uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 8)

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Uljhi si hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein 8:-

here we go with next part…
Ragini: I know I am ur sis not ur mother ..but still I can read ur eyes…can understand what u feel when u see him…last nyt I saw ur feelings in ur eyes…n I can see d same thing in laksh’s eyes now..
I will only say we both don’t try to ignore dis..if u don’t want to accept then try to over come…but if u try to ignore dn its impossible..n she smiled with teary eyed…
swara was still angry….Swara: see laksh my bhaiya saved priya ,my sis trying to cover up ur dids…n u …!!dn she left n went to her scooty..laksh also left from their to swara

ragini n sanky tensedly asked what happened to both of u now??
priya hugged sanky n told everything…rag n sanky looked each other…
sanky: thank u ansh…he asked priya to go to car n I am coming…she nods…ansh also went with her n told dii I am also at out side..u come..ragini nods..

Ragini looks at sanky..sanky looks into her eyes..
sanky: bows down head n came near her n told I am sorry on his behalf…
ragini:u should be…but on ur behalf not his..n looked at him like she will stole his heart tonight..with intense eyes..
sanskar: what!! I am!!!
ragini…yes u r…u r a kid…how could u slap ur bro in front of ur everyone….u don’t even know how to trt younger bro n sis..but thank u…u saved me..
sanky: looked at her….u r teacher na?? so plz teach me how to trt younger bro n sis…I am ready to be ur student…
rag: looked at him smilingly …I am lecture..n turned to leave..
sanky : ohh I am sorry..ok I am ready to be ur student miss ….miss lecture..
ragini stopped n smiled childishly…n turned said…Ragini…n smilingly turned…
sanky put his hands on his heart n said…hayee!! Hum to mar gaye ji…n laughed..n also came outside..

laksh: I am sorry swara ..i know I did very wrong with ragini dii…n trust my I am really guilty…plz give me one chance n forgive me..
ansh came n hold his shoulder.u should leave now..sanskar sir n dii has also come..swara did nt looked at laksh …laksh gets into d car..
sanky:gud nyt…ragini..
rag: gd nyt ..sanskar sir..
sanky: its sanskar…only sanskar…nothing more..
All 4 left from there..

at swarag place:-
all 3 reached …dadi was tensed…ragini was filling dizzy..dadi asked what happened to her??
swara was abt to say…b4r dat ragini told I was locked in storeroom …d peon did dis bi mistakenly..
dadi bcme angry on dat peon n made ragini sit n asked ansh n swara to go n change n come for dinner…they left…dadi brought lemon juice for rag..n put hands on her head…ragini smiled n said how much u try to show u don’t lyk me..but I know u love me,,,dadi bcms teary eyed n told yes… I love u…u r my 1st grand child how cant I love u..but what u did with me I can never forget.. ragini told but dat was an accident..ragini cried n closed her eyes…

Flash back starts:::
ragini’s mom fell down from stairs as there was oil spreaded…dadi n her father ran there but couldn’t save her mom…dadi saw oils on stairs..n asked who did dis…oil was actually spreaded by ansh n swara accidentally..but didn’t know abt dis… ragini knew abt dis…ragini was holding d oil pot n dadi misunderstood rag..n started accusing her as murderer…after few months his father also left them as he was paryially dead after his wife’s death…dadi breaked down n till then she is pointing figure to rag as d black cloud for her n her family…some how dadi knew it was not done by ragini..but her son n bahu’s death made her lyk dis…
Flashback ends…

At MM:-
they 3 informed abt priya to everyone but not about rag n laksh…as ragini told sanky to behave maturely with youngers…
DP told we will inform about this to police tomorrow..n also we will not deal any project with Mr. khandelwal…priya got shocked listening police,,she asked no don’t inform police orelse he will b more revengeful..n he can go to any extent…
AP n sujata try to console her n took her to her room..DP n all also left except sanky n lucky…sanky gave a angry look to lucky n told I hope u hv learned something from tonight n wont do anything again without thinking at least 10 tyms…he also left..

lucky cried alone..n also determined I will definitely earn everyone’s forgiveness..n left for his room..

Sanky in his room lying on bed was thinking abt rag..how she tell her name..how she smile,..how she talk..n suddenly his phone rang..it was ansh’s call..sanky gets up n thought at this tym..is everything fyn there…n picked up d call.before he could say something a sweet voice came n he felt lyk he is floating on cloud…yes she was ragini: I cant see my sis upset…but no reply came as sanskar was unconceous with open eyes…
rag: hello!!hello!! r u there ?? Sanskar!!! When she told sanskar he replied yes..tell me what were u saying??

rag: I want to make my sis happy..n her happiness is ur bro laksh..she is trying to lie but I can read her eyes.. sanky: u can read only her eyes or of everyone’s?? …. Ragini was like what??
sanky: I … I mean so ur sis feel happy with laksh…wow…he told flirtingly,” actually d thing is we brothers r lyk dis only..girls feel happy with us..lyk dey r in heaven..n smiled”..
ragini’s face was like Ohh really…dono bhai dramebaaz..
rag: ok mr. only sanskar(teasingly) if ur imaginations r over dn can we come to real world??
sanky: oh yaa ya…tell me what u want from me..
rag: I want ur help

sanky:for what!! For make love blossoming btwn dem?
rag; shut up!! I want to make dem frnds again by clearing dis quarrel..
sanky: frndshp..i thought dis is love…
rag: let them decide its love or frndship/..but they were gud frnds so I want to reunite deir frndshp..

sanky: ok miss lecture(teasingly) tell me what I hv to do?
rag: smiled at his tease..ok listen…………….they discussed the plan…

episode ends……

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