uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 7)


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Uljhi si hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein 7:-
episode starts with laksh gets shocked listening to swara…he bcm tensed dn he asked swara to come to clg ryt now..
swara: clg!!!but y?? do u know where is dii??
lacky:plz swara don’t ask anything now…u just come to clg fast..swara bcame confused n left for college…

At road:-
ansh saw priya n bikram …he get down from his bike n attacked bikram..he beat him madly n bikram bcm injured n tried to leave..but ansh was still beating him..but bikram pushed him away n managed to leave from there..ansh turned back n saw priya …priya was crying coherently…when anshed went near her n put his hand on her shoulder n asked priya!!
priya looked at him n hugged him tightly..ansh also kept his hand on her back…n tried to console her..he gave his jacket to priya…priya asked him to drop her at clg n from there he will go with sanky…

At clg store room:-
sanky get shocked seeing those eyes again for whom he was searching for..there was a spark of happiness in sanky’s eyes n there was a tension on his face as well…ragini was trying to open d door…
sanky: hey!!relax plz relax…now I am here na…so nothing will happen to u…sanky tried hard to open d door n tried to brk d lock but he failed..he saw through d glass of d door n saw those beautiful eyes were filled with tears…sanky bcms tensed n hr hit d lock by a stone…n broke dat lock…sanky at once opened d door…as soon as he saw ragini’s face he got mesmerized..it seemed like tym was stopped there…he felt lyk music plays in bg n air started flowing smoothly.he blinked his eyes once n stares at her…
ragini also saw him n felt lyk she has already seen him somewhere…but she couldn’t remind as she got faint down in sanky’s arm…sanky gets shocked n tried to wake him up….
sanky: hey wake up….miss…oh sit I don’t know her name…hey plz wake up..but ragini didn’t…so sanky take her in his arms n started leaving from there..

At clg campus:-
both lucky n swara reached there,..swara asked y did u tell me to come here..do u know where is dii..
laksh: wo swara!!!actually,,,,at dat tym ansh n priya also reached there n saw both lucky n swara..
ansh: swara what r u doing here at this tym??
priya: bhai!! Aap yahan..
laksh n swara saw priyas condition n got shocked..both asked simultaneously what happened to u priya?? Priya n ansh looked at each other n then priya cried n hugged lucky….ansh explained everything…swara also cried..lucky thanxed ansh..
ansh: but what u r doing here..
swara: when I told laksh about dii he asked me to come here…all looked at laksh..
laksh: bent down his head n said I am sorry guys…swara asked sorry!!!for what…laksh wad abt to tell ansh saw some one n told shockingly Sanskar sir!! Ragini dii!!
all looked there from where sanky was coming by holding unconscious ragini in his arms…( bdw sanky was looking super hot in dis situation)..

swara n ansh rushed to them n asked…diii !!diii wake up….what happeden to our dii..
sanky got to know she is ansh n swara’s sis…
sanky: relax not to worry…she is just unconscious..as she was locked in store room don’t know from how many hours…so relax n try to wake her up..
priya now understood every thing n looked at laksh..n asked bhai did we block ragini dii today?
laksh looked at her n gets tensed…

sanky ,ansh n swara tried to wake ragini up by sprinkling water drops on her face..ragini started waking up..sanky ansh swara get relaxed…ragini saw swara 1st n asked shona u r here??
swara n ansh hugged her n told thank god dii u r alright…sanky started smiling seeing there love n bonding…
swara turned n asked: but laksh how did u know dat dii was here?? Laksh looked at swara with a fear,shame n guilty in his eyes..all looked at lucky except priya as she was also guilty..
swara:: tell me na laksh how did u know??
ragini was looking at laksh so confidently as she understood all this prank was of laksh…sanky looked at ragini n he gets cleared dat this was d plan about whicj laksh was talking last nyt…n gets really really angry..

sanky: confidently..i will tell u how laksh was sure dat ur sis would be here..he went near laksh n looked at both laksh n priya…
sanky: how couldn’t laksh know abt ur dii..after all one who will do the planning he will definitely know abt dis….all gets shocked n sanky gave a strong look to lucky…
sanky: how dare u to stoop so low laksh..say dis he was about to slap him…ragini stood up n asked “ruk jayie”…sanky stopped at once..all looked at rag except sanky..as he was looking at laksh with anger…

Ragini: plz stop …don’t do this he has not done anything wrong..what I had done yesterday he also did dat today…so its over now…
swara: no dii its not over…what he did today after dat he should go to jail…ansh also nodded to swara n told I am sorry sanskar sir but ur bro did a big mistake today…
ragini looked at sanky n got know he is laksh n priya’s bro…
swara went near laksh n hold his collar how could u laksh ?? how did u do dis ?? n that also with my dii…I will never forgive u..swara was crying continueously…

ragin came near n asked shona stop it…leave him..swara left him by pushing back…
ragini: what r u doing shona?? Y cant u for give him…? What he did today that in a misunderstanding…what I did yesterday…
sanky looked at ragini n thought how can she forgive him so easily??
ragini: If u can forgive me for what I did…they y cant u do this to him??
swara: no dii..what u did n what he did there is a huge diff…n after what he did to my sis I cant forgive him..

ragini: I know u want to hurt him punish him by not forgiving him…but I also know very well u want to punish urself…n ur this step will hurt u even more than him..n I cant see u being hurt..

Swara looks at rag n laksh n priya looked at swara….all also get confused by ragini’s word….

screen freezes there….

Credit to: Suchitra Pattanayak

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