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It was around 10am whenTwinkle arrived at home. Entering the house she saw a tall, handsome and muscular man standing with Kunj, talking to him. She was about tomove towards them when her leg collided with the back of the sofa, and she screamed in pain. It was that time when Kunj came to know that Twinkle had arrived home.He quickly went to her and helped her to stand straight.”Are you okay, sweetheart”, Kunj asked Twinkle, cupping her face with his one hand. She nooded and stared at the guy standing near Kunj. Kunj immediately realised that she wanted to know the man relation with him.”Who is he, Kunj?” She finally asked.”He is…”,Kunj was interjected in between by the man.”Let me introduce myself, Bhai. So sweetheart…”, Kunj glared at him when that last word escaped his lips.”Arhaan, have some respect. She is older to you and secondly, she is my wife so only I can call her sweetheart, nobody else, not even you. Get that?” Kunj said.Twinkle was surprised by Kunj’s sudden jealousy with just a word. But she liked him this way, so she decided to play with it a little.”Oh…okay, Bhai. So, Twinkle Bhabi, I am Kunj’s cute little brother, the coolest of all the siblings and most handsome too. My name is Arhaan, but you can call me whatever you want. And do you mind me calling you sweetheart?” Arhaan asked. Now Twinkle had a chance of teasing Kunj.”No, I’ll not mind at all. You can call me that.” Twinkle said, stealing glances of Kunj.”Okay so Arhaan, what would you like to have for lunch? Indian, Chinese or my favourite Butter chicken?” She asked.”Wow, so many options! I’ll eat your favourite, Butter Chicken”, Arhaan said.”But you didn’t like Butter Chicken, right”, Kunj asked knowing his brother’s habit of flirting.”Yeah, but its my sweetheart’s favourite dish. So it must be the best dish. And I would love it even more if my sweetheart will make it for me”, Arhaan said.”Okay, so its Butter Chicken for Arhaan. Now may I go”,She asked. Arhaan nodded but Kunj was eyeing her to get her attention. He wanted to talk to her.Twinkle knew what Kunj would say so she decided to tease him more. She went into the kitchen ignoring Kunj.In the kitchen, Twinkle was busy with her work when Kunj entered. He saw Twinkle was looking different today. She was looking s*xier than ever. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt with blue Denim jacket and a blue denim jeans. She was also wearing her favourite muddy brown boots and had her long hair left open.Kunj came from behind and wrapped his hands around her chest.”Kunj leave me. I have to finish of my work.Arhaan must be waiting”, she said, fidgeting to get out of his hold but he was stronger. At last, she gave up and stoppedmoving. She turned back to look at him. He was staring her very intensely with all the love he had for her”What?””Nothing. I am just having what’s mine and only mine”, he said and smacked his lips with hers. Her lips tasted like a mixture of strawberry and vanilla. She too responded with equal passion. She was sucking his upper lip while he was nibbling on her lower lip. He was exerting so much pressure on her that her back collided with the counter but still none was ready to stop. Kunj bit her lower lip and she opened her mouth giving his tongue entry inside. His explored her full mouth while his hands were on her neck, pushing her more into him. She sucked his tongue and now it was her chance to explore his mouth. They really needed air to breathe so they finally broke off. But Kunj was not ready to leave her so easily so he kissed her lips again.”Twinkle…why did you…let Arhaan call…you sweetheart…you know…only i have the right in that”, Kunj said in between the kiss.”Because he is your…brother…and he is my…little brother too…even my mom…calls me sweetheart…you cannot stop them”, Twinkle said, nibling on his lips.”But still, i don’t like anybody other than…me and your mom…addressing you with…that”, Kunj said against her lips. NowTwinkle was getting annoyed. Kunj was not enjoying the moment, he was just talking.”Kunj if you want to talk then we can stow this here and if you want to continue with this then keep your mouth shut”, Twinkle said, getting away from him but Kunj didnthave enough. He wanted her more. So he kissed her again.”I can’t keep…my mouth shut…Twinkle because…i have to kiss you”, Kunj said and pulled her by her thighs more into him, thereby deepening the kiss. He lifted her by her waist and made her sit on the counter with her legs wrapped around his waist. The kiss was not disturbed even for a minute.They were kissing wildly when they heard a cough behind them…Keep guessing guys who was the intruder…for now its complete..

I really hope uh all liked it hey guys i know some of uh might be miffed wid me fr nt reading ur ff bt what can i do m really nt getting tym my assessmnts also started what to do??? Bt will surely post as soon as i can plsss guys throw ur chappals joota rooten eggs tomatoes bt dont kill me plssss uh all know i love uh right chalo byeeeee stay blessed…….

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing epi…..I think the person might be arhaan….ya fr koi aur…..do continue soon….

  2. Jiya_Ani

    I think its Arhaan…it was nice …is that you only in the dp?..and yes are you reading my ff or not?…ab sawaal ho gye now jawaab us sawaal ka that u must be having that Yeh lovely kaun hai…so I am Shreya …yaad hu ki nahi?

  3. Lama

    Wooow soo Awazing os…loved it

  4. SidMin

    Loved the episode and even I think the person is Arhan

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    wow…so much romantic. ..loved it…

  6. Kavina


  7. it was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
    the style in which you describe the kiss mindblowing
    it was soo romantic
    plz post soon even try too post 3 4 everyday plz plz plz
    i hpe in you other ffs you will describe the romance with same talent
    keep it up
    btw love it

  8. Dreamer...arundhati

    Krysi di u nailed.
    I think it wuld be arhan.
    Rocked it

  9. Awesome plz post the next part asap I eagerly waiting to know what will happen next

  10. Ria

    Krystal, it was awesome..loved it to the core. But, it wasn’t an OS right?

  11. Saby

    Krysti…. Darling ?
    It was so romantic…..???
    Loved it and miss uh???

  12. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  13. Angita

    Amazing loved it

  14. yr amazin krystal wow it ws 2 mch romantic n yah pls post asap osm episode

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