Hello this is VHM signing in with a few shots FF…this story will pick from my own imagination involving current track and spoilers taken into account….i hope the readers will support me the same way as they did earlier….
This is a mystery and as episodes proceeds everything will be revealed…so please bear with me !!!
I know there are no SHIVIKA moments but I promise in upcoming episodes everything will be present !!!

RECAP : Priyanka reveals about her fake pregnancy to Oberoi family members infront of Kamini…ACP blackmails Priyanka about Shivaay’s fake accident….Anika reveals about fake accident video to Oberoi Family members…Rudra goes to collect footage from Traffic control room….Mahi says that he will go to chawl instead of Shivaay…Anika follows Mahi….

Shivaay at OM in current situation is in thoughts
Mahi left for the chawl that night and I entered my room….Anika followed me to my room …I held her hand and said THANK YOU…she was the usual one…as soon as I held her she blushed and looked into my eyes and said “ you said I am your family so please don’t say thank you…I cannot let my family members fall into trouble…’’
Shivaay ‘’how can you be so selfless Anika…you never care about you if matter is for our family…I am so lucky”
Anika cups her hand on his mouth and looks into his eyes , Shivaay moves closer to her and kisses her on forehead they hug tightly….
After they broke their hug Anika says ‘’Shivaay , I feel something wrong is going to happen….i am not getting good thoughts…I think we need to check on Mahi’’
Shivaay ‘’Anika I am back and now I will take care of everything ,…please don’t take so much stress….promise me you will always be there with me in my every birth and death too’’
Anika side hugs him and says ‘’pinky promise’’
Shivaay gets a call and leaves from there….

Current Situation unknown location Anika in thoughts :

After Shivaay takes the call and leaves Anika sits on bed and starts thinking about the happenings…
Suddenly Anika remembers that Mahi has wore Kanji eye lenses while leaving…and he would definitely be caught…She rushes without uttering anyword to Shivaay…
She calls Mahi but he doesn’t pick the call …she rushes outside and asks the driver to take her to chawl…he obliges and Anika sits in….she asks the driver to drive fast and within no time they reach chawl…but Anika couldn’t find Kamini or Mahi there…only thing she found was a single kanji contact lens and she knew her doubt came true…
Anika goes to the next house and enquires and none knows anything….after asking people here and there about Manhi and Kamini finally a lady says a handsome man has come and Kamini and that man tied Mahi and took him in their car…
Anika “ when you saw Mahi being tied why didn’t you help him?”’
Lady ‘’ why would I help him madam? Mahi is illegitimate son of Kamini…we hate him and if we see him as such why would we even bother to think of helping him…it’s good they left from here…now i will also leave’’
Anika stops her and says ‘’just one more question please tell me whether this was the man who took Mahi and shows a pic in her mobile’’
Lady nods in agreement…’’
Anika is shocked and shouts ‘’ you 2 rs ACP Ranveer… I wouldn’t leave you anytime soon..you have to pay heavily for troubling my family…I am coming along with Shivaay….”
She starts to text Shivaay when someone hits on her head and makes her unconscious….and finally after waking up she is here in this room………


Shivaay at OM in current situation is in thoughts

The call was from Rudy …Om was right , there was cc camera fitted by Mumbai Traffic police…they denied to give footage to Rudy…I had to call up the Traffic commissioner and speak to him…I requested Traffic commissioner to keep this secret and not reveal it to anyone…Finally Rudy was given the CC TV Footage….Rudy was on his way back…I entered into the room after all these calls and I found Anika no where to be seen…where could she go…
We were just talking and Anika left somewhere without informing….why doesn’t she inform me and go …even Mahi is untraceable….and before I could do anything about them I get this call of Anika’s death….i need to join all the links as soon as possible…but where to start….who is behind all this? It can’t be ACP alone someone much bigger is involved…why am I feeling helpless for the first time….everything is messed up….no first of all I have to bring back Om and Rudy back in my team…I know they are right at their point but I have to prove them that the body is not Anika’s….

Current Situation in Oberoi mansion:
Tej was not at all in a mood to attend (fake) Anika’s funeral as he was expecting someone and he wanted all this drama to end very early…
Om was irritated with the behaviour of Tej and he himself wanted (fake) Anika’s funeral to be done quickly …Sahil, Om and Rudra along with Dadi, Pinky, Jhanvi and Prinku left for the final rites….while doing final rites Om observed (Fake)Anika’s one hand in blue color and other hand in red color…but he was so shattered that he desired to forget about it……….
Shivaay left his house to meet doctor…he ensured he doesn’t go to his family doctor based on previous experiences…and then entered a handsome young dynamic stylish man …….
Tej was actually waiting for him from the evening ….as soon as the rest of family members left this young man entered house….
Nobody was to be seen in the living room …he asked a servant to call Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi ….the servant informed Tej and Tej came down quickly….
Tej ‘’ I am sorry young man, I did not receive you…please take your seat’’
Young man ‘’ not a problem but why is this house so silent…are there no family members present?’’
Tej ‘’ ohh no …actually my younger brother’s son’s wife died unfortunately today evening in a car crash…everyone left for final rites’’
Young man ‘’ ohh I am so sorry I came in a wrong time…we will talk later …I think I should leave now…’’
Tej ‘’ no ..not a problem..anyways we are not much concerned about her…she was just…just a burden and now everything ended…I am sure everyone must be arriving in some time from now’’
Young man ‘’ sir..i guess I should leave it will make me feel awkward to stay back here in this occasion..you talk to your family about our association and I will be back tomorrow’’
Tej had no option left and nodded in agreement…after he left Tej said to himself ‘’ everyday a new drama happens in this house …why can’t everything go smooth…uff this Anika…what’s the need to die she could have just left us happily…now the bigger task is to say about this association after they come…I have to manage it smartly’’
Thinking this he left the room…..

Sometime later present situation:
In an unknown location a similar sort of room as to how Anika was kept a man was laying on bed unconscious…slowly was gaining consciousness…he opened his eyes to find himself kidnapped ……….
A voice was heard through speakers
“ Good evening Mr.Mahi…how are you…must be tired after sleeping so much…”
Mahi “ where am I ? who are you? What did I do that you trapped me here?”
Voice “ you have done so much that I wish to kill you right away but I am bound to keep you alive for some more time so better stay back obediently…also don’t try to escape…you cannot escape as my eyes are on you …eat or die …I don’t care”
The voice gave the same standing instructions about food as it was given to Anika….
Mahi also sat back and started to think about past happenings
I left to Chawl on that night…
Kamini “ finally you have come…why did you step in with your manhoos face…you are good for nothing…one simple work was given you couldn’t do it properly…now that Priyanka is not agreeing to marry Ranveer..and you..you couldn’t manage any situation…”

Ranveer enters and sees him…he identifies him to be Shivaay
Ranveer “ maasi relax …he is not our Mahi…he is Shivaay…that’s the reason Prinku’s fake pregnancy and 10 crore demand plan failed”
Kamini “what? But how did you identify?”
Ranveer “ maasi take a look at his eyes…Mahi has black eyes not this Kanji eyes…and moreover you remember yesterday I left after getting a phone call…it was a call to inform me that Shivaay has escaped from the trap layed to him…so it’s obvious…Shivaay has captured our Mahi and taken his place as Mahi and got to know about our plan”
Kamini ‘’ yes you are saying truth …that’s why he was asking so many questions the other day…my God ‘’
She turns towards Shivaay ‘’ how dare you do this to me “and tries to slap him but
Mahi holds her hand in nick of time and says “ Don’t you even dare to do this…I knew both of you were conspiring against my family but now when truth is infront of all three tell me who did my kidnapping and what’s your connection with all these?”
ACP acted smart while i was talking to Kamini and hit on my head …i fell unconscious ….during that hit my contact lens from one eye fell down
i landed up in this unknown location …………….
How should I get out of here?

Current situation in Oberoi mansion:

OmRu and other family members came back from funeral ….they were all leaving towards the room when Tej stopped
Tej ‘’ I have something very important to talk …so please be seated her’’
Om ‘’I don’t think I have something to do with this talk so it’s better I leave for your good’’
Tej ‘’it’s about your sisters life’’
Om ‘’prinku is good and you don’t worry her brothers are there to take care of her’…If you still feel something is very important talk to Shivaay because he too is not much effected by the happenings and I am sure he will listen to you..but spare us…’’
Saying this Om left and everyone left to their rooms…Tej had no option but to talk the matter next day morning…
Parallely Shivaay reached his friend’s house…his father was a forensic doctor …he went to the doctor and explained his situation and asked him to test the hair samples of the dead body and Anika and also the finger prints of Anika and dead body….
The doctor agreed to help Shivaay owing how he helped his Son in business….
Shivaay waited there till the tests were done and finally the reports were in his hands after several hours of wait…
He thanked the doctor for the help and opened the reports just to get shocked….he couldn’t believe what he saw ……..

PRECAP: what was there in forensic report? Why was Shivaay shocked to see the report? Will OmRu and Shivaay Patch up? What did Tej want to say about Prinku’s life? The new entrant Idenity to be revealed ……… Keep reading!!!

Please let me know how you felt reading this? Please do comment and let me know your opinion…any sort of comments are welcome both Positive and negative…I will reply back as soon as possible…based on your response I will update my further episodes

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  1. It’s awesome why you stopped in the suspense please post next part soon want Ed to know reports please please please

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    Awesome episode….but why did this Anika had to go alone…if she didn’t have that much fine to wait for anyone then study she should have informed sometime through call/msg…I mean she could babe when she was in car….
    Anyways, as of now Anika n mahi don’t know that the other is also captured at the same place right?

    I have a very strong feeling that there is something more to Tej’s this behavior….I am two minds about it. One, that man’s marriage with prinku for some deal or something. Two, there is a bigger plan either in favour or against shivika.
    His behavior seems a bit weird that he is not at all affected by Anika’s death….
    So I am eagerly waiting for what u have in store for us….

    1. VHM

      Thank you Nita for your comment….The answer to your questions will be in upcoming parts….also i leave clues to what will happen next in every episode i write….Tej in real IB is a dual personality according to me…he is at times good and at times very bad…so his character hasn’t been changed by me………what’s in store will be revealed slowly but definitely mysteriously

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