uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 4)


hii…i amhere with next part…guys i am doing very long ff…n also giving imp. to every character…so i think many ppl r not lyking this…so guys if u r not liking dn comment below…n after dat i will think of a new one n stop writing dis…guys so hopefully u will njoy dis part..n there r many more to come here in this story…if u r liking this then i will send d next part soon….

At MM:-
Aadarsh came back to MM n seems to b very happy..but he hided his happiness in front of all..
AP-aadarsh beta get freshen up n come for dinner..but aadarsh already had dinner with pari so he excused for dinner n went to his room..
except aadarsh all took their dinner n went to their rooms..AP went to aadarsh n told him dat she wanted to talk to him.aadarsh looks on..

At swarag’s place:-
ragini was serving food to everyone..swara asked her to sit along but but ragini told let me serve 1st dn I will eat..dn her phone rand she went n picked up…she bcms happy listening dat he got d lecture job at swara’s college..she cut d call n thought to celebrate this wid her family..but suddenly she thought to surprise swara tomorrow at her clg…1st I will go to my prvs clg n give d resignation dn I will join at swara’s clg..n give her a super surprise…or super shock..n smiled herself..
dadi : whose call was dat??ragini told an interview call
dadi: don’t know this girl will get any job or only get interview calls..ragini thought tomorrow dadimaa will also happy knowing abt my job..
swara : why dadi y u always talk lyk dis to her..u never talk lyk dis to us..
ragini: shona hv u forgotten she is our dadimaa..she can talk to me lyk anyway she want…swara’s face was lyk oh god dii…dadi whispered phirse mahan banne aagayi ragini devi..
they all took food n went to their rooms..

At MM:-
AP : aadarsh beta what have thought about ur marriage…I want my bahu now..nd I don’t want to listen any excuses…afterall till when u will keep dat girl in ur mind..u should be thankful to god dat she left u at ryt tym..what if she left u aftr mrg that would be worst…
aadarsh 1st get shocked then he turned facing back towards AP n smilingly said but maa when did I deny to get married??
AP : she get shocked n make him turn towards her kya!!!dat means u r ready for marriage..omg I cant blv…I am sohappy..but it happened when how?
aadarsh: maa relax dis tym a girl choosed me to marry n love me so much ..
AP bcms happy n hug him n kissed him on forehead..ok now u go to sleep n I will inform good news to every one tomorrow..aadarsh told no maa..i want u to meet her 1st dn we will inform everyone..AP caresess his face imotionally..n wished him good nyt..

AT sanskar’s room:-
sanky came out of washroom drying his face with a towel..he picked his phone n saw photos of construction site which were sent by manager..he started seeing d pics by swiping ..one pic after one..suddenly dat girls pic came out..sanky stopped there he couldn’t even swipe to next..he thought how can someone’s eyes speak so much..i mean her eyes r very deep lyk they want to talk to d world..if she will meet me atleast once again dn I will definitely ask her abt secret of her eyes…lucky came n saw him smiling..
lucky : what!!what happened bro..nothing yar sanky replied I.i just saw a pic n felt something strange…but let it be u tell what r u doing here at this tym ..
lucky : bhai plz do ahelp..plz rcharge my phone number online..now sanky asked?
lucky –yes I hv to do a imp call..sanky told ok n done d recharge him n winked at laksh I hope there is no luv shuv matter in a teasing tone..
lucky started see here n there n n asked ok bhai recharge done…thank u..good nyt..
sanky smiled at his immature nature n saw his phone again n thought who was she…will we meet again..smiled n went to sleep..

at swarag room:-
it will be lyk sanky smiled at that girl’s pic n here we see ragini”s face..
ragini: shone lets go sleep..orelse again u will late tomorrow n will go to clg wid out having brk fast…
swara was busy in phone as laksh called her..
swara: u r coming clg tomorrow na?
lucky: ya ya ofcourse…but tell me one thing u told u had crush on me..
swara: ya I had but a little..
lucky: n u don’t have now (suspiciously)
swara got nervous n then ragini asked r u listening to me swara…
swara to lucky: ok gud nyt laksh..bye..see u tomorrow..
laksh smiled n swara closed her eyes as her heart was beating really fast..
swara : ya di I am going to bed..gud nyt
ragini asked with whom u were talking so late…ofcourse with priya dii…dn she went to sleep but she herself didn’t understand y didi she lied…

At morning:-
at swarag house every one went for der destination so as at MM..
aadarsh planned to make meet maa with pari today..

sanky went to dat same flowershop where he yesterday went.his eyes probably waiting for dat girl whom he doesn’t know even he didn’t see her face…he thought himself how will I recognize her as I don’t know how she looks…but the main thing is y I am searching for her.

but dat day ragini already went from der early as she had joining at new job,..
ragini submitted her resignation n went to her new college..

Sanky went to ofc by getting disappointment..he asked ansh about aadarsh bhaiya..ansh replied he went out for some work..sanky asked did u handed those files to mr. khandelwal..ansh replied I am going now..he said ok..

AT clg:-
swara ,priya n lucky met n dey were having fun outside n were waiting for teir serial no. to call as they were standing their to submit assignment serially..laksh was there only to see swara n spend tym..
ragini joined clg n went to find swara..
swara’s serial no. called n she went inside..then when she came out priya went inside..
ragini was still searching for swara..
laksh n swara were staring each other n suddenly someone jerks with swara n swara inbalanced n laksh hold her..swra got nervous..priya was still inside..
at dat tym ragini saw dem lyk dis..n she saw swara getting nervous n misunderstood laksh..
she went there n pulled laksh n slapped him a hard..n gave a angry look..swara get shocked

screen freezes on laksh holding his face …

precap:- swara will argue with ragini about laksh,dadi bcms happy seeing dem fighting..

Credit to: Suchitra Pattanayak

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