Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E16


Guys today we have reached the 16th episode of the second season. Thank you so much for all the support and love you give to this fan fiction. I have decided to make this fan fiction more interactive after all its not just my fan fiction its ours. I don’t know if it will work out or not but I want to definitely give it a try. At the end of the episode I will post some question do share your views and I will try to incorporate it in the story (I hope this idea works out)
Scene 1

Mrs Goenka: All set to go to America?
Abhi: Yes. Will you please handle my other cases?
MG: Of course

Abhi thinks to himself ‘is there any such thing as destiny? Charming Mia also stays in NYC and I’m travelling to US! Will she want to meet me?’

Abhi: Hey Charming Mia!
Pragya: Hey! How are you?
Abhi: All good. How is the story writing going on?
Pragya: Don’t ask. Lot of complications….
Abhi: I have a question to ask you
Pragya: Sure ask
Abhi: I am travelling to NYC for a week. Do you want to meet me?
Pragya: I don’t know Dashing Prince. I am very busy this week. I will leave a message on your e-mail id if I am free
Abhi: OK no problem

Abhi thinks to himself ‘Why am I felling so bad because she said no to me? Who is she to me other than a friend? She is not Pragay’

Scene 2

At the music company….

Sanskar (to Swara): Hey Mishti!

Swara ignores him.
Sanskar wonders what happened to Swara.
Sanskar: Mishti what happened? Will you please tell me?

Swara ignores him.

Sanskar pulls Swara to the wall and holds both her arms.
Sanskar: Why are you ignoring me?
Swara: I don’t talk to liars
Sanskar: What did I lie to you about?
Swara: What didn’t you! You lied about your name. You are not some Sanskar Kapoor but Sanskar Maheshwari.

Sanskar leaves Swara’s arms and wonders has she regained her memory.

Swara: What happened? Why are you so quiet? Thank God some girl yesterday at DAD told me that you were Sanskar Maheshwari else you would have fooled me for God knows how many days!
Sanskar feels a little sad to know that Swara has not regained her memory.
Sanskar: I’m sorry I lied to you.
Swara: Sorry right!
Sanskar: See you do not know the circumstances so you would not understand!
Swara: You could have at least tried.

Sanskar: See Sanskar Maheshwari is a very rich businessman. Ever since I have become so famous people have looked at me in a different light. Everyone loved me or were my friends because of my money. Playing drums is my hobby so I decided to come to the music company in my free time as I knew the owner. But we decided to change my identity because I did not want unnecessary attention. I just wanted to be me and have a good time. My intention was never to lie or hurt you. It will never ever be.

Swara did not know what to reply.

Sanskar: See Mishti it is very easy to be judgemental. But every person has a reason for doing something. I did not want to change my name but there were just circumstances.
Swara: I’m sorry.
Sanskar: Its Ok. I hope you will understand me sometime.
Swara: Now don’t be so sentimental. What say friends again Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskar: Friends again but please don’t disclose my identity here.
Swara: Done. Tell me Sanskar you have never lived a normal life?
Sanskar: Huh?
Swara: Like enjoying the simplest things in life?
Sanskar: I never got the time to do such things Mishti. All ways been busy with work Mishti.
Swara: You know Sanskar I too have a secret….

Scene 3

Abha: What are you saying dadi? Is Abhi uncle in NYC!
Dadi: Yes Abha! Isn’t it awesome!
Abha: Yeah but how do I get them to meet!
Dadi: We cannot do that. It is destiny. If they have to meet they will.
Abha: You are right. Let’s leave it to destiny.

Scene 4

Pragya: Laila please understand and cooperate. Your identity will not be disclosed.
Senior editor: Yes Laila please trust us. We are here to help your society.
Laila: I’m very scared. I will not speak till my lawyer is here.
Pragya: We are not cops or detectives.
Senior editor: Exactly and we have also signed non-disclosure agreement.
Laila: My lawyer should reach in a few minutes. Please wait.
Abhi: There is no need to wait I’m here.

Pragya could not believe her ears. She turned back to look at the door. It was Abhi. Her Abhi standing there.

Abhi could not believe his eyes. Is it really Pragya he thought? Yes it was.

Both stood looking at each other. Speechless.

Credit to: XOXO

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