Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E18

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Scene 1

Abha: What are you saying Dadi? Abhi uncle is in NYC?
Dadi: Yeah beta!
Abha: This is so awesome! I have to tell mom about this!
Dadi: No Abha you can’t! She will ask you how you know about this?
Abha: Yeah we cant risk getting caught!
Dadi: Exactly!
Abha: We have to get them to meet!
Dadi: Yeah but how?
Abha: I have a plan.

Scene 2

Sanskar: Mishti fast we are getting late!
Swara: Yeah coming!
Sanskar: The doctor will go! How much time do you take to get ready!
Swara: Bus baba! Lets go!

At the clinic

Doctor: Mishti the only way you can get your memory back is naturally. No surgery will do! Also you do not have to stress. What you can do is whenever you feel like you are
connected to something from your past or know someone write it in a book maybe it will help you remember something.

Swara: Sanskar I’m feeling very nervous and scared!
Sanskar: Why Mishti?
Swara: What if I don’t remember anything?

Sanskar (thinking to himself ‘Then I will tell you the truth’): Don’t worry! Irrespective of whether you remember or not, I will always be your friend and ask you for pani puri treats!

Swara: Sanskar! But thank you for your help!
Sanskar: Not an issue!
Swara: Are you sure you are just doing it cause you are my friend!

Sanskar (to himself ‘What is she saying’)

Swara: I think you like me! Like me enough to ask me out on a date! I think you want to be my bf
Sanskar (to himself ‘Not just be your bf but also to hold you tight, kiss you and spend my entire life with you’)
Sanskar: Are you mad!
Swara: Relax! I was just joking!
Sanskar: Sw..
Swara: Huh!
Sanskar: Lets go to my house! I make excellent coffee and then to the studio! Don’t we have to practice! Your concert is 5 days away!
Swara: Cool!

Scene 3

At Sanskar’s house

Swara: You’ve got a small house compared to your wealth. Sanskar the great businessman!
Sanskar: I don’t intend to live in Mumbai my whole life!
Swara’s face turns a little gloomy.
Swara: Why?
Sanskar: I live in Kolkata. I came here for a mission. I mean some business dealings .
Swara: So till when are you here?
Sanskar: That depends on the outcome of deals. Don’t worry I wont go before your concert.
Swara: Why do you come to the Music Studio?
Sanskar: I like to spend my free time playing the drums so I came there!

Swara drops coffee on her skirt.

Swara: Sanskar I need to use the washroom!
Sanskar: Yeah you can use the one attached to my room. You will find a clean towel lying in my cupboard.
Swara: Cool!

After cleaning her skirt, Swara starts to search for the towel.

Swara (to herself): Must be lying in this drawer.

She opens the draw to find the mangalsutra and bangles.

Swara (thinking to herself): Sanskar is married?

Sanskar calls out to Swara from the kitchen. Swara keeps the jewellery back and goes to the kitchen.

Scene 4

Abha: Mom can we go out in the evening?
Pragya: Sure. Where?
Abha: I will let you know soon.
Pragya: K..
Abha: Mom why are you cleaning the house and why are you putting your writer awards inside the bedroom cupboard?
Pragya: I’m just cleaning the hall. Will put them back later.
Abha: Is someone coming?
Pragya: Yeah a few guests for lunch.
Abha: Ok anyway enjoy your lunch. Bye!
Pragya: Bye

Scene 5

Abha: Dadi I have got mom to agree to take me out tonight!
Dadi: Great I will let you know where Abhi goes tonight. You get Pragya there!
Abhi: Yes

Scene 6

Pragya: Hey
Abhi: Hey! How are you feeling?
Pragya: Better!
Abhi: Were you even ill?
Pragya: What!
Abhi: You were lying! So what’s the matter?

QFTD: How should Swara get her memory back?

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  1. Swara should see her album with swasan pic that in party n think how her photo here .. N in stress she trying to remember …

  2. Today abhigya part is very less..

  3. Swara comes to know that sanskaar is married .she will ask sanskaar about this.but he doesn’t tell her ..then swara will try to find about sanskaar and will finally find her diary…Make her read sanskaar personal diary in which he started writing when swara left him. Sanskaar writes his every feeling for swara .and that too he loves him. At last page there would be their marriage photo..swara will see this and regain her memory..and she will come to know how much sanskaar love him now…

  4. good episode… old memories like playing with water in garden n making coffee together..make her to listen her bajan Wen she sung in morning aarti n sanskar house… n party n dance which they danced in past with same song n same dance step… n finally she should find her foto of herself with mangalsutra with sindoor n standing beside sanskar…I think she get her memory back if he recreate all these sweet moments…

  5. Thank god you came back….. Please try to update soon and I agree with all you 3 meghs, dolly, bhuvi…….best of luck 🙂

  6. Swara read his personal diary and knows swara his wife not mishti…ans sanskar tells how much he loves her wife and swara help sanskar to united with his wife…and she also fell in love with sanskar…

    Please update soon…

  7. Ohhh lot of intersting yaar

  8. nice….but make it long na..

  9. I think swara should regain her memory after some time like mishti should fall for sanskar md then propose her nd sanskar should accept it nd then they decided to get married at that time only so they go to temple when they r taking pheras swara should see blure version of a boy nd girl doing pheras nd all ritual she should feel dizzy but manage herself nd there marriage should be completed after that whem swasan r coming out from mandir swara sees a car coming toward her nd remember the day of her accident but sanskar come at that time nd pulls swara toward him nd they both fall down nd swara will be in half semi consciousness nd slowly slowly remember her old memory like swasan forst met their nok jhok fight ,marriage, then their seperation nd all her family members…….nd them she speak all the names like first sanskar ragini mom dad maa paa nd then swara sanskar maheshwari nd in all these momemt sanskar is having tears in his eyes nd shaking swara nd feel happy to hear all the names,to know swara has remembered everything nd says i love u swara nd swara also speak same but suddenly swara get unconscious nd sanskar shakes her nd ask her to open her eyes nd take her to hospital

  10. Superb yaar may b swara c anythg in sanskar cupboard which s closely related to her past.

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