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“Doll you stay here…I am going to see  our schedules ” laksh told to sona and  left with dev.

She nodded and and about to go to sit somewhere when someone bumped into her. Both fall on the floor where sanskaar on the top of her. She shut her eyes tightly and hold his collar. Sanskaar chuckled looking at her.

“O Fattu ” shouted Ragini who came running behind him looking at them with wide eyes.

He jerked and about to stand up but stop seeing her holding his collar tightly. Sona open her single eye but immedately wide both eyes looking at sanskaar.

“Aaaaahhhhhh….”She jerked him and stand up immediately but shriek again to see ragini.

“What are you two..?? Are you aliens..?? ” asked she horrified.

Both look at eachother and chuckle. Ragini hold his hand and make him stand. Sona stepped back and glup seeing them coming towards her.

“Relax Yaar…!! We are normal human being only ” said ragini laughing little. Sona look at her still not convinced.

“Hii I am Ragini, New admission And You..??” ragini forwarded her hand with a bright smile.

“S…Son..Sonakshi ” said she nervously and place her hand in her hand.

“Hey S…Son…Sonakshi, I am Sanskaar “said  he placing his hand on their hands laughing.

Ragini glare at him and he zip his mouth.

“Your hair..?? ” she look confused and they laugh and tell her their prank. Trio sat on a bench and mingle with eachother.

“Shit..!!  We forgot to see the schedule. Will see you later bye sona. ” said ragini hugging her then dragged sanskaar with her to office.


“She always listen you, why don’t you say her call me dev, not Devvrat ” dev twisted his lips.

” I only told her to call you with your full name ,not dev…It’s kind of fun to see this annoyance on your face” Laksh winked at him.

Dev’s jaw dropped looking at his best friend or can say newly discover enemy. He gave him a glare and make his way into the crowd to see noticeboard. Laksh laugh and he too went behind him.

Ragsan too came there ignoring all the eyes who were looking at them weirdly.

“I don’t want to stand in this crowd . Get my schedule too dumbo ” said sanskaar and left from there. Her mouth shaped a big ‘O’. She was about to go to him but huff seeing the crowd and make her way to the noticeboard twisting her lips.

“Where is he..??” asked dev to sona when he came back after seeing their classes.

“Don’t know Devvrat” she shrug her shoulder.

“Yaaaaarrrr…!!! Let it be…!!” dev surrendered.

“Hey, What is it..??” he pointed at somewhere.

Sonakshi look into that direction and laugh seeing Sanskaar who was trying different poses for his selfie.

“Chl….Let’s help him” dev winked at sona.

“But devvrat he..” she was about to say something but he dragged her with him.

” Hey You…!! New Admission” dev asked with attitude.

“Yes” said sanskaar politely quitting his selfie session.

“Don’t you know …You should greet your senior whenever you meet them” dev said pretending angry.

Sona wide her eyes and look at him shocked and dev winked at her without being notice by Sanskaar.

” Good Morning Sir, Good morning ma’am ” said sanskaar bending his head little.

Sonakshi chuckled at his gesture and dev bite his cheeks to control his laughter.

“Morning ..Morning..!! Now listen look for this guy in 10 mintues and report us with him ..!! Understand…!!” dev showed laksh’s photo to him.Sonakshi nodded her head vigorously and about to say him that she know him before. But dev didn’t let her say anything. Sanskaar wink at her and nodded at dev and left from there.

Dev brust into laughter and Sonakshi glare at him.

“He knows that you are not senior..!! I met him before only and he knows that I have only two friends here and we are freshers ” said she smirking and his laughter died.

“Why didn’t you tell me before..!! ” he asked innocently.

She chuckled and he pouted.

Laksh was about to left after seeing their schedule when he see something and stop.

“What the hell” shouted Ragini when someone try to pull her hair.

Laksh who was trying it jerked and pretend to look here n there.

“Hey you …!! Why were you pulling my hair”asked ragini angryily.

“Who…Me..??? No..!! I Didn’t pull anything” Laksh stuttered.

“O Really ” She put her both hand on her waist.

Someone in the crowd push her slight unknowingly.She stumbled and Laksh held her from shoulder immediately. Ragini gave him a glare and straighten up herself and turn to go.

” I thought It was a wig” said laksh apologetically.

Ragini stop and look at him amused.Laksh gave her a nervous smile.

“And why you think so..??” asked ragini forgetting that her hair Really not looking like normal one. 

” Who have Rainbow colour hair” said he pointing at her hair.

Ragini was about to say something when laksh beat her in that.

“But you are looking gorgeous, May I know your name pretty lady” he hold her palm and said in a flirting tone.

She jerked his hand and gave him a glare.

” O hello Mister, Dare you try these cheap tricks on me.. ” ragini scrunched her face in annoyance.

“Laksh… Laksh Khandelwal ” said he again in the same tone.

“Whoever you are.. I don’t give a damn..Stay away ” said she and left from there cursing him.

“Interesting ” thought laksh smirking.


“Where is this fattu now” muttered ragini annoyed looking here n there.

“blo*dy hell..” shouted ragini when she bumped into a hard chest.

“Are you blind..??Can’t you see.. Or you bump into me knowingly..!! You guys don’t think anything except the way to talk to girl. All the boys are same…Idiotic Flirts” seethed ragini angrily.

Dev look at her shocked. Then turn his head and look at sonakshi who suppress her laugh.

“Why am I meeting all the weird people in a single day” muttered dev to sona and she chuckled.

“Hey ragini, what happened..!!  Why are you so angry..?? ” asked she.

“Boys happened..!!! First a boy pulled my hair and then was flirting with me..!! And now this boy came and bumped into me..!! I mean can’t they have a life other than roaming behind girls..” said she irritated glaring dev.

“Hey, hey relax..!!  He is my friend, devvrat, and he is not like that..I know him” said sona relaxing her.

Ragini shut her eyes and exhaled air from her mouth. She look at dev apologetically.

“No..!! Actually my mistake..!!  Actually I was searching Fattu from last 10 minutes and that idiot flirt.. Just messed up my mind..!! Sorry buddy ” said she apologizing to dev.

He chuckled and nodded.

“Sir, Dean sir is calling you ” said sanskaar coming from behind.

Dev wide his eyes and sonakshi laugh whereas ragini gave him a confused look.

“Wo..wo…I was..I was just kidding yaar..!! ” dev stuttered.

Sosan laugh looking at his face and gave hi-fi to eachother. They tell ragini what happened and dev scratches his head nervously.

“Relax, I too was kidding ” sanskaar wink at him and sigh in relief.

“Where is lucky..?? ” asked sona to dev and he shrug.

“Who..??” asked ragini.

“My best friend and boyfriend ” said sona smiling.

“Looking at you..!! I haven’t thought that you too have a boyfriend ” sanskaar comment.

“And why so..???” she narrow her eyes.

” You are not girlfriend type material, If you say yes than I can marry you right here only” replied he and dev coughed badly and gave a glare to sanskaar.

Ragini hit on his back and glare him.

“Don’t mind guys, He is Mad..!! You will be habitual with his nautanki in some days” said ragini.

“But that was good pick up line haan..!!…Tumhari aur lucky ki khoob jamegi..” said sona laughing and dev look at her in disbelief.

“She never let me flirt with her..And here she is laughing with him” dev thought and sanskaar wink at him.

Sona’s phone ring and she smile looking at laksh’s call. She told him they are going to class, come there,and cut the call.

Precap- Raglak fight.


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