Hello this is VHM signing in with a few shots FF…this story will pick from my own imagination involving current track and spoilers taken into account….i hope the readers will support me the same way as they did earlier….
This is a mystery and as episode proceeds everything will be revealed…so please bear with me !!!
Here we go …..

The Oberoi Mansion (OM) came to halt when Shivaay shouted “What?” and collapsed ….everyone rushed towards the living room where they Shivaay was deterred and broken….no one knew what happened that Great Wall of Shivaay was in such a state….
Om and Rudy picked him up and tried to bring him into senses but their efforts were turning fugile…Shivaay was crying uncontrollably ..a never seen situation and everyone were tensed to peaks now….
Finally Om and Rudra shook him harder and he looked them with pale and reddened eyes…Om immeadiately asked what happened to which Shivaay just said “ANIKA”….
Rudra was becoming restless by now and said “ bhayya please say something ..is Bhabhi fine? Why are you crying? Please let us know? I beg you? “
Rudra was about to say something more when ACP Randhawa entered and said “He will not be able to say anything now…I will let you know”
OmRu were furious to see him after what all he did and went in a rage but controlled themselves as ACP was wearing uniform and was in duty…Om desperately asked “ Don’t you make puzzles tell me what happened?”
ACP smirked and said ” Your Bhayya has lost something very precious”…
Rudra was enraged and said “ He is our bhayya and he can never loose …say it straight whatever you want to say?”
ACP continued “ ANIKA ..i mean your ANIKA Bhabhi is no more…she lost her life …”
OmRu couldn’t digest what he said and forgot he was officer in duty and held his collar saying”How dare you say such nonsense…this cannot happen”
ACP let their hands down and said “I will not arrest you for holding my collar when I am in duty because you are in a very bad situation…but let me tell you whatever I said now is the truth…the body will be arriving to OM in a short while…we have identified and did all necessary checks….I am sorry for your loss as a police officer…out of duty I am happy for your loss”
Every member of Oberoi Family were shell shocked and without their knowledge lost their strength and sat down crying ….
A dark cloud of unhappiness bursted in OM….
After sometime body of ANIKA was bought to OM and Shivaay at once runned to the body ..however his inner instinct which identified Anika’s presence didn’t allow him to believe it was actually Anika who died…so he didn’t wish to see whose dead body it was….but he did and his expression changed…
Rest Oberoi members did see the body and were shocked to see …it was indeed Anika…OmRu ran to Shivaay to ask him to look at Anika for the last time….
Shivaay shouted “ I can always feel the presence of Anika when she is around and now I am sure this is not Anika…she is someone else but definitely not Anika…she promised me ..yes she made a Pinky promise of not letting me live alone saying hse will always be there for me in my birth and death too…trust me …she is not Anika”
Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi went upto him to make him understand but Shivaay was adamant…he left to his room and closed the door….time was passing by and OmRu came back to Shivaay and forcibly thrashed the door of Shivaay’s room…Om angrily said “Shivaay we too are in the same state as you are in ….she was your wife but she is our Bhabhi and prior to that she is our best friend…we have failed to save her but we cannot let her leave as an orphan…we need to do the final rites…so don’t be adamant …just come now…you are supposed to do this…”
Shivaay replied “No…never …I believe and trust that she is not Anika , so I will not do any such stupid rituals for somebody I donno…if you want to perform last rites you are more than welcome to do that…”
Rudra “ you cannot be so rude and heartless at this point bhayya…we din’t expect you to behave like this…now you cannot be our Shivaay bhayya anymore…I will never talk to you”
Shivaay looked at Rudra in disbelief and said “you are saying this Rudra…you both are my souls along with Anika and now you are not believing me when I have full confidence on what I am saying about…I am sure she is not Anika and I will prove it to you too….”
OmRu left disgusted at the behaviour of Shivaay….they went to start the final rites and were arranging everything …finally after all arrangements they were about to leave when Shivaay stepped in and shouted “STOP”…
Everyone was shocked again with this weird behaviour of Shivaay but they were sympathising as they knew what Anika meant to Shivaay….
Om “Now what Shivaay…you have let off your duties but we can’t…so don’t you try to become a hindrance…”
Shivaay replied back saying “How can you do this without calling her only brother Sahil…..don’t you have so much thinking left?”
Everyone realised what Shivaay said is truth ..so they immediately arranged to bring Sahil back to OM…meanwhile Shivaay took hair and fingerprints of the body stealthily….

In an Unknown location a lady was lying unconscious on a bed and was closed in a room but with all facilities…there was no chance of escape for her…she had no connection with outer world…..there was a cupboard and a small iron locker with a bulb over top , a speaker from where she could listen voice , a screen to see what was being shown, secretly fit cc cameras…cameras could not be detected easily as they were perfectly getting mixed in the interiors of room giving glimpse of the entire room….the washroom too was closed one and a very small duct for the air to flow in and flow out…practically speaking even a tiniest human cannot enter through the duct…in short it was a full and fool proof room…
The lady gained consciousness and looked around the room she was confused to the core as to where she was and later realised that she was kidnapped….she held her head and started shouting for help…little did she know that none was there to listen to her …. Suddenly a voice was heard in room and she looked around…the voice spoke
“welcome back into the world Anika ….how are you now? I hope you had a good sleep?”
Anika responded “who are you? Where am I ? why did you bring me here? Let me go”
The voice said “relax…for the outer world you are dead..your last rites would be performed in a short while…”
Anika responded “what nonsense…I am alive ..you can see me….”
Voice came over “I asked you to Relax Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi…watch the Tv….”
The screen showed the live telecast of OmRu and oberoi family members sitting around the dead body of duplicate Anika and Shivaay staring at it seriously…suddenly Sahil was bought and he was crying uncontrollably….OmRu preparing for the final rites while Shivaay had no signs of sadness..
Anika was shocked to see and said “what’s all this ?who is she? Who are you?what do you want?”
Voice replied “ you thought it right..she is fake but your family can never identify and once the final rites are done this chapter closes for ever”
Anika relied “ my Shivaay will identify…didn’t you see he is unmoved because he knows I am alive and the one lying dead is fake..he will come and tear you apart…if you want to survive let me go …atleast you will be spared”
Voice replied “do you think I am fool to grant your wish…now no more questions, stay here for your rest of life…your food will be provided time to time until I decide to end your life…let me tell you once food is placed a bulb will be on and you can take your food…you have absolutely nothing to do…either you die of boredom or wait till I kill you…don’t even think to escape because you can never escape from here and your shivaay can never find you”
The voice was no more audible…she realised that she was trapped…she sat down thinking all the past happenings….

PRECAP: How will Shivaay find truth….What happened that Anika was in such a state ??? Keep reading !!!

Please let me know how you felt reading this? Please do comment and let me know your opinion…any sort of comments are welcome both Positive and negative…I will reply back as soon as possible…based on your response I will update my further episodes !!!

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