudra”
Rudra gets the board and Shivaay starts with the to do list
1. Mahi left for chawl and is no where to be seen
2. Anika is also untraceable
3. I have been trapped in a fake accident
4. The common link is Kamini and ACP Ranveer for all the above three
5. As to what I learned during my chawl ACP did not kidnap me..he said there is someone else

Om “ where to start from now? I don’t think we have much time Shivaay”
Shivaay “ Relax Om…Anika would not be harmed… because as far as I understand somebody wants to harm me and they are using every member of my family to make me weak and finally close me….so as long as I don’t fall weak they will not even dare to touch Anika or any of our family member…we have to work step by step to join all links…so will you both help me in this?”
OmRu and Shivaay join hands to get the truth out…..
While they were about to discuss their plan …Tej entered
Tej ‘’ I have some important announcement to make and we have a guest here…so come down now…’’
All the Oberoi family members except Prinku gathered in the living room….
The same young man who came a day before was present in the hall….he got up as soon as he saw the entire Oberoi family….
Tej ‘’ please sit down young man…let me introduce my family to you’’ and started introducing every member
Finally it was the turn of Shivaay to meet and greet…
Tej turned towards Shivaay and said ‘’ Shivaay meet the young business tycoon Mr.Advay Singh Raizada (ASR)’’
Shivaay shaked his hands and looked at him …
ASR – Advay Singh Raizada he was fit and tall…had deep sharp eyes indicating he observed a lot…a man of no words but action…..he wore a bracelet with CCC alphabet locket…..a blue stoned ring ….his fingers long and fist strong …no eye glasses ….a perfect handsome guy at his mid 20’s …….well a good business man too………
Advay also stared at him smiling in a smirking way which didn’t go unnoticed by Shivaay and OmRu…
Later everyone took their seats and Shivaay ‘’bade papa Mr.Raizada here anything special?”
Tej ‘’ well I am coming to that point…he is here for both personal and professional reasons ‘’
Om ‘’ personal? ‘’
Tej ‘’ yes Om personal reason too…I am thinking of getting Priyanka married to this young man ‘’
Every family member were shocked and got up from their seats…seeing them ASR also got up….
ASR ‘’is there any problem Mr Oberoi? I mean everyone is shocked to listen this? Haven’t you disclosed about this yet to your family members?”
Tej ‘’ I am sorry Mr.Raizada actually after the unfortunate death of Shivaay’s wife I couldn’t inform the family…so I thought I will announce infront of you’’
ASR ‘’ that’s fine Mr.Oberoi…I think your family would want to discuss about this with you personally…I have some meetings to attend…nice meeting you all…’’
Tej ‘’ before you leave Mr.Raizada let’s have a picture of yours…so that Prinku can decide about you…if you don’t mind’’
ASR ‘’ sure…not a problem’’
Shivaay clicked his pic ………
ASR ‘’next time we will meet at my house …see you’’ saying this he left ……….

Shivaay ‘’ bade papa why did you take such a decision without consulting any one of us? ‘’
Tej ‘’ ohh shut up Shivaay when you bought that ACP’s alliance did you discuss with anyone of us…I said on the other day that this time I will decide and you all will oblige…so I have taken the decision and I hope everyone will respect this’’
Dadi ‘’ but billu it’s only yesterday we did the last rites of Anika and today you are fixing marriage of Priyanka…where has your brain gone?”
Tej ‘’mom, I have just fixed the alliance marriage has time’’
Rudra ‘’ but papa…we have to first disclose Shivaay’s innconce and say No to ACP then we can go ahead with this’’
Tej ‘’ slowly you are becoming intelligent Rudra…but Shivaay’s innocence proof is all of your headache…not mine so get it done fast’’
Shivaay ‘’ I got to know the personal reason but you said professional reason too…what about it?”
Tej ‘’ we will do business with Raizada’s…so now I need to leave…get yourself proved innocent fast’’
ShivOmRu enter near pool area and see the board they wrote the points with
Rudra ‘’ where to start with bhayya?”
Shivaay “point 3 Rudra…my fake accident …it all started from then…so we have to start…I hope you brought CC TV footage’’
Rudra ‘’ yes bhayya…here you go’’
The three brothers watch the CC TV footage bought by Rudra…it was clear Shivaay did the accident but later the dummy’s were also being shown in the footage…so it was easy for Shivaay to prove himself innocent………..
The evening arrived and so did ACP Randhawa
ACP ‘’ so Priyanka what’s your decision?’’
Shivaay ‘’ Mr.Randhawa or should I say ACP Ranveer Randhawa…I am happy to announce that I am cancelling your marriage with Priyanka’’
ACP was shocked but controlled himself and said ‘’ Fine then I will have to do what I should have done much before Mr.Oberoi”
Shivaay ‘’ sat it straight Mr.Randhawa’’
ACP ‘’I arrest you for killing 5 innocent people and here is the video proof of the same’’
Om ‘’ how low would you fall ACP? Do you think we are fools to believe all this? “
ACP “ you are indeed fools to not believe a video proof , now let me take Mr.Shivaay into custody’’
Shivaay calls someone and asks him to speak to ACP
ACP ‘’sir ..yes sir…what?”
Shivaay “ got your answer now or do you have still something to say and do?”
Tej ‘’what’s happening Shivaay?”
Shivaay “ nothing Bade papa I just called Commissioner and if I am not wrong ACP Randhawa is no more an ACP from now on’’
He turns towards ACP who is left in much shock and says ‘’ so Ranveer now who is a fool? You or? ‘’
Shakti “but how did you do this?”
Shivaay “ it’s simple papa…yesterday we sent Rudra to get the CCTV footage at the accident spot from Traffic Control room and the footage had my innconce proof ‘’
Om ‘’ how could miss such a simple fact Ranveer? When you blackmailed Priyanka you ensured she doesn’t open her mouth…had you behaved as a man you would not have played your dirty game using a woman’’
Priyanka comes forward slaps Ranveer hard again and again and says ‘’ I thought you to be a good person but you are a monster, a monster in the form a human…now I say I WILL NEVER MARRY YOU…just get lost and don’t ever show your face anytime in your life…get out’’
Another set of Police come to arrest ACP for blackmailing Priyanka and giving her drugs without her knowledge…….
Ranveer while leaving says ‘’ the game is still on Shivaay…your next enemy has already entered your life and he will for sure ruin you…you will regret for your lifetime ….you will fall and I will be very happily seeing your fall.’’
Everyone leave to their respective rooms while ShivOmRu cross the point number 3 from the board…
‘’Now what Shivaay what will we do next ‘’ asked Om

In the same unknown location Anika was crying she was shouting ‘’somebody help me…Shivaay please come back and take me out from here…I am feeling michmichi…I miss all of you…I don’t know where am I …please Shivaay come quickly else I am sure I will die ‘’…
She was running in the room banging the walls and shouting but all in vain…finally she gave up and sat on bed and started crying..

In Oberoi Mansion Shivaay was feeling restless as if Anika was calling him to help her out……..he was moving restlessly and thinking ‘’where are you Anika? How should I find you ? I know you are somewhere nearer to me but where? Give me a clue Anika …tell me something where have you been that day?”
When he suddenly remembered Anika’s words
Anika ‘’ ’Shivaay , I feel something wrong is going to happen….i am not getting good thoughts…I think we need to check on Mahi’’
Shivaay understood what needs to be done next….

In the unknown location where Anika was trapped , While she was crying the voice again played
‘’ Congratulations Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…’’
Anika ‘’ for what?’’
Voice ‘’ your family is celebrating your death…are you sure they love you ? I mean it was just yesterday that your last rites were done and today they have decided to get your SIL married .. I must say it’s wonderful family…no emotions and nothing‘’
Anika ‘’ what? Priyanka is getting married? No this can’t happen? How can this be true…you are saying lie?”
Voice ‘’ what will I get by lying …I am saying truth ‘’’
Anika ‘’ but with whom? ‘’
Voice ‘’ that’s secret..bye for now’’

Anika was distraught…………

Mahi also heard the same update from the voice and was perplexed…he was looking here and there and started checking as to how he came into this room…………….

Back to Oberoi mansion ….Shivaay was planning what to do next…………
He turned towards Om and said ‘’ Om I need all the information about Advay Singh Raizada…this time I don’t want to take any chance ‘’
Om ‘’ but Shivaay at this Point Anika Bhabhi should be our priority…’’
Shivaay ‘’ Om I feel this ASR is not what he looks like and going by Ranveers words my next enemy has entered so this time I don’t want to take any chance …so please do this while I and Rudra will investigate about Kamini our next point-point 4 other half‘’
Om and ShivRu leaves on their next mission……………

Before i give the Precap i wanted to say that i want to discontinue this FF due to reasonably low number of comments….May be readers are expecting something else than mystery and may be i am not able to meet up their expectation..i have written Romance, humour and thriller so this time i thought to pen down Mystery…though i have completed writing this FF but it’s discouraging thing to author if response is low…i don’t really mind negative comments…..sorry to all the loyal readers who were supporting me thick and thin and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT….

PRECAP : What facts will shock ShivRu about Kamini…What will Om find about ASR…will mahi succeed to come out of trap ? Keep reading

Please let me know how you felt reading this? Please do comment and let me know your opinion…any sort of comments are welcome both Positive and negative…I will reply back as soon as possible…based on your response I will update my further episodes

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