uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 5)


hy guys here is d new part…dis part is not dat imp…but it will lead to a beautiful part next tym….so njoy n i will post a dhamaka episode tomorrow…njoy till dn..

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episode start with laksh was slapped hard by rags n swara bcms stunned seeing ragini.
laksh: what the..
ragini: shut up don’t try to say a word..swara tried to speak
ragini: not even u looking at swara…u go to ur class now..then she turned to laksh n u what r doing here u r a clg student n u r doing all this here…ur parents send u here for doing all this
laksh: plz listen to….
ragini : I told u to shut ur mouth up,,n go back to ur class now..
laksh:no ..i am wating here for my sis..who is inside..
rag: ohhh so u r wting 4 ur sis..but u never thought na this grl also may b someones sis,sumone’s daughter,,,,then she looked at swara n said” n u ..u r still standing here …what r u thinking palene will come to rcv u lets go from here …dn both left..

laksh fumes in anger..dn priya came out n asked what happened…
that boy who was jereked with swara told sorry to laksh n also told this new madam is very rude..
laksh n priya: new madam!!!
that boy: ya she is new joining in electrical branch…
laksh angrily: ohh new lecture…but so sad maa’m this clg is not gud for u..
priya: wat r u thinking to do bhai…don’t think any evil as swara will be not ready for any plan..
laksh: told his plan to priya n dat boy (amar) n told dem we ll nt inform dis to swara as I know she will be not ready..but this new joining really needs a treat…

AT khandelwal residence:-
ansh went their n asked for mr. khandelwal…dey both discussed about d new tender n khandelwal told he will talk in details with DP about all dis..ansh dn started leaving from der..he about to leave but heard a voice naming so miss priya maheswari be ready for tomorrow..i will definitely come…ansh turned n saw dat boy …he was khandelwal’s son(bikram)..bikram kissed priya’s pic…ansh thought him as priya’s bf..but he still felt anything wrong as bikram was smiling very weierdly..then ansh left from there…

its evening,..at swarag’s house:-
both swarag reached at their residence…ragini was still angry on laksh n swara was upset on ragini…till dn rag didn’t even asked swara what happened in actual..
dadi: aare how u two r so silent today…anying happened??
ragini: a good news dadi maa I hv got job in swara’s clg..dadi bcms happy and also sad as she will be more close to swara..
swara: ya..but it’s a very bad news for me…dadi n rags bcm shocked..swara couldn’t control her n confronted ragini…
swara: how could u,, how could u dii…do u know who was he…he was laksh..priya’s bro..my bestie’s bro..n u slapped him in front of clg… dadi shocked n excited seeing swara against rag..
ragini: laksh!! But so what swara..he tried to misbehave with u..so i..dadi again shocked …n asked what what happened to my ladli..

swara: stop it dii..u don’t even know d truth..n dadi u don’t worry I am fyn..
rag: truth!!what truth..
swara:u should ask dis ques before slapping laksh…as he is innocent… I was inbalanced n about to fall dats y he hold me n he helped me…but u…dii u r possessive abt us..but I don’t want to loose my frnds bcz of ur dis nature…rags bcms guilty n also teary eyed…n dadi smiled

ansh listened to swara n bcms angry n shouted…swara ..how dare u to talk to u lyk dis ..hv u forgotten what she has done for us in her whole lyf…n u !!u ..seeing ansh dadi started acting lyk she is sad
rag: what r u saying …may b I hv done many thing for u guys but dat doesn’t mean u will not speak ur heart out to me…n today I am wrong n swara is saying write…for my mistake how will she go in front of her best frnd…

ansh: but dii we also do mistakes…but u never talk to us lyk dis…dadi thought ohh god this boy comes at wrong tym always..
rag: shone I am really sorry…plz forgive me..rags put fingures on her ears n says sorry…swara bcms imotional n said no dii I am sorry n hugged her…rag told don’t worry I will say sorry to laksh n priya tomorrow..swara: no need dii I will handle dem…my dii will be not sorry to anyone..n kissed on ragini’s cheek n went to her room..dadi also went to her room seeing dis bharat milap…
rag looked at ansh….n asked y u r so worried

At MM:-
aadarsh called pari n told her to come to café…he also asked AP to get ready …
sujata: where r u going ??aadarsh told I am taking maa to temple to show her evening aarti…sujata told dn I will also go..
AP: no no…u have to be here…DP n RP will come now…so someone should be stay here…we will go together some other day…AP lied as aadarsh doesn’t want to inform anyone…
they both left..
sanskar came n asked sujata for coffee…she told u go freshen up I am sending coffee to ur room..
sanskar saw laksh n priya worried n asked what happened…

At swarag’s place:-
ansh make ragini sit on sofa n he bent down on his knees…then he hold rag’s hand n told…dii I always marked a drop of tears in ur eyes… a tension,a fear ..i don’t know what is d reasons..but I promise oneday I will findout d reasons n turn ur tension n fear into happiness n cheers…saying dis he kissed her hands…rag bcms imotional tears fall down but she wipes it n make him sit on chair n told him…so dis d reason of ur worry dn ok let me reveal d secret today…both looked on to eachother..

At café:- aadarsh n AP saw pari n AP really impressed by her…they 3 talk for sometyms n dn AP bessed them,n told soon we will go to ur house by taking shagun…

lucky said nothing bro…we r worried abt our plan I mean I am sure it will work ..n tomorrow will be a enjoyable day for us…sanky:- I don’t know what u both r talking abt..but plz don’t do anything wrong to anyone…behave maturedly..lucky: don’t worry bhai we will don’t do anything wrong to a right person…

At swarag place:-
ansh shocked n excited to know d truth…
rag: so will u be able to hear dis truth…dii trust me told ansh
rag: so listen…I felt very happy when I see u becming worried for me..so I lv to play dis game wid u..ansh looked at her…ragini started laughing…n ansh also smiled..n told: dii aap v na…

screen freezes on them..

Precap: ragini bcoms faint..

dont forget to read the next part tomorrow bcz dat will be huge n superb part ….n dis part was needed for d next part…

Credit to: Suchitra Pattanayak

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