Hello guys…a humble request of mine is that whether u r a twinj fan or twiraj fan read this article once and share ur views. Please don’t scroll down to see my name …just give a quick reading to this article..okay we all know that there are so many ffs on twinj and now even episodic analysis have been started to come up. Every now and then we find people going gaga about twinj. But some of us fail to understand the reason..for them episodic analysis “TASHAN E ISHQ: TWINJ OR TWIRAJ” shall be helpful. But even after reading that some questions are unanswered. This article revolves around answering “those” question.

Okay..to start with , lets get a brief intro about TEI. Tashan e ishq..the series started with a cute couple twiraj..that is twinkle and yuvraj. The story revolves around the love between the couple twiraj and absolute enmity between their mothers leela and anita. I am sure like me there were many others who loved twiraj as a couple. They looked so cute with each other. Zain imam is one of my fav actor..and frankly speaking i started watching the show for him . and of course jasmine bhasin’s pairing wid him complimented the couple. I used to like their childish love story..the way they used to meet , they talked and romanced..everything seemed perfect. Until a villain entered the show. He is none other than kunj sarna. Well guys plzz don’t mind but this was what i felt at that moment. I wondered y sidhant gupta is made to enter the show when he is not really required ….this is because two love birds who love each other madly can’t be separated ..right???????

Actually its a big noooooooooo……love is something which should be from both side..love in our lives comes in various forms. Sometimes its takes the form of friendship, understanding, or sometimes even “Tashan e Ishq” blooms. Enmity, revenge, destruction don’t really have a place between love. Love is something beyond imagination..where people do anything and everything for each others sake. It absolutely contradicts the relation of twiraj as shown in the serial. Yuvraj luthra used twinkle for the revenge of his mother. Do u remember guys the night when twinkle slept hungry just because she lied to her mom about her and yuvi’s relation. Twinkle continued to punish herself. But what did yuvi do ?? he just tried to take the revenge..even he tried to molest twinkle and wanted to ruin her life. Now guys that should have been the turning point of our thinking. Thats when i realized yuvi was not meant for twinkle. Later on when i saw kunj as a loving and supporting husband..my mind set totally changed. By then kunj’s character had evolved to a great extent and he proved to be the best husband any girl would want. Frankly speaking guys i almost fell in love with kunj after observing him like that..sometimes i even felt jealous of twinkle. Their tashan e shadi occurred and twinj became the most popular couple. Even then yuvi didn’t stop. What he called love is actually his obsession for twinkle..a war in which he needs to win her by hook or by crook…

NOW my question is why do people don’t understand this?? After causing so many problems y do People hate twinj but love twiraj…twiraj was never a love story..that is left incomplete..bt it was a hatestory which showered love amid our beloved twinj..so all u twiraj fans who still hope for them can u plzzz justify ur love for ywiraj..taht even after so many incident y u guys still love yuvi( note m not talking about zain as i love him as well) .. if i get an answer then surely i will become a twiraj fan as i was before..so plzz share ur views..
And for my twinj fans ….
Yeh ishq nehi asaan
Bas itna samajh lijiye…..
Yeh aag ka dariya hain…
Aur ismein doob ke jana hai…
So jitney bhi log ko yeh galat feimi hain ki twinj alag ho jayenge… aap sab kripeya galat feimi mein jite rahe..aur hum tashan a twinj ishq enjoy karenge..

P.S. guys i had no intention of hurting anyone i just want the answers from twiraj fans..and i the answer satisfies me..then be assured soon there will be new ffs on twiraj and thats a promise..so everyone who reads this plzz comment..

Thank you

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