uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 1)

Hiii guys..a very good afternoon.I am Suchi.I am new here.I luv to ryt stories n poems.so after seeing so many fanfictions I am also trying to write a very very interesting ff of swaragini n guys plz suggest whome do u want to make couple…but yes there will be so many changes in dis story..so plz read this comment below n support me n my ff…all suggestions,comments,complements are welcomed open heartedly..n if I do any mistake dn guys plz tell me how can I correct it.

here we go…..
A beautiful room decorated lyk a fairy land..pink curtains,pink bedsheets n all where there is pink n white combination n the princess of that fairy land is lying on her bed.
a sweet voice came,” u don’t wake up till now.its very already late today u will definitely late for college.
shona plzz wake up naa ,I will call dadimaa otherwise.
suddenly shona dat means our swara wake up from bed n said shockingly dadi!!!
no dii u cant do dis with me afterall u r my laddo na with a innocent pouty face swara told.
then turning d camera to our lado who was standing with a puja thali in her hand .she wore a nyc green salwar,her hair were open which were flying due to d smooth air coming from window.she was smiling seeing her cuteinnocent little sister..

ragini – achha ji!! Why? Y cant I call dadimaa..u never listen to anyone except her with a fake anger in her eyes.
(A sound came from back side) y she will not listen to me after all she is my ladli..
she is swaragini’s dadi…she looked at ragini annoyingly n went to swara n huged her n told go n get ready its really late shone..
swara-ya dadi u go I am coming in 10 mins..but yes I need my breakfast wthin 10mins..ok.
Ragini-yes queen Victoria ..u get ready 1st…brkfast is already ready..
both swarag smiled n dadi also smiled fakely to show swara n looked at ragini annoyingly dn left from there..

at MM arnapurna ,sujata were doing aarti.
dp n rp were also present der..suddenly priya came down d stairs with 3 young dashing boys to join d aarti.
priya is d sister of sanlak n aadarsh.sanskar n aadarsh were in their formal wear as they were ready to go office both were looking smart n dashing.
laksh came in with his formal tshirt n jeans n he was also ready to go to college..

after completing aarti both AP n sujata turned n saw their children ,,
sujata-ye ke ho gaya jiji…does sun comes out from west today?? Then all laugh n all sanlak aadarsh priya looked at each other n they also smiled..
sanky-no mom today we have a very imp meeting so we thought lets take some blessings from our living goddess then he n aadarsh took everyone’s blessings…
laksh-n u know na chichi today I n priya have form submission for our semester..so we also joined our bade bhaiyas..they also take everyone’s blessings..
AP told them don’t u both take blessings of ur brothers??
lacky n priya looked at eachother …both told- what now we hv to take blessings of them by touching theor feets..
sanky n aadarsh-no lucky u both are always in our heart..so take blessings by hugging us.. all smiled n all 4 huged eachother..
sujata –lets go have brkfast or else all of u will late.

at gadodia house,
ragini-dadimaa ur tea..
dadi looked at her suspectedly..
ragini innocently told-I didn’t add sugar..dadi told ok ok put it here…ragini becomes little upset..
at dat tym two voice came simultaneously di I am ready..
one voice was of swara n 2nd voice was of a handsome boy with blue eyes cuteness on face..he is swarag’s brother ansh..
rag-ansh ur project is complete na??
ansh-ya di but I hv no tym to hv brkfst so I am leaving
swara- me too dii …today is my form submission u know naa I cant be late..
dadi-kisi kam ki nahi hai ye ladki(looking at ragini)..cant even take care of own bro n sis..ragini becomes silent..swara n ansh try to oppose dadi but ragini signs dem to not tell anything..

ragini-ok don’t eat anything but khali pet kuch thik nahi hoga…so drink d juice atleast…so complete d juice I am coming in 2 min..
dey drank d juice ragini came with a pot …
ragini-have it..its dahi chini…it’s a gudluck..she fed them ..n wishes them all d best..noth kiss her on her cheek n ansh told-u r not our dii..u r our mom..
ragini becomes imotional n tears fills in her eyes,,she controlled n told don’t say lyk dat none can take mothers place ..she signed swara n ansh to take blessings of dadi

both swara n ansh took blessings n left for college n office respectively..ragini looks at them smilingly.

in MM also dey 4 leve for their respective destination AP n sujata waves them bye..

screen freezes on their smiling faces…

I hope guyz u will enjoy dis ff n plz comment below to support me..n guys I want to do dis as ragsan n swalak…so what do u say..

Credit to: Suchitra Pattanayak


  1. Tehreem

    Swasan and raglak they look cute
    Now I think there are many ragsan and swalak ffs so plzz sawsan and raglan

  2. meghs

    whats dadi problem with rags yar..
    hey one suggestion never ask pairs from readers… everyone like different pairs
    so u make pairs of ur wish…

  3. nandini

    i think ragsan is better…………….
    all d best……
    i would like it very much if lead pair ragsan……truly speaking i m fed bcz swara is in lead in all ff…..
    where r u from????
    sorry i m asking u……

  4. Priyanka Swain

    Suchi.. M. Glad dat u r followin ur heart keep..writin..n keep givin us such nyc stories m proud of u dear :-* :-*

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