uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 2)


Hello everyone I am back with next part of my ff..i hope u all r lyking dis..n guys I am doing d pairings as Sangini(sanskar-ragini) , swalak(swara n laksh) and priyansh(priya n ansh)..thanks to angle, priya,manvi n all of u who supporting me n also who r not lyking d pairings..but guys I know all of u will njoy…n don’t be upset it’s a fanfiction so njoy d pairings…u will definitely lyk….n one more thing guys I am writing dis story as a serial story so I will drag n elaborately explain d story line..so it will be little long n pairings will shown but slowly as I have to n I want to give importance on each n every character….so don’t be disappointed n upset…as I am giving imp. To sangini so I write a little abt them in dis episode as I want to try show small beautiful moments btwn them..

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here we go…..

At MM :-
DP n RP told we r also going to our new project construction site..n they also left..
AP n sujata came inside..Ap saw sujata worried n told what happened..
sujata : see na jiji all r behaving lyk their lyf id their college n office n work…nothing except it.,
AP-what r u trying to say sujata??
sujata : jiji u tell me is not aadarsh n sanskar is eligible for marriage ?? but what happened to him in past he is not ready for mrg…but I don’t understand if one tym u get cheated dat doesn’t mean thid tym also same will happen..
AP- I can understand wat r u feeling n I am also agree with u but we also have to understand his situation..n don’t worry abt sanskar.he just joined business ..let him be stable in his lyf dn we will think abt his mrg..n about aadarsh also u don’t worry I will talk to him today when he will come back…
sujata : yes jiji only u can talk to him n make him understand..

At swarag house:-
ragini : I am also going dadi maa for my college..
dadi : u were saying na dat prvt college is going to close very soon..so did u find any new job? How much I told u go n find a govt. job but u never listened to me..as u only want my grandson’s money in ur hand…but I am telling u if u will b job less dn I am not gonna let u stay in this house
ragini bcoms sad but somewhere she knew dadi will never never do dis to her..
ragini : don’t worry dadi maa I have already given some interviews..n I am sure I will get a call very soon from d interviewer..
dadi : no no..u will not get anything as u r not doing ur interviews properly..u r always busy to prove urself as mahan devi infront of ur bro n sis..n trying to ruin my image in front of dem..
ragini : no no dadi..i always….
dadi : shut up n don’t dare to look at me lyk dis..put ur eyes down..n go for college ..
ragini cries…dn she controls herself dn told hum jaa rahe hain dadimaa..
dadi : take ur tiffin n umbrella. Its very cloudy may it will be raining…
ragini smiled happily seeing dadi’s care for her..dn she leaves in rickshaw..

swara reached at college in her scooty..priya saw her n told laksh u go I will go with my frnd she has come..
laksh : ok..see u after form fill up..bye
swara was parking is scooty..priya came to her
priya : hy swara..
swara : hey priya.have u completed ur form fillup?
priya : waving her hand at swara’s face told oh hello madam r u ok?? Wid out u how can I do form fill up…
both smiled..swara told dn lets go fast..

At office:-
Arjun came n went to sanskar’s cabin but didn’t find him…he thought am I so late dat dey went for meeting widout me?omg then ihv to go to conference hall..but there is still 20min for meeting…anyway lets go..he was going but stopped seeing at aadarsh’s cabin..he knocked at cabin.
ansh : may I come in sir?
aadarsh: ansh!! Plz come in..project is ready na? u will do d presentation.
ansh : but sir DP sir told dat sanskar sir will do the presentation dats y I went to his cabin but he is not there..
aadarsh : yes he is at d flower shop..u know how much he loves flower …let me call him else he will come after meeting..

At flower shop:-
sanskar seems very happy seeing flowers n bouquets..he was taking pictures of d flowers..
suddenly a girl comes in between
sanky : hey excuse me plzz site..
that girl turns n that pic was clicked in sanky’s phn..
that girl’s face was covered with her dupatta due to dust..only her beautiful eyes were shown..
she expressed as she is sry n left from there..
sansnkar looked at his phn n felt lyk wow so beautiful eyes..n smiled..
suddenly his phn rand n he picked it up ..it was aadarsh ..
aadarsh:-where r u sanky..come fast ..do u remember today is our meeting..
sanky : ya I am coming..cut d call n rush to ofc.

AT cllg:-
swara laksh n priya came to canteen..
laksh : so girls hv u completed ur form fill ups..both d girls nodes yes but in a dull mood..
laksh : what happened?
swara: u told once na ur bro calls u lucky..lucky nodes ya but didn’t understand
swara: today I also feel u r really lucky .u r getting graduated 1 year earlier dan us…
priya also said yes bhai u r really lucky …dn laksh laughed n says swara u r looking damn cute …
priya: so she is cute n wat abt me..huh..bdw bhai u know what swara is very happy listng complement frm u…swara stunned at priyas word n look at her..laksh also confused n look at both of dem..
priya: yes bhai actually 1st tym swara saw u she had a crush on u..swara felt embrassed..
laksh look at swara n murmured she had a crush on me..i still have..n smiled..
swara : wat r u uttering?..

laksh : nothing I..i was thinking every girl has crush on me,…how charming I am..with a attitude he told..
swara was looking him lyk ohhh plzzzzz…
laksh smiled looking her cute attitude ..she also looked at him with killer look n smile…
screen freezes on their eye contact…

Plz guys comment below n support me…luv u all

Credit to: Suchitra Pattanayak

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