Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E17

Scene 1

Abhi and Pragya could not believe what they were seeing. Both stood looking at each other, speechless.

Pragya (thinking to herself): Is this a dream? Is this really Abhi? No it’s really him. Oh God what if he finds out that I am Nancy, the famous author. What if he reads my books?
Abhi is too smart. He will not take a minute to figure out that the story is based on us. This can’t be happening!

Laila: So can we start the discussion?

Pragya and Abhi come out of their shock.

Abhi: Sure. Where is Nancy?
Pragya: We have to postpone this discussion for some other day.
Senior Editor: Pragya what are you saying?
Pragya: I’m not feeling well!
Abhi: Are you ok?
Pragya: Nothing serious! But my body is paining.
Laila: Ok let’s postpone this discussion to tomorrow.

Pragya: Yes. Goodbye everyone.
Abhi and Pragya are walking to the elevator.
Abhi: I didn’t know you had shifted to US. So how come you are here?
Pragya: Do you know the author Nancy?
Abhi: No. I mean I’ve heard of her but have not seen her pictures or read her book.
Pragya: Oh Ok. (Thinking to herself ‘Thank God!’). I’m her secretary! Nancy is travelling to France for a few weeks so she asked me to take notes for her new book which is based on Laila!
Abhi: Oh!
Pragya: Anyway my cab has come! I have to go?
Abhi: Should I come along? I miss your coffee (Thinking to himself ‘And you’)
Pragya: Maybe tomorrow you can have lunch at my place (Thinking to herself ‘Till then I will clean up my house for any traces through which Abhi can link me to Nancy! Abha will also be in school at that time).
Abhi: Sure!

Scene 2

Sanskar: Mishti where are we going?
Swara: Lets just enjoy today! Lets explore Mumbai!
Sanskar: Its so huge!
Swara: Sanskar you stress too much!
Sanskar: Fine! Lets explore!

They are about to leave in Sanskar’s car when they see a bike. Sanskar manages to hire the bike for a day.

Sanskar: Its going to be fun!
Swara: Lets go. Whooo!

Matargashti plays in the background.

They explore various lanes and by lanes of Mumbai. Sanskar keeps playing pranks on Swara while Swara keeps chasing him. They eat street food, dance and take loads of funny selfies.

Later in the evening….

Swara: Thanks Sanskar for making it such a memorable day!
Sanskar: Thanks to you Mishti!
Swara: Sanskar can I tell you something?
Sanskar: Sure
Swara: My name is not Mishti!
Sanskar: What! (Thinking to himself ‘Has she got her memory back’)
Swara: Yeah its not! Quite honestly I don’t know what my name is? Who am I?
Swara starts crying.

Sanskar holds her by the shoulders and asks her to relax.

Sanskar: Mishti keep calm. Tell me what has happened?
Swara: The only thing I know is that a year back I had an accident because of which I lost my memory. The orphanage adopted me and here I am.
Sanskar: Relax Mishti! We will find a way soon!
Swara: How?
Sanskar: I know a good neurosurgeon. Maybe he can help.
Swara: Ok
Sanskar: Now you go and sleep. Good night!

Once Swara left, the head of the orphanage comes to Sanskar.

Head: Sanskar I have something to give you?
Sanskar: Give me?
Head: These are some bangles that Swara was wearing the night she had the accident. Yeah and this is her mangalsutra and wedding ring. The reason I did not give it to her was because I didn’t want her to feel stressed. She feel restless from being separated from her family and these things would only remind her of the separations.
Sanskar: I can understand. Don’t worry soon she will get her memory back.
Head: I really hope one day you make her wear this mangalsutra, till then keep these with you.
Sanskar: Yes.

Scene 3

Ragini: Thanks Sanskar for sharing the pics with me! I’m so happy to see her smile.
Sanskar: The good news is that she wants to regain her memory. I will take her to the doctor tomorrow.
Ragini: Yes but don’t be too pushy.
Sanskar: Yes.

Question for the day: Should Pragya tell Abhi the truth about her being Nancy?

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