Heya guys, this is my first raglak story. I have started it on watty few days ago but thought to post it here too.

So here we go with the prologue –

“O God….How can she love her bestiee’s boyfriend…!!!Β  Didn’t have little shame betraying her friend… blo*dy betrayer ” said a girl twisting her lips watching a series on Television munching Chocolates sitting on a comfortable Sofa.

“Hey dumbo… Don’t say anything about her..She is my favorite actress in this series ” said a boy hitting on her head.

“Oye Fattu ” said she glaring him.
“Just look at her… How can you like someone who want to break someone’s relationship ” said she annoyed.

“It is just their act you dumbo… But you never know..May be you will fall for your friend’s boyfriend someday ” said he winking at her.

“O please… Ragini Singhaniya … Never going to fall someone who is already occupied… And especially when..when that someone is my best friend’s boyfriend…..So this is not going to happen with me” said she folding her arms across her chest proud.

” Never say.. this is not going to happen with me…Life has really funny ways to prove the one wrong ” said he smirking and left from there.

She look into his direction confused then shrug her shoulders and again starts her cussing to the one she was cursing before.


Character Sketch

Ragini Singhaniya – A full of life girl, whose one and only dream to get into her dream college. A naughty, prankster girl of age 18. An orphan lives with her childhood friend and his family.

Sanskaar Vashisth – Childhood friend of Ragini . Her partner in crime. A combo of mischief and sensible boy. Loves to irritate ragini . A total carefree person who just want to make his family happy especially his chuddy-buddy.

Sonakshi Seth – A pure soul,calm and sensitive. Afraid to hurt someone because of her. Loves her family and boyfriend alot. A perfect epitome of innocence.Her loved one call her sona.

Laksh Khandelwal – Boyfriend of Sonakshi or you can say childhood buddy of her. Pamper her like a doll. A all time flirt.One of the hot n handsome boy of G.R. Fashion & Designing College.

Dev Dixit – School friend of solak. Have a huge crush on Sonakshi but suppress his feelings when he find out about solak relationship.


So guys, do tell me your views about it.

I will be waiting for your comments.


  1. Naina

    Sometimes people can’t control whom they fall for but they can definitely control how to act on it.Love is not only about only being with the person at the cost of betraying someone who loves & trust you blindly.Justifying your selfish decision in the name of love is not acceptable because your love is hurting someone’s love.A real friend/sister will never fall for your boyfriend coz she will never look at him like that let alone dating him.

    • Mmp



      You said true people can’t control for whom they fall, but they definitely can control how to act on it. But you never know what stores in your future. Life is really unpredictable.
      And please don’t judge the book by it’s cover… Because there are many pages left to read.
      I can’t tell you more about the story now..!! But happy that you said your point. Hopefully I will not disappoint you in the end.
      So just stay tuned and may be you will find a different story than you are actually assuming.
      Anyways thank you dear for taking your time and commenting here. πŸ™‚

  2. Ammu

    It’s interesting episode dear and thanks a lot for Raglak story. Eagerly waiting for first episode and Raglak meeting. Please post next part ASAP

  3. Bela


    |Registered Member

    That’s a rather sensitive topic for me, so yes, you have my full attention. Ragini won’t know what hit her and when. Already feeling sorry for her.

    Amazing prologue 😘😘😘

  4. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    wow!! that was soo interesting
    loved it
    waiting for the episode eagerly
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.