Hello this is VHM signing in with a few shots FF…this story will pick from my own imagination involving current track and spoilers taken into account….i hope the readers will support me the same way as they did earlier….Thank you to all the readers who have posted their valuable opinions in comment section!!!

This is a mystery and as episodes proceeds everything will be revealed…so please bear with me !!!

Recap : Anika in unknown location and Shivaay in OM are in thoughts thinking about past happenings…Shivaay gets to know the truth about Mahi’s relation with Kamini…..he joins hands with AniOmRu to trap Kamini and know the relation between ACP and Kamini….

Shivaay at OM in current situation is in thoughts
On the shagun day after Kamini left sometime later Shivaay left to chawl and acted as Mahi…
Kamini saw Shivaay coming and started with her words “you are utter useless , you cannot manage situation…today you would have been caught in a forgery case had I not involved and saved you…Watch out Mahi else no one can save us..and because of you i can’t let myself into trouble….”
Shivaay “ I am sorry maa…I din’t expect Omkara to say such thing…thank you maa you saved me today…”
Kamini “ I know you are good for nothing…just get lost from here and don’t show me your face…such an useless idiot you are”
Shivaay leaves and sits somewhere , he keeps an eye on Kamini… after sometime ACP enters ….
ACP “maasi you are so angry till now?what happened? “
Kamini “what will happen? Mahi is such an useless guy..i am fed up of him”
ACP “but where is he?”

Kamini “will be somewhere doing nothing” and narrates what all has happened that evening…
ACP starts saying when Shivaay enters
ACP “come Mahi bhayya sit…are you okay? Just now Maasi narrated what all happened in the mansion ….be careful….they are very smart and can just fail our plan…”
Kamini “ I don’t how smart they are but this Mahi is enough to fail our plan…today we might have got caught”
ACP “relax maasi…I will handle if they play smart”
Shivaay “yeah you are there…you are getting married to Prinku..i mean Priyanka…and she is pregnant because of you…so they can’t deny this alliance…”

ACP “ aree bhayya…you know right Prinku is not pregnant it’s just that I am giving her medicines that makes her feel she is pregnant”
Shivaay expressions changes to horrified when he listens the truth….but hides immediately as to not get caught….
It’s good the original Shivaay is kidnapped else my this plan would have failed…
Shivaay “but who kidnapped original Shivaay…did you ?”
ACP “no Mahi…why would I invest so much money to kidnap him by hijacking his plane…there is someone else…”

ACP was about to take some name when he gets a call and shocked ACP leaves from there hurriedly without uttering anything else
Later Shivaay says to Kamini that he will go back to OM before Anika questions him and gets more doubtful
Kamini exclaims “finally your brain started working…wait a second are you getting used to the luxuries of OM or are you serious about this plan”
Shivaay “if you don’t want me to go there I will stay back here maa”
Kamini “ I cannot bear you for long time …it’s better you leave else I have to see you the entire night also…” she pushes him and closes the door on his face….

Current Situation unknown location Anika in thoughts :
Shivaay came back to OM mansion late night and Anika OmRu were waiting to know further details….
Shivaay called Prinku and said that she was not pregnant and the next day he will be cancelling her wedding with ACP , she need not to worry…
OmRu were shocked to hear about pregnancy of Prinku
Anika said “ yes OmRu shivaay got to know from Prinku that she is pregnant with ACP’s child…to keep up our family respect Shivaay bought this alliance and obliged to their demands…and that’s how all this mess started up”
OmRu were really angry….
The next day afternoon Kamini arrived and demanded the cash from Anika ….
Prinku “ Anika bhabhi I have something to say…I don’t want to get married to ACP anymore…please don’t budge to their demands”
Kamini moves close to her and says “did you forget that you are bearing child of Ranveer?”
Prinku gains strength when OmRu Shivika asks her to speak up
Prinku says loudly that every family member hears “ Kamini aunty I know why you are demanding so much…because you feel I am pregnant with Ranveers child…but let me tell you I am not pregnant “
Kamini gets shocked as to how did Prinku know the truth…She looks at Shivaay and Shivaay acts innocent of the happenings…
Tej “what the hell are you saying Prinku? You? Pregnant? Will you speak out now or shall I slap you?”

Prinku narrates how ACP met her on trip and told her that they had got physical one night…later how she felt that nauseating feelings and thought she was pregnant…she disclosed it to Shivaay and Shivaay bought the alliance of ACP to save the respect of Oberoi family…
Anika looking at Kamini and questioning Prinyanka “but how did you know you are not pregnant?”

Priyanka “ I felt terrible yesterday and called up doctor …she said it’s nothing serious…later I questioned her if it would not effect my baby…doctor laughed and said I was not pregnant…she took my blood samples and today I got to know that I was being drugged to have symptoms of pregnancy..here are the reports”
Anika took the reports but Shivaay snatched from her hands and stared at Kamini….
Kamini was frozen and had no other option…..she was leaving when ACP entered
Tej and Jhanvi expected Shivaay to thrash ACP but Shivaay kept his calm ….OmRu went to ACP and Rudra slapped him hard….Prinku too followed the suit to slap him but ACP held her hand and said
“I want to talk to Priyanka right now”
Anika knew what ACP was going to say and thought why did not she inform ShivOmRu before hand…she wanted to stop but thought that was not the right time….
Shivaay had his compulsion to act as Mahi to know the mastermind so he said “Let him talk…but ACP you have only 5 minutes”
ACP takes Prinku and says “it’s good you know about your fake pregnancy but if you deny to marry me I will ruin Shivaay by the video …it’s the same video where Shivaay killed innocent people by his car”

Prinku again gets scared and obliges to do as ACP said and comes out….
Everyone eagerly waits for them….They both come back …Prinku was about to say something when Anika spoke “ I guess we need time to set back, Ranveer !!! as of now we will postpone the wedding”
Shivaay “why postpone when you are agreeing?”
Tej “have you gone mad Shivaay? Now I will take the decision and you all will oblige…I need absolutely no debates or arguments”
Anika “please Tej uncle there are many more issues to be resolved…so for once trust me…this time I will set everything fine”
Ranveer looked on and hastily left from there with Kamini…Kamini looked at Shivaay indicating him to manage the situation…Shivaay nodded in agreement to Kamini….
After they left Anika continued

“ I know Prinku what you wanted to say after your talk with Ranveer…but what you are thinking must be cleared first…so let’s open the reason infront of our family members right away”
Om “ I am not getting anything Bhabhi…what reason and why did not Prinku simply say NO to Ranveer”
Anika “ have patience Om I am going to tell everything now…”
Prinku held Anika’s hand nodding NO but Anika said ‘’ I trust Shivaay and he cannot do anything of that sort so let’s clear it first’’
Anika turned towards Shivaay and said “ Shivaay did you do any accident in past 15 days?”
Shivaay “ what nonsense? Am I mad to do any such thing?’’
Anika turned towards Prinku and took her mobile …she asked Rudra to connect it to projector , Rudra did so …Anika started playing the footage …. Shivaay’s fake accident video was being shown…Every one was shocked and turned towards Shivaay looking for an answer.
Shivaay spoke “this is true I did this but all the ones under blanket are dummy’s there was a shooting going on , on the midway and I just drove…I too was initially scared but the director of the movie came and apologised at the very next moment…Trust me this is fake….”

Anika “ I trust you Shivaay…but If we want to stop Ranveer from harming you and prinku…you need to catch those people who were shooting that night or before tomorrow evening….everything will fall into place then and we can easily expose Kamini and Ranveer “
Om “ yes Shivaay, we have to somehow catch them …we are not left with much time “…do you remember which spot this exactly happened ?’’
Shivaay “ yes, just two turns before my office”
Om ‘’Rudy it’s now your turn …check whether there are any traffic Camera’s fitted on that road…I am sure they must be present…if yes go to the Traffic Control room and use our name to get that footage on the incident day “
Rudy nods and leaves …..

Shivaay “ you guys handle here while I will go to chawl and know what their further plans are?”
Anika “ no Shivaay …today you wouldn’t I am much scared …please stay back…’’
Om ‘’Shivaay stay back tonight…Anika is saying correct…and just think ….By this time Ranveer might have known you would have escaped from their trap…so you are taking risk going there …we can’t let you go today”

Shivaay was about to say something when Mahi entered
Mahi “ today let me go Shivaay…I want to help you…i will know their plans and come back and if they trick me I will be trapped and you will be here “
Pinky “ Oh my mata…no Mahi…I couldn’t spend time with you all these years and I cannot afford to leave you on your fate anymore…you will stay back….”
(FAKE SHIVAAY AKA MAHI has known the truth of Kamini’s stealing him as baby from Pinky , Pinky being unaware of any such happenings…and has now forgiven Pinky and joined hands with Oberoi family)
Anika “ Thank you Mahi but Pinky aunty ji is saying correct, we don’t want to put you in risk”
Mahi “ Bhabhi”
Anika again became emotional listening to the word Bhabhi

Mahi “ I can call you Bhabhi right?’’
Om “Mahi ,she is universal Bhabhi except for Shivaay ‘’ and gives HiFi to him
Mahi ‘’so Bhabhi I am sure now they will think that it’s Shivaay who is coming to the chawl and not Mahi and as far as I know them they will not reveal anything more…also with what I have done with Soumya I want to rectify my mistakes …so let me please handle now…”
Finally after lot of convincing Mahi leaves to chawl instead of Shivaay !!! After sometime Anika too leaves behind Mahi towards the chawl ….

PRECAP: Why did Anika follow Mahi, will ACP and Kamini recognise Mahi as Mahi or will they misunderstand Mahi as Shivaay? Will Rudra be able to gather the footage? Who is the new entrant in Oberoi Mansion? Keep reading!!!

Please let me know how you felt reading this? Please do comment and let me know your opinion…any sort of comments are welcome both Positive and negative…I will reply back as soon as possible…based on your response I will update my further episodes

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