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“May I come in..?? ” everybody look in the direction of voice and find laksh standing at the door with a gorgeous smile.

“You are late Mr…..” said Mrs. Singh sternly.

“Laksh.. Laksh Khandelwal ” said he coming into the room. “And your name gorgeous ” continued he in his flirting tone.

“I..I am your teacher Mr. Laksh….!! Behave..!! ” said she trying to look stern but failing miserably.

“You don’t look so..!! You are looking like just a student. If I hadn’t seen this vermillion in your headline…Then I will be the first one to ask you on a date with me” said he winking and Mrs. Singh blushed profusely.

A loud whistle came from the back of the class and every head turn in the direction looking at sanskaar who was about to whistle one more time.

“Behave class..!! You can go and sit on your place Mr. Laksh ” said Mrs. Singh composing herself coming back to her stern mode.

“Call me lucky..Ma’am ” laksh wink at her and settled beside sona. Mrs. Singh bite her cheeks to control her lips to form into a smile. She left from the class when peon came to call her for dean office.

“Wohhooo….That was awesome bro” sanskaar patted his back and he turn towards him.

“Thanks bro..!!” said he.

“Flirt ” muttered ragini who was sitting beside sanskaar and he chuckled.

“Umm..Is there something that people are coming here like that” said he pointing at his hair and sanskaar laugh.

“Long story short.. It was her prank” sanskaar laugh and laksh smile teasingly at ragini who raised her brow towards sanskaar with a look “Really..!! It is my prank “.

“I didn’t know that this beautiful girl can play pranks on people. ” said he totally turning back placing his hand under his chin.Ragini glare at him.

“Lucky ” sona elbowed him shaking her head in no remembering ragini’s outburst on devvrat.

“Lucky ” murmured ragini and then wide her eyes looking at sonakshi shocked.

“Are you sure he is your boyfriend..!!!” asked ragini to confirm. Sonakshi laugh and nodded.

“Mmm…So you know me..!! But I didn’t get your name till now sweetheart..!! ” laksh again continue with his flirting.

“Hey, she is Ragini and I am Sanskaar ” he forwarded his hand and laksh shake it.

“Beautiful name just like her. Nice to meet you Ragini. ” said laksh coyly and she shoot him a glare again.

“If one more time, he try to flirt with me…I am going to bang his head to wall. Then don’t blame me sona” seethed ragini and sandev chuckled.

“OoooO Feisty..!! I like it..!!” tease laksh. Sona laugh and make him turn and shook her head glaring him.

Ragini scrunched her nose and sanskaar chuckled looking at her expression.

“He was teasing you dumbo..!! Why are you getting angry ..!! ” laugh sanskaar.

“How can be someone be that big flirt. Such a waste fellow ” she twisted her lips annoyed.

“It is just first day and you started only. Why are you troubling her. You know she was angry before only because of some idiot ” said sona.

“Flirting is good for health doll..!! And about her.. It’s fun…” winked he and she shook her head in disbelief.


Ragini left the class as soon as bell ring for the lunch break leaving sanskaar behind due to laksh continuous effort of flirting and teasing.

“Is she like this always..?? ” asked laksh looking in her direction.

“With me..!! Yaaa..!! But I have never seen her like this much irritated with someone ” replied sanskaar with a shrug.

“Lucky, Don’t trouble her..!! She is my friend now..” sona tell him sternly.

“Then let me make her mine too…!!!!” wink laksh “Friend” completed he, his sentence with a pause.

She shook her head and laksh left from there telling her to he will make her his friend with his way or rather say ‘with his charming way’.

“You didn’t feel bad when he flirt with someone ” asked sanskaar standing beside sona. Dev too look at her expectantly.

“I trust him” said she with a smile shrugging her shoulders.


“Are you sure you don’t want me cupcake..!! ” laksh sit beside ragini in the cafeteria “I mean my friendship ” corrected he to himself and she huff in anger.

“Oppps..!! It’s getting hot here..” said laksh fanning himself looking at ragini’s burning glare.

She stand from there angrily and get to take herself some food. She was controlling herself before bursting out upon him. He rushed behind her.

“Are you planning to take me to somewhere alone plum..??” he said from behind her teasingly.

Ragini shut her eyes tightly to control her anger.

“One more word you said, and you will see the worst of me” said ragini gritted her teeth.

“Wohh…Calm down Fire..!!” said he chuckling.

” Two cheese sandwich and one sprite” ragini placed her order totally ignoring him.

” Awww…So you want to impress me by ordering for me too..!! I am actually surprised chocopie” said laksh grabbing one sandwich immediately.

Ragini turn towards him glaring but then give him a tight smile. He look at her confused but in next second place his hand on his head finding it all sticky. It took him a minute to realize that she smash an egg right on his head.

” I hope this surprised you more” said ragini giving her best smile and snatch her sandwich back.

She grab her tray from the counter and make her way to her seat when something hit at the back of her head. She placed her hand on back of her head finding it sticky and look at him shocked and he return a smirk.

” How dare you..!! ” ragini grab one more egg and hit on his head.

“Youuuuuuu…!!!! I was trying to be polite but I think you want to see my other side..!! I am not going to leave you.. You chopstick..” glare he and smash the next egg on her head.

“What did you call me… You stupid monkey ” she smash the egg again.

“You Lizard ” #smash

“You Chimpanzee ” #smash

“You Chameleon ” #smash

“You Rhinoceros ” # smash

“You Goatface” #smash

Ragini’s jaw dropped and he look at him shocked and he smirk.

“Youuuuuu…..” she pounce on him grabbing his hair in her fist.

He look taken aback and staggered back making himself fall. Ragini fell upon him not living his hair. Both were dripping in egg’s yolk. People were looking at them with wide eyes and disgusting look.

“How dare you to call me Goatface…. You Mole ” shouted ragini in high pitch.

He too grab her hair making her more angry. Devakashi and sanskaar too came there and wide their eyes horrified looking at them. They rushed towards them. Sanskaar grab ragini from waist and pull her back whereas dev-sona pull laksh towards them.

“Leave me Fattu…!! I am not going to leave this Otter” shouted ragini struggling in sanskaar’s hold ready to pounce on him again.

” You whale..!! This time I will not leave you ” he shouted back with same anger struggling in sodev’s hold.

Ragini look at him fiercely grabbing the pastry on the side table and hit on his face directly.
Everyone look at her with wide eyes because it happened in a blink of moment that no one relize what happened until laksh scream loudly.

“You dumbhead girl ”

Ragini look at him and smirk. He look here n there to grab something to hit her back when sonakshi came in front of him with a death glare.

“She started all this ” whined laksh angrily and trio narrow their eyes at ragini.

“Whattt…??? He infuriated me..” ragini shot back.

“I was just trying to be her friend but she smash the egg right on my head ” he complain.

“I warned him before only to not to flirt with me..!! ” she reasoned.

“Shut up..!!!! You both shut up” shouted sonakshi looking at between the two.

“But…” both started but she gave them a glare which shut their mouth in a second.

“What are you two..!! Children of Kindergarten …!! Infact they are better than you two ” said she annoyed.

“Lucky… Say sorry ” she ordered.

“What…No….Never..!!” shouted he.

“Dumbo ….” started sanskaar but cut in between by her ” It’s not my fault, So don’t expect ‘me’ to say anything like that ” declare she.

“Luckyyyyy” glare sonakshi. He too glare back nodding in no to finalize his decision and left from there.

Ragini too huff and left from there shooting dagger in laksh’s direction. Trio look into their direction helplessly.

“Who is going to pay the bill of my eggs ” A voice came from behind and trio wide their eyes then hit their palm on their forehead shooking their head.
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