Unknown Destination – Episode 2


Thank You everyone for your kind words. It really encourages me .Thank you for all the silent readers.The pairs will be revealed later but one request please read the story more than concentrating on the pairs. Ya I am a swalakian that doesn’t mean I cannot write raglak or swasan ffs. Love you all – Barbie 

Episode 2

Its Morning. A new day. New Hopes and New Dreams.

Its 5:00 . Swara wakes up

Ragini told we have to go to church today. Let’s get ready swara –she said to herself

She goes to the bathroom brushes her teeth and comes out. She then checks the clock. Its 5:10.

Well we have to go at 7;00 so there is enough time for arranging my clothes in the cupboard.

She then opens the suitcase neatly and keeps the clothes in the cupboard dividing the churdidars he western clothes her shirts and her pants to 🙂 Work done – she tells to herself

She then takes of a pink sleeveless top with her blue jeans. She changes into that and then leaves her hair open

She then takes her purse and her mobile and goes down.

She doesn’t finds Ragini over there.

She then goes to her room and knocks it

No need of knocking come inside – Ragini

Good Morning Ragini – Swara

Good Morning Swara – Ragini

Any help – Swara

Ya I actually needed some I am getting confused which to wear –Ragini

Sit here – Swara orders

After peeping her head inside the cupboard she takes out a black full crop top and high waisted black jeans

How is this – she asks

Wow Ragini exclaimed Thank You Swara – Ragini

No Probz Ragini –Swara

Wait here I will go and change –Ragini

Ok – Swara

Ragini changes into the dress and ties a high pony tail

You look good – Swara

Thank You.  Lets Go – Ragini

Is Josephine coming – Swara

Nope , she is not  – Ragini

Ok Lets Go. They arrange have breakfast and take a cab. They go to the church Church of Notre-Dame, Versailles.

Everything is over.They are coming out .Suddenly one girl meets Ragini

Hey Ragini

Hey Niti..Long time – Ragini

Very long time..Thats why I am inviting you to my brothers Holy Communion.. – Niti

Oh wow. Tell him congrats . He grew so fast – Ragini

Hehe 😛 But who is she – Niti

OH! She is my bestie,She will start her college here – Ragini

Good Luck and your name? – Niti

Swara…Swara Dsouza – Swara

Wow good name – Niti

Thanks – Swara

Ragini she talks less unlike you – Niti

Niti (angry glare) –Ragini

I am sorry- niti

Bye. I have to take her to Paris today – Ragini

Bye Ragini Bye Swara – Niti

Bye – Swara

They reach home

Swara change your dress and lets go ready.We have to come back today itself – Ragini

Today itself – Swara

Yes today – Ragini says

They go to their rooms

Ragini’s Room

It’s a room of purple and white combination .

Life is so beautiful but its so weird that it has many disasters along with happiness.I just don’t wanna see him again over there . I am just going there for swara. Infact I am living my life for namesake for my friends for my family.I don’t have a reason to live she tells to herself but smiles

Swara is there – She says happily

Swara Room

Why do I feel as if something is going to happen.She unknowingly smiles.

Swara why are you feeling alone even though Ragini is there – she mutters to herself

She brushes her thoughts off and goes to change .She comes out wearing a crop white sleevless top with her skirt jeans.She wears a long pink overcoat on top of her shirt.

She leaves her hair

Ragini too wears a pink sleevless top with jeans and a white long overcoat out

They both come outside their room taking their things and a instant smile comes on their face seeing each other.

Our thoughts too match – Swara

True  -Ragini

They smile . The then take a cab and go to the station

They take the RER train and take the ticket to go to Paris for 2 people. They sit inside the train

Precap :-Paris

*Should I introduce the heroes now or later
*However the heroes will be either introduced in the train .If not ragini’s hero in Paris and Swara’s in college
* Please don’t see the pairs only read the story
*I Love You All

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