uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 6)

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AT swarag place:-
rag: food is ready…come fast..shona ,ansh,dadimaa u also come…after dinner u hv to take ur medicine…
all seated for dinner…
rag: shona I will asked for sry from priya n specially laksh..
swara: but dii…y..its ok naa…n wese v I don’t know priya will come tomorrow or not as she was saying she will go to a functn tomorrow with her causin..ansh looks on n thought not cousin with bf..

At MM:
at dining table during dinner Ap informed every one about pari ..n about der today’s meeting..
sujata: jiji..u lied to me abt dat meeting making sad face..is not she my bahu…AP makes her understand all bcms happy…
DP: really today is very good day for us…khandelwal also liked our proposal for d project..n here aadarsh also gets ready to marry…sanskar told thank god bhaiya u moved on in ur lyf I am vry happy..then hugged aadarsh..laksh n priya also joined them…

In the morning at ofc:
sanky: I hv some work at lucky’s clg so I will go there at evening…so plz finish all meeting before dat
aadarsh: but what work comes out at college..sanky replied there is a mini get together of our batch students..

At swarag place:-
dadimaa I will come early today frm clg…so u don’t need to prepare food…when I will come I will prepare dinner…
dadi: y u will come early…isn’t there any work…
swara: dadi there is gettogether function today in our cllg of sum prvs batch..
dadi: so y r u going to clg ragini..rag: dadimaa there is staff meeting so I hv to go…I will return soon..n swara u r at home so take care of dadimaa ok..bye..

At clg:-
laksh: so u both r ready naa…asked to priya n amar…they replied yes..hesitantly n told but if we will b in trouble dn?? Lucky: don’t worry I will not let dat happen..
lucky:priya u will stay at store room n will keep on eye dat no one should come in store room ok..n u amar after staff meeting u will ask her t dat corridor n after dat I will manage..
they signs thumbs up to eachother…

At ofc:-
khandelwal came with his son bikram..sanskar saw bikram n get angry..aadarsh put hand on his shoulder n sanky controls himself…Ansh noticed that n thought y did he angry on bikram..n if he don’t lyk him dn how could he send own sis with him…dat means priya lied everyone in her family for sure..

Swara called laksh n he picked up..swara asked him where he is ?? he about to reply swara listened some boys talking abt get together party…she asked laksh are u at clg…laskh denied n lied dat he is a t mall with priya…k I will talk to u later
swara: hello ..laksh…call ended..

At clg: priya was at outside of storeroom ..amar manages to call ragini at corridor …laksh saw her n started acting that he is sry for yesterday..n started appolize to rag…rag was about say dat misunderstanding was cleared..but laksh didn’t listen to her n told her dat mr. avasti was asking for u..
ragini: mr. avasti!! Where is he..i saw him going towards storeroom he replied
laksh: ok maam..again sry…n he started to leave..
rag went to storeroom n she opened d door…priya didn’t knew she was ragini n pushed her inside d room n the 3 locked door from outside..ragini was hitted on d floor n her head was hitted so..she started fainting…
laksh amar left from their to their residence..priya went to a sangeet function with driver.

Its evening..
both sanskar gets ready in a t shirt jacket n jeans …he left for his get together…

At swarag place…dadi asked swara where is ur sis?? She told she will come early today..but didn’t come till now its already evening..swara called ragini it was not going as there was no network in store room…swara bcms tensed..

After attending d function priya was returning n her car was overtook by someone..he is none other than bikram…priya bcms shocked seeing him…she came out of his car tried to pull out priya frm d car forcefully..the driver tried to oppose but bikram pushed him back n he got faint as he was hitted agains a tree.. Priya beg infront of him to leave her…but bikram didn’t listen n took her out of car…she asked him y r u doing all dis..he laughed n asked don’t u remember dat nyt..wat ur brothers had done to me..

Flash back starts:
bikram loved priya one-sidedly…n always tried to impress her..but priya always denied him…but he was lyk mad in her love…he started threatening her by saying dat he will do suicide n all blame will go on u n ur family…by dis he started blackmailing her n once he forced her to marry him..n forcefully took her to temple but at d nik of d tym aadarsh n sanskar came there n started beating him…n today he is here to take revenge…
Flash back ends..
but in sanlak family none were known abt dis as priya reqsted her bro to not tell n also bikram promised dm dat he will never come near their sis again..

Swara called ansh told about ragini…ansh bcms tensed and he decided to go to swara’s clg 1st to check there…but on his way he saw bikram n priya…bikram was trying to kiss priya priya was crying n she was trying hard to push him away…ansh gets shocked..

At clg:- :ragini comes to her senses..but her head was aching due to hit…she started screaming n asked for help…At party drink sliped on sanky’s blazer…he went out of party to goto washroom to clean his suit…on his way he listened sumone is screaming for help…he started seeing here n there n asked anyone one here…where r u??ragini managed to stand up n she started hitting d door of store room..sanskar turned n he saw d same eyes again through d narrow glass of d door..n he becomes shocked…

laksh called swara…but swara didn’t pick up as she was tensed ..he again called then swara picked it up..
before swara could say something laksh: shona y r u not taking my call
swara: laksh I am very tensed…I cant talk to u now..laksh asked what happened?
swara: laksh dii is missing…she has not come till now from clg n her phone is going unreachable..since afternoon..
laksh: so call to her clg n asked…swara: there is get together party in our clg so there was no cls today..then y will be dii at clg..
laksh: our clg!!! Ur dii….
swara: yes she joined yesterday na as in electrical branch..laksh get nervoused..n ask who slapped me yesterday is she ur dii…swara replied yaa..but dat was a misunderstanding…laksh get shocked

screen freezes on shocking faces of sanky lucky n ansh………….

It’s a very long episode…so guys njoy n don’t forget to tell me how it was through ur cmnts..

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