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Ragini was coming into the college. Sanskaar came running behind her.

” Yaar dumbo, I said naa sorry..” said sanskaar.

” Yaa , Now you are sorry. What happened when you were supporting that flirt yesterday ” said ragini twisting her lips.

” Did someone mention me..??” came laksh’s smirking voice.

” Hey lucky ” said sanskaar when laksh look at him and ragini scowl.

“Hey sanky” replied laksh placing a hand around his neck.

Ragini shot sanskaar a glare.

” Now he is your friend right..!! Fine…!! Stay in his side only…!! I don’t need you ” ragini stomped her feet and left from there and laksh chuckled.

” Now what did I do..?? ” asked sanskaar pouted.

” you greet him first ” said dev placing his hand on his shoulder and sanskaar bite his tounge.

” She didn’t talk me from yesterday ” Sanskaar pouted again.

” How do you cope up with her in first place..!! She is sooo angry all the time ” laksh twist his lips.

” She is my dumbo, and just a little short tempered. But really good at heart. Don’t know why she is behaving like this. She never remain upset with me more than an hour” said sanskaar.

” Haahh…Girls..!! Can’t tell you  about them man ..” said dev remembering that sonakshi is still annoyed with him for yesterday.

” Hey ragini, did you see the notice board. Our class is divided into two batches ” said sonakshi entering into the class.

” Why..??” asked she.

” They said they wanted to give more attention to the new batch. That’s why ” replied sona.

” Ohhh… Let me see then ” ragini was about to stand when sona hold her wrist and make her sit.

” There is no need. I saw it and you are in batch 1 ” said sona.

” And you..??” asked she.

” I, devvrat and sanskaar are in batch 2 ” said sonakshi with nervous smile and continue ” And lucky is in your batch ”

” What….!!!!!! Oh God NOOOOO….!! I don’t want to see his face in all classes…!! Nooooo..!! ” whined ragini and sona chuckled.

” O god, Why are you shouting like witch ” said laksh coming into the class with sandev.

” You dracula, dare you call me witch ” seethed ragini.

” You……” started laksh but cut by sona.

” Ok Stop…!! Not again…!! Class is going to start so let’s just headed to it ” said sona.

” Okay let’s sit ” said dev smiling and sona gave him a angry look.

” Nobody read the notice board I think . Devvrat, Sanskaar , we are in the Batch 2 ” said she telling them about the what written on the notice board.

” And dumbo, you..??” asked sanskaar coming towards her.

” Batch 1, with this stupid Gorrilla ” muttered ragini angrily and laksh wiggle his brows smirking.

” I will miss you in classes  dumbo ” said sanskaar cutely taking her in a side hug.

” I will miss you too Fattu ” said she finally smiling back towards him.

” Take care of doll ” said laksh to dev and gave a side hug to sonakshi.

” I will” replied he with a wide smile.


Teacher enter in their class and the same moment laksh place his bag on her desk dragging her to side and sit there giving her a tight smile.

” Get up and go back to your seat. This is my seat.. ” said ragini angrily.

” Are you kid, fighting over the seat ” said laksh coolly.

” No, But I don’t want to sit with you ” said she gritting her teeth.

” Why, Are you falling for my charm plum.??” laksh smirked.

” No, I am just afraid to go to jail in the charge of murdering you ” said ragini.

” Your smile is enough for murdering me, Gf ” said laksh flirting.

” Try on someone else, these cheap tricks. And leave me alone ” grumbled ragini.

“O You are the only one I…………” said laksh but intrupped by the teacher who was standing near their desk and poke on his shoulder.

” Will you please explain that what important thing you two were discussing..!! ” said teacher with a pointed look.

Before he can say something ragini beat him.

” He was just saying that you are looking like his aunt who is in her mid fifty ” said ragini sweetly to the teacher who was in her mid 30’s.

” you got the detention on your second day,young boy ” she said calmly but in a firm tone.

He look at her shocked and then gave a glare to ragini who smirk at him.

” But ma’am, She said you are not in fifties but in sixties ” laksh shot a look to ragini and she wide her eyes. Their teacher turn back with a scowl .

” She is joining you too ” said she with a smirk and laksh did a happy dance in his mind planning something for the detention hour.

” Just keep yourself in a safe distance from me, because I am going to blow up your head if you try something there like yesterday ” said ragini in a warning tone.

” Aww, you remember my touch from yesterday ” said he try to touch her cheek when she brush his hand away.

” I can understand, who can forget the moment spent with me ” said he teasing her.

” One more time you tried this  and I am going to punch right on your face ” said she in displeasure.

” Did someone tell you that you look Hot when you are angry ” said he coming little close to her.

Ragini make a fist and punch him tight on his stomach and he yelp in pain and ragini gave him a ‘told you’ look.

Everyone in the class look in their direction and ragini look at them innocently.

” OUT ” teacher shouted and both wide their eyes.


” What…!! You two got detention in your first lecture only ” shouted sonakshi.

” It is all because of him. He was flirting ” blame ragini.

” O really..!! And who said to her that she is looking like my aunt ” laksh glare at her.

” That was for yesterday’s revenge . But you dragged me there too ” ragini shot back.

” So, you punched me this hard..!! ” he gritted his teeth.

” She punched you …?? ” asked trio shocked.

” Yeah…!! Ask her…” said laksh.

” I warned him before only. But he can’t keep his mouth shut for a minute ” said ragini rolling her eyes at him.

” Goddddd…..What should I do with you two ” sona hold her head in her palm frustatedly.

” I can’t handle them. I am going back to my class. Who want to solve their war, Stay here ” said she and left from there.

” Sonaaaa….” called laksh from back but she left till then.

” I can’t believe, that my doll left me here because of you ” said laksh glaring ragini.

” Not because of me, but because of you..!! Who want to be with someone like you…Idiotic stupid mental flirt ” spoke ragini.

” O hello, everygirl dies to be with someone like me ” said laksh raising his imaginary collar.

” Well I am not ” smirk ragini.

” Yes, you can’t be included in the list. because you are not a girl. You are a witch ” said laksh smirking back.

Sandev hit their forehead with their palm.

” Youuuu….. ” before she completed sanskaar place his palm on her mouth from behind and dragged her with him. Dev too dragged laksh with him shooking his head.

“You guys left them alone again ” sona wide her eyes looking at sandev.

“Chill sona, let them handle themselves. We can’t sit in their class all time to stop them now. Can we..??” said sanskaar coolly placing his hand around her shoulder.

“Yaa you are right..!! ” said sona thoughtfully.

“She never let me place hand around her shoulder. How can she be so comfortable with him ” mumbled dev.

“You said something devvrat ” sanskaar wiggle his brows. Sona too look at him expectantly.

“Nothing ” he twist his lips and remove sanskaar’s hand from her shoulder.

Sanskaar raised his eyebrow amused and sona gave him a confused look.

Ragini was sitting and scribbling something in paper furiously. Laksh who was sitting beside her,much to her annoyance, kept on blabbering something.

“Seriously plum, It’s really good idea ” said laksh.

She glared at him and then continue with what she was doing before.

“Why can’t you be my friend sugar, don’t you think it will help us to remain in same class peacefully ” suggest he.

“One more time you called me with those stupid names and you will regret it” said ragini gritting her teeth.

“That’s what I like about you, feisty you are ” wink he and ragini growl.

“Can’t you shut your mouth for a second and let me concentrate ” said ragini exasperated.

” Why, you can’t concentrate on me when I am talking ” laksh wiggle his brows teasingly.

Ragini huff a deep breath to control her anger and turn to face him with a tight smile.

“No laksh, I can’t concentrate on where should I punch you first, If you keep on talking ” said she battling her eyelashes.

For a second he lost looking at her but when her words registered in his mind, he wide his eyes and glare at her. She smirk and continue with her work.

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