Hello this is VHM signing in with a few shots FF…this story will pick from my own imagination involving current track and spoilers taken into account….i hope the readers will support me the same way as they did earlier….Thank you to all the readers who commented for my first episode of this FF
This is a mystery and as episode proceeds everything will be revealed…so please bear with me !!!
Here we go …..

RECAP: Shivaay gets a call that Anika is dead…the dead body of Anika is bought by ACP Randhawa to OM…Shivaay denies doing last rites saying the body is not of Anika…in some unknown location real Anika is being trapped in a room from where escape is impossible….Anika gets to know a fake Anika is being killed and sent to OM…Anika gets thinking what happened that she is being trapped….


So let’s begin the episode:

Anika and Shivaay started thinking about what happened in the past days:

In an unknown location Anika is in thoughts:

Anika is in thoughts she started remembering the doings ….. on the day of Holi Shivaay sees Mahi and OmRu Anika and Shivaay decide to expose Mahi and know about the master mind behind all this….
They made Mahi drink bhaang and finally Mahi blurted out that he is Kamini’s son they were all perplexed….
Shivaay asked Mahi to speak out his plan Mahi says “ my mom is Kamini but she doesn’t love me at all…her aim is to take as much money as possible from Oberoi’s but my aim is something else”
Anika asks “what’s your plan mahi?”
Mahi “I am not real son of Kamini but I am son of Pinky and Shakthi Singh oberoi….i am Shivaay’s real twin brother but Pinky….Pinky she gave me away …so I want to insult and humiliate Pinky and Shakthi that they cannot raise their head in society…I want them to face the same humiliation as i faced…I am bad not very bad so I dindnot harm anyone of you till date and neither touched you Anika”
Shivika and OmRu listened to what Mahi said and decided to teach Kamini a lesson…they first thought to inform Oberoi’s about the reality of Mahi and left to inform everyone..later they got to know from Pinky the truth………after sometime…….

Anika said “ I will reach out to Kamini and keep an eye and let you all know everything …Rudra will help me”
Shivaay objected saying “no way Anika …I can’t put you in trouble…instead I will take the place of Mahi and will teach Kamini a lesson…a lesson for a life time………. also know who is behind her making her do all these “
Om supported Shivaay however Anika refused but Shivaay was adamant…..

Current situation in OM Shivaay was in thoughts
Shivaay took the place of Mahi and left to the chawl where Kamini and Mahi stayed…Shivaay as Mahi spoke to Kamini “what’s our next plan maa?”
Kamini “ you are asking me…God why didn’t you give some brain to this idiot…can’t you think yourself Mahi do I need to say everything to you ? anyways expecting something from you is similar to finding water from a mirage….anyways forget it…I will be arriving at OM for taking shagun and will ask about 10 crores cash for Ranveers marraige…you will ask the oberois to arrange the amount at that moment instantly…do you understand”
Shivaay as Mahi “ but why do you want so much money? “
Kamini “I don’t think I need to explain this but if you are forgetting let me tell you…I was to marry Shakthi , but Pinky took my place…now I want to ruin Pinky so that I can take her place forever and become rich from rags”
Shivaay as Mahi “ but I want to know why are you helping that Ranveer what has he to do with us?”
Kamini “ have you gone mad that you are asking so many questions…”
Shivaay “why do you hate me so much…what was my fault? I have always loved you and treated you as my mom..but why do talk bitter to me”
Kamini “because you are not my son you blo*dy…you are that b*t*h Pinky’s son…you are not my blood…from the day you have been in my life I had no peace…I donno at which inauspicious ,moment I brought you…now just get out”
Shivaay ” I will go just answer me this last question I promise I will leave”
Kamini “ fine go ahead”
Shivaay “ why this Ranveer is with us in this? What has he to do with Oberois?”
Kamini “because Om and Priyanka did the accident of his sister and I was the one to save his sister …so he respects me and after seeing you he asked me to replace you with Shivaay to take revenge…he waited this long to make you enter…now real shivaay is somewhere trapped and you have become shivaay…now stop bothering me and arrange money as quickly as possible”
Shivaay knew the plan to some extent and decided to continue with this fake Mahi for some more time until he meets Ranveer….


In unknown location Anika in thoughts:
Shivaay came back to Oberoi mansion and explained what Kamini’s plan was and Anika OmRu decided to see the fun on the evening …the evening arrived….
Kamini arrived and as expected demanded 10 crore cash and jewellery on the day of Shagun…Pinky and Oberois were shocked with her demands
Pinky “ what’s this first you demanded 2 crore jewellery we gave 10 crore jewellery now you are demanding 10 crore cash…your demands are not stopping…what’s all this?”
Kamini “ we are from grooms side and has every right to demand…if you don’t want to give then let me cancel this marriage…I already said we have a line of bride’s for Ranveer…we will leave”
Pinky helplessly looks at Shivaay expecting him to support her….Kamini goes to Shivaay and says
Kamini “ Shivaay I think your mom doesn’t want your sister to get married ..we are leaving and this time I am sure we are not coming back”
Shivaay ” just wait Mrs.Randhawa…”

He turns towards Pinky “ Mom 10 crores is nothing infront of Priyanka’s happiness…get the money mom “
Pinky “ enough of your insult Shivaay …I can’t bear it more…I will be handing over these duties to Anika now…let her handle these now…I will also see how much more you demand”
Shivaay asks Anika to arrange money …
Anika says “I don’t think we keep 10 crores cash in house ….we will arrange till tomorrow if you don’t have any problem”
Before Kamini speaks Om says “ why not today itself…Shivaay sign a cheque of 10 crores and hand over to them …by tomorrow they can encash I will inform bank people today itself so that they arrange money “
Kamini gulps saliva thinking how can Mahi make the signature of Shivaay…she was in a fix now
Shivaay looks at Kamini….and then smirks looking at AniOmRu……
Kamini speaks out “ I will not go to bank …by tomorrow arrange cash I will take it tomorrow…for now I will keep this jewellery”
They leave ….Shivaay after sometime leaves to chawl….

PRECAP: how will all the links join… will oberoi family members come to know about Prinku’s pregnancy ? what will be Prinku’s decision about marrying Ranveer?

Please let me know how you felt reading this? Please do comment and let me know your opinion…any sort of comments are welcome both Positive and negative…I will reply back as soon as possible…based on your response I will update my further episodes

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