Ufff…. This Crush!!!! Twinj (os)


#ufff… This Crush!!!!

Disclaimer: no proof reading… Plz ignore mistakes

Wowwww…. Hw cute is he?? I just want to confess him that I like him but I can’t… He hates girls… Hate tho chodo use tho girls se allergy hai tho wo mujhe kaise… Lekin uske peeche bi wajah hai… Wo din mai kaise bhul sakthi hun… I was in 7th grade when sir while doing the lesson he raised the question that is ‘who doesn’t love his/her mother???’ and he raised his hand… I was so curious to know the reason behind him saying so… I got some answers from my mother but it was not actually true.. The answer I got was like his father is a magician can say like the one who is dongi baba type and this was the reason for their richness… For some reason I begin to collect his bio data and that is when I developed the crush on him.. And till now I have got the full reason that why he hate girls… He is a child without mother.. Means his mother is alive but have left his father or her MIL have thrown her out of the house… So he thinks as all the girls are cheaters… “Twinkle” I heard and I was out of my thoughts… Ohhh…

I realized that i was in the boring maths class… Ma’am called my name to make me come out of my dream world… After she called me “kunj” was what she called…And it was like twinkle kunj… And why not add sarna… Wow… Twinkle kunj sarna…. Wow it sounds so cute…. I was again busy in my thoughts when again teacher called my name… She asked Kunj to shift in the first bench and he was not ready and than what…. A fight between a teacher and student… And what ma’am said next made me shocked… She said she would call his mother… Ahh… He said that his mom won’t come and he repeated the same lines again and again… I felt bad for him and initially tears filled in my eyes… I don’t know why… It’s just a crush nothing more.. The bell rang and we went out… I just wanderer with my frnds actually I don’t have any boy as a friend except armaan (armaan Malik) and varun (varun dhawan)

I m shy type and don’t talk with anyone closely except my frnds chinki, mahi, simple, armaan and varun… Let me describe my frnds chinki has a crush on Aman, who is a flirty boy and I don’t talk with him… Infact every girl may have crush on him but I don’t… and mahi Is the GF of Yuvi, best frnd of kunj… Simple too have the crush on aman and he too know that… Armaan I m very much close to him… He is like a bro to me whom I have always desired of..

Varun has a crush on aaliya, the beautiful girl of our class… We both fight alot… I know sab golmaal hai… “Twinkle” ufff… This Maya… “what happened” I asked.. “wo do you have any extra pen” she asked… “nope” I replied… Why should I give… Other time she would be busy with rolling her eyes or showing her ego… Ohh… Yeh maine kya kiya… Ohno… Wo tho kunj ke paas jaa rahu hai… Shit… “MAYA” I shouted being hyper and everyone looked at me as I m the alien from some other world… And I would also not blame them bcz I m the sweet, cute and shy girl… Maya asked me “Twinkle what happened??” and I replied “wo I realized that I had an extra pen…. Hehehe… It was inside in a book”. She looked at me in disgust… And my heart was dancing… Wo she too has a crush on kunj…. Are crush hai yaar jealous to of course hungi na… Over-acting ki dukan hai…huh… Time passes by and I concentrated on my classes…

Now it was yet another class and I just went to meet mahi who was actually in other section… I was standing outside my class when kunj said something to me… actually he was the head boy of the school being head boy it was his duty to maintain discipline…. So he said something which I couldn’t hear… So I asked chinki who was beside me…. She said ” he asked u to get inside….” “and….” I asked being excited that at least he talked to me but what she said made me shocked… ” he asked ur name???” Haaan…. Kunj ko mera naam yaad nahi…. Ten years in same class…. Ufff… This Crush!!! Mammaaaa……..


Hw was it??? Kunj ko twinkle ka naaam yaad nahi… Bechari….

If u want I can continue this as 3 shots… or its end… I ll depending on comments….

Pls drop ur cmmnts whether +ve or -ve…ignore mistakes,plz… Any confusion do ask me.

Love you all…



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  1. Simiyy

    It was cute
    I would love it if you could continue it

  2. Purvi128

    Hey dear tamanna… Its awesome,fabulous,superb,marvellous,excellent & what not … yrr its just amazing … dear plss ready me os on twinj…

  3. Purvi128

    And ya dear plss continue it .. plsss plss .. plss for your fan …

  4. Kanchi

    Tamana plzzz continue this ff it has a very interesting story linrme pkzz n this shot was amazing
    Post asap
    Loads of love by

  5. Hey Tamanna,
    Very nice start……. i luv it…..☺☺☺
    Post next soon!!! ☺☺??

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Tammu…. Yaar u owe this… U left us hanging ?
    Ctd soon

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Story ws jst something very awesome.. kunj didn’t even knew twinkle’s name.. aaawww… poor twinkle.. but i think i trust u.. n he will soon know who she is?

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous….eagerly waiting for next part

  9. SidMin23

    It was cute one do continue this want to know rest of the part.

  10. Adya

    Tamanna yrr continue it…that was superb…I’ll be Waiting for the next one…
    Loads of love
    Post soon

  11. Ramya

    Tamanna it was awesome amazing pldsss asap plsss do continue

  12. Kritika14

    Hey Tamanna,
    This was so cute! It’s something different and I really like it. Anyway, post the next part asap! Also, great to see you back! x

    Lovess! xx

  13. Hey aishu I was very sad when I learned that u ended ur SS but now I’m happy that you’re back…it’s amazing and interesting…plz do continue and post soon…

    #XOXO ❤?

  14. Malhotrarochika

    Hey tamanna this was a nice piece of writing…i loved it to the core…and i want u to continue this .pleazzzz ….this is very cuteee os yrrr pleazzz continue asap.

  15. Anshikajainn

    Pls continue its nice

  16. SidMin

    Just Loved it awesome 🙂 I want you to continue 🙂 Just Loved it 🙂 Love you 🙂

  17. it was awesome tamanna dii and sorry for late commenting plz post next part soon

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