Hello guys…a humble request of mine is that whether u r a twinj fan or twiraj fan read this article once and share ur views. Please don’t scroll down to see my name …just give a quick reading to this article..okay we all know that there are so many ffs on twinj and now even episodic analysis have been started to come up. Every now and then we find people going gaga about twinj. But some of us fail to understand the reason..for them episodic analysis “TASHAN E ISHQ: TWINJ OR TWIRAJ” shall be helpful. But even after reading that some questions are unanswered. This article revolves around answering “those” question.

Okay..to start with , lets get a brief intro about TEI. Tashan e ishq..the series started with a cute couple twiraj..that is twinkle and yuvraj. The story revolves around the love between the couple twiraj and absolute enmity between their mothers leela and anita. I am sure like me there were many others who loved twiraj as a couple. They looked so cute with each other. Zain imam is one of my fav actor..and frankly speaking i started watching the show for him . and of course jasmine bhasin’s pairing wid him complimented the couple. I used to like their childish love story..the way they used to meet , they talked and romanced..everything seemed perfect. Until a villain entered the show. He is none other than kunj sarna. Well guys plzz don’t mind but this was what i felt at that moment. I wondered y sidhant gupta is made to enter the show when he is not really required ….this is because two love birds who love each other madly can’t be separated ..right???????

Actually its a big noooooooooo……love is something which should be from both side..love in our lives comes in various forms. Sometimes its takes the form of friendship, understanding, or sometimes even “Tashan e Ishq” blooms. Enmity, revenge, destruction don’t really have a place between love. Love is something beyond imagination..where people do anything and everything for each others sake. It absolutely contradicts the relation of twiraj as shown in the serial. Yuvraj luthra used twinkle for the revenge of his mother. Do u remember guys the night when twinkle slept hungry just because she lied to her mom about her and yuvi’s relation. Twinkle continued to punish herself. But what did yuvi do ?? he just tried to take the revenge..even he tried to molest twinkle and wanted to ruin her life. Now guys that should have been the turning point of our thinking. Thats when i realized yuvi was not meant for twinkle. Later on when i saw kunj as a loving and supporting husband..my mind set totally changed. By then kunj’s character had evolved to a great extent and he proved to be the best husband any girl would want. Frankly speaking guys i almost fell in love with kunj after observing him like that..sometimes i even felt jealous of twinkle. Their tashan e shadi occurred and twinj became the most popular couple. Even then yuvi didn’t stop. What he called love is actually his obsession for twinkle..a war in which he needs to win her by hook or by crook…

NOW my question is why do people don’t understand this?? After causing so many problems y do People hate twinj but love twiraj…twiraj was never a love story..that is left incomplete..bt it was a hatestory which showered love amid our beloved twinj..so all u twiraj fans who still hope for them can u plzzz justify ur love for ywiraj..taht even after so many incident y u guys still love yuvi( note m not talking about zain as i love him as well) .. if i get an answer then surely i will become a twiraj fan as i was before..so plzz share ur views..
And for my twinj fans ….
Yeh ishq nehi asaan
Bas itna samajh lijiye…..
Yeh aag ka dariya hain…
Aur ismein doob ke jana hai…
So jitney bhi log ko yeh galat feimi hain ki twinj alag ho jayenge… aap sab kripeya galat feimi mein jite rahe..aur hum tashan a twinj ishq enjoy karenge..

P.S. guys i had no intention of hurting anyone i just want the answers from twiraj fans..and i the answer satisfies me..then be assured soon there will be new ffs on twiraj and thats a promise..so everyone who reads this plzz comment..

Thank you

Credit to: A Voice


  1. Rakshita

    Dear a voice, I really don’t know who m I but u r really right… First of all thnx for including my episodic analysis….I agree wid u….tei is mnt for Twinj….hope so u get ur answers which I was not able too…awesome keep it up☺☺☺

    • A voice

      haha..ur welcome rakshita..nd of course u knw me…hey guys u didn’t recognise me..i thought u all r accustomed to my style of writing…!

  2. Zara

    I completely agree to u .. twiraj is an incomplete thing or it didnt exist cuz of yuvi..it was twinkle’s mistake.. he was acting..nd betrayed her.. so i dont support twiraj… twinj is best.. !

  3. Harna

    Yeah u r absolutely right…tis story also shows that a girl being cheated in love life has a better life ahead…just need to be patience n pray to god alwayz…love ur explaination A Voice…thanksxx

  4. farida

    TWIRAJ should not have been – Yuvraj is a totally mental idiot even now. Kick his ASS and send him to hell. Twinkle and Kunj all the way

  5. Rashi verma

    A voice I’m not I twinraj fan but I have a question related to the current track in TEI…..
    We all know yuvi had filled acid in champagne bottle. Yuvi says he love Mahi, then why does RT does not question yuvi about the acid in champagne bottle for Mahi and blames twinkle…..
    How dumb RT could be…..
    Pls answer really curious…..

  6. twinraj fan

    Well i really liked the way described everything….and yeah ur points are really solid….but…im a twinraj fan so im gonna speak only on mybehalf…
    First of all this story was made in the begining as a love story of romeo and juliette of our times…even in the promos of the story the ones that were shown were yuvi and twinkle…kunj was nowhere…so my question is if yuvi wasnt the hero why was he shown with twinkle everywhere and that too withouth even hinting that he has other motives in loving twinkle ???? I think the Cvs didnt had in mind to make kunj as lead in the first place..coz if u remember in the news it was said that he will be paired with alisha ( sorry if i wrote the name wrong i dont really remember it well)…i guess they just wanted to make yuvi realise his mistake throught out kunj’s entry but they faild in that coz ppl begine to love kunj and i guess the CVs thought they will loose more fans if they dont keep kunj as lead coz yeah twinj fans were more….so they prefere to loose us the twinraj fans ( i stoped watching TEI when they made yuvi as villain)
    I know i might not have answered ur questions about why yuvi is better then kunj but i just felt this things had to be said..pls dont mind…
    And as far as the ff are concerned there are a lot and i mean a lot of twinj ff and there is only one twinraj ff which i myself read and its awesome for me coz its like im seeing the old tei again…and now with all do respect i also have a question for all twinj fans : why on earth do they still come on the page of the only twinraj ff and comment there to the author to change the ff for twinj ???? For Gods sake i didnt see twinraj fans going on twinj ffs and saying to change the story in twinraj….ppl are different and have different tastes….so pls is a kind request…respect others choices and let the few twinraj fans enjoy their ff coz most of us quite watching the show after the entry of kunj…

    • A voice

      dear twinraj fan i respect ur feelings nd m nt against u…nor against twiraj..jst tht we love twinj..
      i thnk u ar r8 abt cvs..ur xplntion is acceptable..bt i thnk u also should admit tht yuvi did wrong wid twinkle..thts all btw i also agree wid ur qstn nd i thnk aarush did wrong…even i read zai’s ff nd i cmnt there as well..nd i felt very bad at tht cmnt..so i support u 4 tht..bt anamika’s dscrption was nt jstified..
      btw thnx 4 reading this nd sharing ur views.

    • twinraj fan

      Hey no need of thanks 🙂 like i said i enjoyed reading it…ur points do make sense…i didnt watched TEI when kunj entered the show so i cant give an opinion about the happenings in the story…i heard in news that yuvi became a villain and broke twinkle’s trust…so yeah i guess u can say that kunj is better for twinkle…but as i said i left the just for this same reason coz CVs totally messed up Yuvi’s character…so yeah now i only read Zai’s ff on twinraj…i may not be able to give u an answere to ur question coz in the show yuvi now is a villain so its no point in arguing who is better for twinkle coz now kunj is the hero….but like i said all this is the CV’s fault…so for me the show stopped the moment they made yuvi a villain…i know ppl will want only twinj ff so im not asking u to write a twinraj ff coz ur a twinj fan and i respect ur choice…actually my request is to twinraj fans to try to write an ff on twinraj….and i donno if Zai will read this but i just want to thank her for writing an ff on twinraj coz for me its like bliss…

    • Simi

      Even I respest ur feelings but ur piont is really wrong dude. Lyk did u not see d launch of dis show where sid is also involved. There is no way tat they added up stories it was preplanned coz u see d launch photos n then come n write some proper solid point pls . tats way d writer of this episodic analysis demands. ????????

    • karina

      Simi….first of all i didnt said all twinj fans come on twinraj ff and demand to change the story…and the author of this analisys understands my point coz she also saw those msgs…secondly this show when it was first aired on tv like in news and promos it was said that it is a story about the enimity b/w two families that in the end will sort their differences coz of the love b/w the children ( in this case yuvi and twinkle)…its like a romeo and juliette story of our time without the tragic end….and in the third place i know what the author of this analisys wants and i clarifyed my points to her and she also replyed..
      Look i dont wanna fight….for me it will always be twinraj like for u ppl will always be about twinj…so matter ended….if u read my msg carefully i also said to the author of this analisys that i wont request her to write a twinraj ff coz i respect the fact that she like twinj…my request was for others twinraj fans….like i said is no point in arguing who is better for twinkle coz its clearly that now coz yuvi is the villain and kunj the hero he is better for her…

      • A Voice

        gus plzz don’t fight… i didn’t write this for this purpose…and karina thnks for understanding me,…

      • Simi

        See Karina first of all u did not get what m talking about. I also am fyn wid ur point tat d families had enemity n those all points. Mah point was on ur CVS point dear . u were lyk CVS must have not even planned to bring up kunj in dis show. That is d point I did not agree upon . ur other points r truely valid as the voice I mean Tara said . tats d reason I told u to check d launch pics . pls read mah comment too clearly now maybe before u din get me . if u read dis comment pls reply . m not fighting here m jus keeping up mah point ……. Truely when yuvi n twinkle were together I use to watch d show but some episodes n den wen kunj came in d show I started to watch regularly. I don’t mind ppl being twiraj fans . I really don’t …….. We all have different choices sooo u n me too have different choices……..I hope u understand…………Miss Karina ?

    • karina

      Hey Simi…ok i got ur point about CVs…maybe ur ryt…i havent see the launch of the show….so i was only talking about the promos and news…i totally agree with u everybody has their own choice…it was a very pleasent talk for me with both u and tara 🙂 and pls its no need of calling me miss….u can call me karina only 🙂

  7. gopika

    wowww…your writing is marvellous…as per me,twinj is t most excellent couple….and also eagerly waiting for twiraj’s answer

  8. Anamika

    Esa kuch ni….listen kunj acha h…but akela acha h…twinkle ke sath ni lgta…….twinj ka tashan e ishq mn bs tu tu krne wale Language h….ise jyada mje usmn kuch dikha ni. …. Uske love story mn b koi tashn ni h..kuki woh kafi mature lgta h..n twinkle bchi si lgti h….jo bs pgl uv ke sath lgti h….
    N yr….yuvraj ek acha character h…uske tsi ke writer ne khraab kia h…..molest wala scene dikha ke…
    N sbse badi baat yh jo dikha rhe h…woh story ki theme ni h……do saheli jinke bche pyar kerte h pr woh ek dusre se nfrt krti h….theme yh h…ise dur woh kunj pr chale gye…..jbke uske bina b story bhut achi chl skti rhi…
    Yrr ab us writer ki bekar si kahani ki wjh se hum uv ko b hate ni kr skte h…kuki yh kahani thi hi twiraj ki….. Ise uv ko gnda bnake ke twinj bnaya gya h….

  9. esha

    Yaaaaa twinj are,made for each other……………the look so cute together and their marriage was based on the happiness of their family which is the most important thing in every marriage more over kunj is,a very good character type of husband which every girl will love to have

  10. I love twinj…some love stories don’t need to express and the same in the twinj case…there is everything in their relation.love ,tashan,care,understanding….they are adorble as a couple….may their relation grow up more and more…..

  11. Rakshita

    See anamika I can understand ur feelings but writers have to work acc to audience’s demand or the show will flop with low trp…..Nd whatever u say Twinj make a perfect couple….TASHAN is there only when two diff ppl with diff nature cme tgthr….like twinkle is childish while kunj is mature……twinkle is stubborn while kunj is so adjusting….twinkle is a syapppa creator Nd kunj a syappa solver??….however Twinj is the best Nd sorry to say not twiraj….

  12. Simi

    I swear ESE to yuvi aur twinkle sayape he kar rage the starting mein air Paglo ki Farah problems he create ho re thi unse but phir kunj aya aur usne ake twinkle KO sambhala n uske syape kam hoe . ur very ryt rakshita I totally agree

  13. sonali

    i want [email protected]

  14. A voice

    guys m happy wid the comments..all of u twinj or twiraj supporters thanks 4 cmnthn..
    this article didn’t prove to be a drudge..

  15. Anamika

    Mature log story ko boring bnate h……acc. To me
    N sbse badi baat…..mne iss show ko pehle nzr mn psnd kia tha twiraj ko dekh kr…n itna stupid sa chnge meri psnd ni bdl skta….
    Ap iss ppge. Pr ho toh apne twiraj ka ff toh pda hi hoga….seriously bhut acha h……35 episode tk mje itna b acha ni lga….but after that 36 episode ne itna mast twist ki mai uss writer ko tashan e ishq ke writr se bhut jyada acha bol skti hu……. Ap khud pd lo….
    N simple si baat h…..ap sb kunj ke fan ho islie apko twinj achi lgti h..but yr.
    Jo cheez akhon ko achi lgti,h….. Dil uske uske peeche bhag pdta h….n hume usmn twiraj ache lge the shuru se hi….mana uv bdla le rha tha….. But woh twist tha…..jo ki normal tha…..but humne kbi imagine ni kia ki…kunj lead hoga….aur hum yh accept b ni kr skte…. N wese yh sb purani baate h.leave …..apko ek baat btau..
    Mje strong feeling aarhi h…kunj marne wala h..tabhi anita ki shaadi iss ghar mn krai h..taaki uv twinkle ka devar bn jae…..n husbnd kunj ko maarke use shaadi krwa denge…..tbi uv ki re entry hui h..mahi is the next villan….kuki use lgega ki twinkle is reason jo b uske sath hua……..

    • A Voice

      listen anamika..i understand ur feeling..even i like zain and m his fan,,so its not that i like twinj coz am sidhan’t’s fan..just as u like twiraj chemistry..we like twinj’s…and ur question doesn’t fit the topic bt still m answering..
      if kunj dies then only twiraj fans will watch the show..coz i don’t think i will bewatching tei then…and also other twinj’s fans…the trp will go down immensely..as a result they will have to close the show..i don’t think cvs will do such a stupid mistake…

  16. Rakshita

    Lemme guess..ya I thght so..u r either Tara or fatarajo……there r more chances of u being fatarajo…..Plss do reply..Nd ya it wasn’t a drudge at all I fact it was a successful treat for Twinj fans by another twinj’s fan…..☺☺☺

  17. komal

    dear a voice yrr first of all u gave me heart attack when u called kunj a villain i was like i would kill u for saying dat for him nd den when latter i read all ur analysis i was like thank god u r twinj fan nd not twinraj i hate yuvi but i love zain’s acting the way he change his colours is just what i love to see

  18. prapti

    twinj & twinj only…I agree that twiraj looks cute but a guy who has a character like uv can never b anyone’s lover..d things uv does express his obsession only..so I agree wid a voice

  19. prapti

    I agree that twiraj looks cute but a guy who has a character like uv can never b anyone’s lover..d things uv does express his obsession only..so I agree wid a voice

  20. Plumpyyy

    Hey dear! I guess im late at commenting!
    My thoughts are very similar to yours.. I started watchin TEI fr zain.. Now i hate yuvi.. Twinj are surely better than twiraj.. That self obssesion is not gonna help him.. Tashan exists when 2 completely opposite nature come together and that is twinj! But i have one question from the time twinj started.. If CVs wanted to pair kunj n twinkle, why on earth did the theme say how will the madly in love couple unite their families?? The theme was twiraj uniting their families n bring love b/w them.. Y did they bring in kunj later when there were twiraj fans by then?! #NoOffence im a twinj fan.. Hate yuvraj luthra.. Love zain imam.. I still watch TEI for him and his appreciable transmission from ‘abhimanyu’ to ‘yuvraj’.. A total positive character to a negative one.. I’d become zain’s fan before TEI as im a kyyian and loved him in the show.. His transmission.. His bandar smile into devilish smirk.. His acting is the reason i watch the show.. Later twinj happened.. The way kunj handles twinkle with utmost maturity has also become the reason i watch TEI..
    Hope twiraj fans have a proper reason.. Atleast after having watched yuvi’s deeds he/she must understand he’s not for her!
    Thank you.

  21. Rakshita

    No anamika I not either kunj fan nor Jasmin’s ….we r twinj’s fan bcoz sidmin shares excellent chemistry with each other…..Nd not jasmam….we can say this as both pairs were formed but there was a positive and more response in Twinj pairing…..!!

  22. A Voice

    okay guys each and every one who commented here..m thnkful to u…one request plzz don’t extent it…what i understood is that like we twinj fan like twinj and can’t chane to twiraj fan..its the same for them..its about choice..about liking…can’t force someone on such thing…some twiraj fans are really understanding like karina..thanks dear thanks alot…ur description somehow gave me an answer..bt anamika m sorry i still cud nt get u..whatever it is i am sorry ifi hurtted anyone’s feeling..didn,t mean to do that…

  23. zayn

    TWIRAJ ….. i lyk twiraj more than twinj coz , they say right opposite attracts n in twij’s they have way more similarities then disimilarities … In the begining they showed twiraj as a perfect couple … twinkle a sweet calm bubbly girl falls in love wid a uv short tempered possesive n angry young man kind of person . But frm no where kunj comes n cv’s make uv all of a sudden a villan … And kunj loved alisha a lot right so what happened to his true love !!???!!
    He even did not talk to her before ending his _?? Years of love
    It took him 2 days to wash of his hands from alisha n get married to twinkle
    So basically he only pretended to love her …
    I agree she loved his money more than him but what twinkle did … did she love him , she did not even lyk him and hated him n fasley alleged him of rape bit still married her for his familys sake. He could have done this in begining its and say yes to his patrents . And alisha clarified in the beging itself dat she does not want to stay in a joint family , still kunj sticked to her
    .. wen he knew her decision y was he acting to be in love wid alisha . I dont get one thing if kubj knew wat alisha wants frm d begining y was he going behind her ??? But cv’ are also grt they made twinkle marry person who tried to rape her !!!!!
    Twinkle loved ♥ uv a lot so she could have easily convinced her mother for her uv’s marraige after rape incident
    No , she decided to get married to person ( according to twinkle ) who raped her to save save her mothers respect in society !!!
    4 me its always twiraj ♥♥♥♥♥
    Pls twinj dont feel ofended coz i was asked to give my views n not oders
    So every have a happy n cheerful day
    Love u ♥♥♥♥ n TC

    • A Voice

      no i did not mind…i wanted this only..that someone would justify twiraj as a couple..ur points are strong zayn..actually the kunj and alisha part was not watched by me properly so i can’t say anything about that..even i don’t know why they showed this..
      but twinkle and kunj they decided to marry each other for their parents..so its their decision,,and we know that kunj didn’t do such a thing so i guess that’s y people accepted their part..i respect ur choice..and thanks for commenting.

  24. Rakshita

    That means I guessed right…..Tara …..yaar I love u Nd I seriously dying 4 u……hope we meet some day….I am telling u I will give myself to u 4 ur work…..???

  25. Thankx a voice u r telling am wrong sorry dear if i hurt u…., your introduction is nice dud, carry on next update today send…., twinkle nd kunj forever.

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