Uh r my slave….SwaSan-Prologue


Hey guys!! Here I m back with the new ff… “uh r my slave”..it will somewhere contain mature content but not much…will give warning before it…but not that mch….maybe the romance is in prologue only??


” please i beg in front in front of uh…please leave me!! Dont do this to me!! Donttt…” says a girl while pleading to a man but he seem uneffected..

He holds her hairs tightly which make her winch in pain…

” uh blo*dy girl….just keep quiet..dont forget uh r my slave…my servant…i have give money for uh!! Nd now i can do whatever i want to do with uh!! So just keep quiet nd lets me enjoy today’s ngtt..” shouts the man while bitting her neck…

Saying this he grabs her waist nd start giving her open mouth kisses on her upper parts while she was struggling in freeing herself from that monster…

He pushes her on bed nd come on top of her….

“Please please leave me!! I dont want all this..dontttttt..do this ” she was pleading him but that moster put his rough lips on hers nd start biting nd kissing it which makes her lips bleed..

Soon he forcefully undressed her nd then he undressed himself…

“Waah!! Jaan what a beauty…..uh have hide your beauty in these clothes…so bad but now uh cant hide it… let me taste uh?? your body taste will be more sweet than your lips taste..” he said while checking out her naked body nd massaging her body..

” please sanskar what i have done to uh!! Why r uh doing this?? Why r uh taking my dignity? Please please dont rape me” she pleaded him

” RAPEEEE???” He stressed the word in shock…nd continued “am i raping uh?? I m not rapping uh baby!! Its your duty to fulfill my wish my desires!! Afterall uh r my wife!! I married uh with all ritual!! Nd uh only agreed for marriage..i never forced!! Nd uh r my wife my slave!! Nd your only duty is to fullfill my all needs..nd now my need this only this so let me enjoy our suhagraat nd ya ( he holds her tightly nd say in anger) never speak me in loud tone!! Nor try to give me any order or advise otherwise uh will see the worst side of me!! ” says sanskar in angry tone..

” if i would have known i m geeting married to a man then i would have never said yes for the marriage..uh r a blo*dy” shouts swara..but her words left incomplete when she feels a tight slap for sanskar..

” how dare uh to shout at me!! How!! Now uh will bear the punishment for disrespecting your husband…” saying this sanskar again slapped her…nd without any warning he enter into herr….she shouts in pain but sanskar was sanskar….he didnt get affect with her shouts her tears instead he makes him more hard on her.. she was continously shouting but he has no effect…

After sometime she stopped shouting as she was half unconscious now..still she can feel pain in her whole body..

Sanskar was still satisfying himself…by….

To be continued..


Sanskar Maheshwari- great business man who only loves his reputation nd money…money minded person…dont like to lose any dear…married to swara..this that wife is only a servant for his husband… want her to fulfill all his wish nd if she didnt fulfill or shouts at him then he punished her badly..

Swara sanskar maheshwari- married to sanskar..housewife…before marriage she was bold but now she turned into a coward person….she is very scared of sanskar…


Sorry sorry sorry if its bad….its so hard for me to write…i m feeling so shy?????….i cant tell uh!! I know this is not that mch mature but still I m shy!! Read krne me itni problem nhi hoti but likhne me bahut hoti h???

should i continue!!

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  1. SRSL

    Oiyee 1 year old baby how do you know this much on marriage and stuff…huh..I don’t think innocence would go some where next to you ???….loved it post ASAP..

    1. Anu

      Hahahahaha are liya my hadi mom nd salman dad teach me all this…my hadi mom always romance with my sallu dad because of which i come in this world 1 yr ago???….thats why i know all this..

    1. Anu

      Thank uh

  2. SNY


  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue.. And yeah I agree with SRSL.. Liya,give me a hi-fi..

  4. Mahavir

    hey sammy i m angry on u…just an hour before u talk wjth me than also u didnt inform me about this…gooooo i wont talk to u…but being a reader i have to give cmnt…ok wait pinching my hand….omggggg is this sammy the innocent baccha is writing all this..
    i didnt expect this….hmmm but nice continue soon….love u…no noo..
    now i hate u…huhhh….

    1. Anu

      Aaaaaaaaaw mahiiiiiii sorry????? are i was about to tell but then i think uh will come to know by yourself…so i let it goooooo… nd ha every1 who knows me r shock with this prologur????? hadi mom nd ishu di r also shock!! Haha

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    Nyc …

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    Awesomee dear….waiting fr nxt

  10. Shrinjal

    Amazing dii…Nd haan I know…..read Karen pe Sharm Nahi aati par likhne me aati h….haha…post soon

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  12. Soujanya

    Awesome… ?

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    Continue soon

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    Nyc…… Continue soon

  15. Simin

    Bechara shona

  16. nice..continue soon..tc..

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  20. Amazing yaar.. Amazing

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