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Ragini was in girl’s washroom cleaning herself, muttering continuously in annoyance.

“Idiotic, stupid guy…God..!! what had he done..!! ” ragini was continuously rubbing her hair beneath the tap. ” Is it less that I was looking like an alien before only because of these hair and now this smell….Ewwww” she scrunched her nose in disgust smelling her hair.

” Ragini… ” sona entered in the washroom. “Look..he isn’t like that yaar… Don’t know why he behaved with you like that… But he never did anything like this with any girl..!! Yaa I agree that he flirt sometimes but he is good at heart..”

“Sometimes, didn’t you see that he flirt every damn time..!! I wonder how you aren’t feeling bad about it. If My boyfriend flirts with someone then I will surely break his nose with my punch” spat ragini back and sona chuckle.

“I know him from childhood ragini, he did it all just for fun..!! But what you two did in cafeteria that’s totally out of my imagination ” snicker sona and ragini giggled.

“I agree..!!I too never behave like that with someone except fattu..!!But that doesn’t mean that I am going apologize to that stupid flirt, because he only provoked me to start this” ragini twisted her lips pointing at her hair.

” Okay..!! Okay..!! You two only solve this matter, I am not going to interfere in between you two” said sona lifting her hands in surrender.

Ragini smile looking at her ” You are damn sweet yaar… I really wonder how you ended up with someone like him” said ragini laughing.

Sonakshi chuckled and asked ” So are we good…?? I don’t want to loose my first friend here”

” Ofcourse we are..!! And feelings are mutual buddy…!!” ragini wink at her and she laugh.

” So let’s go, and solve this all matter with laksh , come” said sona smiling.

” Okay..!! I will try just because ofΒ  you..!! Because I like you..!! And you know It’s very rare when ragini singhaniya like someone in this short span of time” said ragini giving her a pointing look.

” Well I am honoured…!!” wink sona and both left from there.

” God dumbo…!! You are smelling gross…!!” sanskaar make faces like he was going to vomit. Ragini gave him a glare and he made a innocent face. Sona chuckled looking at them.

” I told devvrat to bring laksh in parking ” said sona and trio left for parking area.

” It’s just because of doll that I am waiting here for that goatface otherwise girls wait for Laksh Khandelwal” said laksh sitting on his car bonat. Dev was standing a few feet away from him pressing his nose with his handkercheif.

“She is beautiful yaar..!! Don’t call her goatface” said dev from distance little loudly.

” Beautiful and she….!!! Rubbish…!! But you said right I am not going to say her goatface from now on..!! Because it is insult of goat to compare her to her” said laksh chuckling on his own words.

Ragini who came with sona and sanskaar hear him and burn in anger.

” You wanted me to talk to this hippopotamus …Who is talking about me like this ” shouted ragini giving glare to laksh.

Laksh scoot down from his car and glare her back. Trio hit their palm to their forehead to know what was going to happen next.

” So who want to talk to you , you scary cat ” laksh spat back.

” I can’t believe this that I aggred to talk to this Gorilla..!! Seriously Sona I can’t do that. Let’s go fattu” Ragini huff in anger and left with Sanskaar giving glare to laksh.

” Even I am not going to die without taking to you. ” shout he behind her but she was gone. He continue looking at Sona ” Look I tried my best, But she started fighting . Now don’t blame me ”

Sonakshi give him aΒ  ‘O Really..!!” look but he shrug his shoulder and left from there. She give a dead glare to dev.

” What…?? What did I do now..??” ask he innocently.

” Can’t you do a single work of mine efficiently. I told you to calm him down till we come back and here you are back b*t*hing about ragini with him. You are impossible Devvrat ” Sona give him a last glare and leave from there stamping her foots.

” Are but….!! ” start he but she left till now. ” You are gone now Dev Dixit. Madam Sonakshi is hell angry with you ” mutter he and run behind her.


” You saw naa, What he was talking still you are telling me to talk to him ” Ragini ask to sanskaar in disbelief.

” He was not that bad dumbo. It’s just that he leaves his first impression very bad on you. ”Β  he reply calmly.

” You are talking his side because he is like you, Right..??” she ask giving a pointed look to him .

” Like me means ..??” he raise his brow.

” MENTAL CASE ” shouted ragini and leave. Sanskaar rub his ear and look in her dissappearing direction.

” What happen to this dumbo today..!! I will deal with her later..First I have to deal with this monster ” said he rubbing his stomach and headed towards cafeteria.

” Yaar…I am sorry Sonakshi. But I was not back bicthing I swear” dev come in front of her and look at her pleading.

” Devvrat don’t irritate me..!! I am searching lucky..!! He isn’t picking his phone too ” sonakshi look here and there not looking at him.

” Maybe he want some peace..!!” dev reasoned.

” What you mean..?? That I am a disturbance in his life..!!” she ask angrily and dev shake his head in no vigoursly.

” What are you doing dev..?? Instead of making her cool you are making her hot. But she is already hot ” mutter he.

” Hot..O God..!! you are out of your mind dev what are you thinking ..!! If she listened this she is going to hang you with rope ” thought he.

” I..I am sorry sonakshi. I..I didn’t mean that…!! Let’s find laksh..Come..” she nod and he took a heavy sigh of relief.

Ragini was going through a corridor when someone grab her wrist and dragged her in the empty room. She was about to shout but the person keep his hand on her mouth. Ragini look at him with wide eyes and laksh smirk at her.

” You know , I really tried to talk to you sweetly but you call for this side. So be prepared fromΒ  tomorrow to face the consequences ” Laksh wink at her and step back little removing his hand from her mouth.

” Youuuuuu….” start she pointing her index finger to him but he hold it with his index finger and drag her to him.

” And yaa..!! I like you in your sticky hair Gf ” he wink again and about to leave.

” Gf ..??” thought she out loud.

” It’s your new nick name that one I love the most ” he smirk and she first look confuse then burn in anger realizing what he mean.

” Dare you call me Goatface again..” she warn him and laksh chuckle.

” O I love dare Gf , Try me. But maybe It’s Gorgeous face not the one you said ” he patted her cheek and left from there whistling leaving burning ragini standing there alone.

” Stupid Flirt ” mutter she angrily.

” I heard that. And yaa this is for you ” he come back and give her a box and left winking at her.

Ragini open the box and look at the mirror in confusion. She is about to throw it when she see her reflection and wide her eyes. Her right cheek had red paint finger marks. She fumed in anger.

“I will not leave you, you Mr. Flirt ” seethed ragini in rage rubbing her cheek muttering cussing words to him.

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  1. Asra


    |Registered Member

    amazing dear…loved it alot…omg raglak both r sooo crazy….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  2. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    both raglak are so crazy but i soo soo love crazy things
    this ff is now among my ff’s
    too much fun
    cant wait for the next part

  3. Ammu

    It’s interesting episode dear and Raglak scenes are awesome. Eagerly waiting for Raglak’s love story. Please post next part ASAP

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