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“O Feisty”

Ragini glare at him and he smirk at her. They were sitting in a room for their detention period. Mr. Asthana, their teacher, is talking on phone when laksh called her in a slow voice.

“Wohaa…So you too like the feisty one like me” wink laksh and ragini shut her eyes frustated.

“Draw a sketch of a ball gown,and i’ll be back till then” said Mr. Asthana looking at them , still talking on phone and left the room.

Ragini took her pencil and start her work.Laksh too did the same. For almost fifteen mintues there is a complete silence. Ragini was lost in her work until she feel someone’s presence behind her.

“I don’t want to extend my time here, getting long detention,so go to your seat laksh ” said she shutting her eyes trying to maintain her calm.

There was no respone but she felt little wind touching her hair.

“You want one more pun…..” she turn to give him a warning but look confused not finding anyone behind her.

She look in the direction where laksh was sitting but he was nowhere in the seen. She huff and sat back on her chair and about to start her work when the door of the room shut with a loud voice. She jerked and look at the close room and burn in anger. She went towards gate and bang on it.

“I am warning you laksh, open the door” shouted she but still get no response.

Sudeenly all the lights of the room flicker and diffuse immediately. She gulp because this is only thing she fear, Darkness. But she still know who is behind all this. She compose herself and bang on door again.

“I said open the damn door ” shout she again but the same response she get.

She went back to her seat gulping,rubbing her hands, murmuring “nothing will happen, It’s just prank” but nothing helped the uneasiness which started to develop in her body. She search her bag to get her phone,but find it not in the place she kept. She search around her seat,But no..!! It’s not there. She heavied a deep sigh to calm her down but little drops of sweat started to form on her forehead. She went back to the door and bang on it again and loudly.

“Open the door, Someone please open the door” shout she on the top of her lungs but It’s like no one was there.

How she wish she listened Sanskaar when he said to stay in college for her. But she said she can come alone and he can go. A sudden fear crept in her heart to see the room fully dark. A flash paas her mind where a little girl sitting in a corner of a dark room hiding her face in her knees. She shivered and tears starts brimming in her eyes.She look at the close door and tried again.

“Help…S..Some..b.body h..help” she stuttered. “Please..help” said she again in a pleading voice.

The other side,

Laksh was sitting in the cafeteria,eating without any tension. He was observing from last 20 mintues to Mr. Asthana who was still talking on phone,looking like pleading to someone standing in a corner. He look in his watch smiling and stand spreding his hands in air.

“It’s enough for today’s punishment plum” smirk he evilly and make his way to their detention room.

He stand in front of the door confused finding it all silent in there.

“That,I wasn’t expecting. I thought she will be all feisty, screaming to her lungs, knowing that I planned all this. But this is unusal” thought he.

He press his ear to the door to listen some sound but all he could listen some muffled voice, not the shouting he was expecting. He shurg his shoulder carelessly and open the door and entered the room. He take a glace in the room in confusion to see she was not there.He turn and about to see outside when his eyes landed on the figure behind the door. He smirk and santured towards her .

“I didn’t expect that you will behave like chicken hiding in a corner” said he chuckling.

No Response

“What happen, Baby got afraid” said he showing fake concern.

No Response

“Or you planning to how to take revenge for this one” he wiggle his brows.

Still No Response

He felt odd that she didn’t counterback any of his comment but shrug inwardly.

“Now get up chicken, Mr. Asthana is about to come” said he and place a hand on her shoulder.

She jerked and backed immediately and look at him with wide eyes.Her eyes were red and teary. Laksh look at her shocked and then he realize analyzing her that she was shivering . He knelt down in front of her immediately and about to hold her face when she backed away more.

“No..n..noo” said she with a shrudder hiding her face more in her knees pulling them near her chest more n more. Her breathing was heavy,her eyes were red,she was shivering. A sudden guilt appeared on his face for making her feel like this.

“Ragini,it’s okay. Nothing is happen,I am here ” said he softly and she look at him for a second.

“Ragu, I am here, Nothing will happen” a voice rings in her mind and she look at him.

“P..Pro..mise” asked she in a pained voice and he feel miserable to do this prank with her.

“Promise” said he and she immediately hugged him and sobbed slightly.

“Please t..take me..e..B..bad people h..here.Th.they will ha..harm me ” said she shivering in between her sobs loosing her consciesness.

“Relax Ragini. No one is going to harm you. Calm down” said he rubbing her back little to calm her down.

When he felt no movement he look at her and find her unconcious in his arm.He drowned in guilt to see her in this condition because of him. He just wanted to scare her little but he didn’t know that all this will lead here.He pick her in bridal style and about to go out when Mr. Asthana came back and look at them.

“What happen to her..??” asked he worried.

“She fainted few seconds before. I am taking her to the OPD” said laksh not telling the whole incident.

“Yaa..Yaaa..Let’s go.I am too coming with you” said he and they headed to OPD.


“I am really sorry yaar..!! I didn’t know she got scared this much ” laksh look at sanskaar guilty who was sitting beside her holding her hand.

” I didn’t tell you anything before because I know they were harmless fight. But what you have done today is really unacceptable. She.. She is scared of dark. Even in nights also she sleep with lights on ” said sanskaar with stoic expression.

He came as soon as he got to know from laksh she fainted in class. And when he comes here laksh explained what happened with a guilty face.

” I… I really didn’t know that she is afraid of dark. If I knew, I never do that.. I swear” said laksh and sanskaar took a deep breath.

“Right now, just leave..!! I really don’t want to listen your sorry. I need to take her home. She need rest”  said sanskaar snapping at him.

He left without a word and sanskaar shut his eyes calming himself. He knows that it was truly not his fault because he didn’t know anything about her. But still he was angry on him for making his dumbo in this state. It pained him to see his childhood buddy, his best friend, his confidant, his life like this.

“When will you overcome your fear dumbo. It’s been 14 year. You have to forget that night and your fear of darkness, just look at the bright side of life. I..I just can’t see you like this again.. I just can’t………. ” muttered he painfully.
Laksh who just came back to return her bag there listen his words and wondered what happened to that night which affected her this much.

“Her bag ” said he entering after a minute and sanskaar just nodded in acknowledgement and he left again.


” I feel really guilty now, doctor said she had a minor panic attack ” said laksh buried his face in between his palm.

“You didn’t know that lucky, So just apologize her tomorrow. I am sure she will forgive you ” said sona calming him down.

“And I am going to call sanky, to ask how is she now ” said she again and he look at her surprised.

“You called him sanky..?? And you have his number too..!!!” he look at her amused.

“He is a good person. And a good friend too like ragini and devvrat ” said sona smiling and he nodded.

“Yaa call him… I didn’t call till now. Because I don’t have their numbers. If I knew that you have I would have called long back. It’s been 4 hours ” said laksh gesturing her to call hurriedly.

She dial his number and he pick the call on the third ring.

“Dare you pick my call dumbo…” a voice shouted from the other side.

“Let me see who is this ‘ Wife material ‘ girl is..??” said ragini and place the phone on her ear. Sanskaar snatched it from it and rushed outside and she look at him open mouthed.

“You save my number with ‘ Wife material ‘. Such a waste fellow you are and here I was praising you ” said sona with disbelief.

Laksh coughed and narrow his eyes looking at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Ask about Ragini ” mouthed he and she nodded.

“How is Ragini..??? ” asked sona and a shriek came from the other side with a shout ‘Dumbo stop..Give my phone back ‘ and it’s ends the call.

Sona laugh at their silliness and smile at laksh who was looking at her expectantly.

“I think she is more than fine now..”


Please so tell me how is the story going..!!

No proof read so sorry for the errors.

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