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A girl is shown jumping on the bed dancing madly covering her ears with big headphones. She swayed her hips in a sensuous manner biting her lower lip.

“Raginiiiiiii” a voice came barging into her room.

She wink at the person and came towards her with her s*xy moves and trace her finger on her forehead to jaw line. The lady look at her shocked and jerked her hand and turned to go.

“Come naa darling…. Where are you going leaving me all alone here ” she dragged her holding her waist and wishper in her ear huskily.

Lady wide her eyes and turned towards her glaring her. She bite her tongue and gave a mischievous grin.Lady look at her confused. She point at her back smiling and lady turned around.

“Aaaahhhhhhh”screamed she horrified placing a hand on her rapidly beating heart.

The boy who was standing remove his ghost mask and gave hi-fi to ragini and both brust out laughing.

“Jaan, this time also you got scared ” said ragini encircling her hand around her neck.

She glared at both of them and pouted sadly.

“You always do this to me ” sujata pouted.

“Who told you to be this Fattu’s mother jaan…You just be my boldy”said she tapping on sanskaar’s head.

“Maaaaa….”cried he. “And don’t call me that “gave a glare to ragini.

“Fattu You are “said ragini winking.

“Youuuuuuuuuu” glare he and run behind her.

She showed her tounge and run from there. Sujata laugh seeing both of them.

“Come down you Tom & Jerry , Breakfast is ready” said sujata and left from there.

“Dumbo today I am not gonna leave you” screamed he when ragini throw the glass of water on his face which was kept in her room.

“First catch me FATTU” said ragini giggling standing on his bed.

“Chal jaane de (Let it go), I will see you later” said sanskar huffing and left the room.

“What happen to him…???  He accept defeat this early” she look confused then shrug and took her clothes and run into washroom.

Sanskaar who was hiding outside her room look at her and smirk.


“SANSKAAAAAAAAR”  screamed ragini from his room.

Sujata stumbled little listening her scream wheras sanskaar gave a known smirk.

” What happen ragu” said sujata when she saw ragini standing on stairs giving deadly glare to sanskaar.

“Ab aayega maza( Fun begins now)” muttered sanskaar.

Ragini removed the towel from her head leaving her wet hair faliing on her back. Ram and Sujata wide their eyes and sanskaar burst into fits of laughter.

“Jaaaaan” ragini pouted when sujata too joined sanskaar.

“Is it some new fashion Rago…??” asked ram holding his laughter.

Ragini make angry pout and turn her back towards them. Her hair were look coloured in Rainbow. Sujata show her angry eyes to sanskaar who was laughing badly and make  ragini turn.

“Aww..Mera Bachha….!!! We will take its revenge.. Promise..!!! ” ragini’s eyes blinked with twinkle listening her and a wide smile appeared on her lips.

“And I too with you in this “said ram hugging her sideways.

Sanskaar’s laughter died in shock. He frown looking at trio who were giving him a evil smirk. He wide his eyes when trio stepped towards him.

“Ragu ” sujata gave a known look to ragini and she nodded her head and run from there. Sanskaar look at the two ladies confused and in a fits of moment he was struggling between his father’s storng hold. Sujata dragged a chair in hall and ram made him sit on it.

“What are you upto guys..!! Should I been fear about it”asked sanskaar nervous. Ram hold his chin and grin looking at his face.

“What ar…………Aaaaaahhhhhhh” screamed he when a bucket full of cold water n ice cubes poured upon him. Ragini giggled and came in front of him who was still struggling in ramta’s hold.

“No…..!!!!! It’s my first day of college “screamed he horrified looking at ragini who put the same shampoo on his head and started making its foams.

“It is my first day too….You stupid Fattu” ragini twisted her lips with a pointed glare at him.

Ramta left him and encircled their arms with ragu’s arm and wink at him.

“I will see you three later…”warned he. “Ouchhhh” shouted he rubbing his eyes when a trail of shampoo enter into his eyes. He stamped his foot and rushed towards his room to take a bath again.

Ramta give hifi to ragini and laugh loudly.

“You are the best…No..No…bestest parents ” said ragini embracing them both from sideways.

After half n hour later

The breakfast table echoed with a roar of laughter seeing sanskaar’s hair matching with ragini’s.

“Haha…very funny “mocked sanskaar twisting his lips.

“When you know… That after all the pranks.. You will get suffered..!!  Why do you do this..?? ” asked ram in between his laugh.

“You will never understand… How much it fun..!!!Right Partner…!!! “said sanskaar with a wink.

“Absolutely right..” laugh ragini and both gave hi-fi to eachother. Ramta look at them with wide eyes n open mouth.

“You two will never change ” said sujata in disbelief.

“Never ever ” shouted both in unison.

“Beep Beep” a girl who was getting ready listening her mobile’s tone and open the message. A wide smile appeared on her soft petals reading it.

She pick her college bag and rushed down only to find a hot n handsome boy on his bike.

“Mom we are leaving “shouted girl revealing it to be Sonakshi. “Let’s go” said she sitting on the back seat.

“Aye Aye Caption “saluted boy revealing it to be laksh. She laugh and hold his shoulder. He starts the bike and both left towards their college.

At college parking

Laksh parked his bike and turned and look at her with frown who was pouting.

“What happened doll” asked he.

“I forgot to give you the cake which I made early morning ” said she pouting.

“Cake..!!!!! You MADE CAKE..!! Then it’s good you didn’t give me..!! Otherwise I will be in hospital not in college ” laugh laksh getting a hit on his arm from her.

“This time it was good and soft too” said she excited.

“Awww..Really..!! ” she nodded immediately and laksh laugh again ” I will hope it is not as soft as you tried to feed me last time. You know I have to go to dentist after that” laksh place his palm on his jaw line.

“Haaaawwww….It wasn’t that hard” said she pouted again. “May be it was” continued she with a sheepish smile.

Laksh laugh and she too  join him. He removed key from bike and both headed towards entrance.

Ragini and Sanskaar entered into the college taking all the eyes who was staring them like they are aliens. But it isn’t their fault because they two looked like aliens only.

“Look how all are looking at me.. Its all because of you ” muttered sanskaar.

“Really…!! Who started this..??” stop ragini placing her both hand on her waist facing him.

“Haan haan..!!  Okay Okay..!!  My fault ” said he twisted lips.

“But you are looking cute with this hairstyle” laugh ragini ruffling his hair.

“Don’t do that “said he setting them back. “And you are looking like a witch with this hair” exclaimed he and run from there.

Ragini mouth shaped a big ‘O’.”Youuuu” shouted she and run behind him chasing him like Tom and  jerry.

“Hey laksh ” said Dev as soon as he saw them.

“Hey bro…!! On time haan” said laksh giving a brotherly hug.

“Yupp…!!  Thinking to give my first impression good on people here” winked he.

“Hey Sonakshi ” said he softly.

“Hii Devvrat ” said she smiling.

“Yaar call me dev..!! Devvrat is too old fashioned ” pleaded he.

“Did she ever listened you in school… That you are expecting her call you dev in college ” laksh gave a little laugh.

“Yaa Yaa!! She only call you with your nickname… No one else..!! ” said he annoyed. Sonakshi gigged and dev make a pout face. Trio headed to their class.

So that’s it for today.
Sorry for the grammatical errors.

Please do tell me how was it..??

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