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I don’t know how many people read the last episode as it was posted extremely late on KKB’s page. Anyways it is posted now http://www.tellyupdates.com/uff-teri-ada-swasan-n-abhigya-s02e14-2/.

Let’s continue with our story now….

Scene 1

Sanskar and Abhi are enjoying in DAD’s VVIP Lounge. They are dancing with other people and living it up. Many wannabe girls try to get their attention. Both the hunks are enjoying the moment as they feel the women they love don’t pay any attention to them least express their feelings.

Swara and her other friends enter DAD. They are situated in the Lounge for common people. Just then one of the girls spot Sanskar dancing (the VVIP Lounge has glass walls).

Girl: Swara you said that Sanskar does not dance but I think he is dancing pretty well.

Swara sees Sanskar and is surprised. She is amazed to see Sanskar dancing so well yet she is little angry on him as he lied about his dancing capabilities. She gets angrier when she sees him dancing with other girls. She thinks of going and confronting him.

Scene 2

Pragya is waiting for Dashing Prince to come online. She starts getting restless after he does not appear online and thinks to herself ‘Yesterday he was like what are friends for n all… N today he has disappeared! I think this whole online dating is nothing but a scam! Uff guys! Forget it Pragya! It’s a brand new day let’s just focus on work.’

Pragya: Abha get ready fast! You are getting late for school!
Abha: Ready moma! You look irritated! Didn’t the online dating guy not turn up!
Pragya: I don’t waste my time on such stupid websites. I work on the laptop!
Abha just smiles to herself.

Scene 3

Swara is about to enter the VVIP Lounge when she is stopped the security guard.

Security Guard: Yes Madam can I see your pass?
Swara: I have already entered the disc.
SG: Maam you need a special pass to get access to the VVIP Lounge.
Swara: I don’t want to spend time out there. I just have to meet someone for a few minutes…
SG: Madam do you think I’m from Timbaktu? Every person wishing to enter the Lounge says the same line.
Swara: Please let me see that person after which I will go. Promise.
SG: What is the name of the person?
Swara: Sanskar Kapoor.
The SG checks the list and finds only Sanskar Maheshwari on it.

SG: Ma’am there is only Sanskar Maheshwari on the list. 
Swara: Please check again.
SG: Madam you are just wasting my time
Swara (she points at Sanskar): He is Sanskar Kapoor.

 Just then a girl comes and says “I think you are mistaken. He is not Sanskar Kapoor but Maheshwari. He is one of my friends.”

Swara wonders why did Sanskar lie about his identity. She keeps looking at him partying. Just then Abhi spots her and tells Sanskar “Sanskar look! I can see one of my associates Swara!”
Sanskar: What!

Abhi is about to call her but Sanskar stops him. Sanskar just waves at Swara and takes Abhi to another corner.

Abhi: Why did you stop me from taking Swara’s name?
Sanskar: Its complicated.
Abhi: I will simplify it

Sanskar: Ok after the party I will tell you.

 Sanskar tells Abhi everything from his marriage to Swara’s memory loss and how he is trying to regain her memory.

Abhi: You got married and you didn’t even tell me! Forget inviting me to it!
Sanskar: You can understand the situation right!

Abhi: So is there something you feel for her?
Sanskar: I don’t think so.
Abhi: Are you sure?
Sanskar is quiet.
Abhi: Cause if you didn’t feel for her then you would not be helping her to such a great extent…
Sanskar: I’m doing this because it was my mistake to send her away by not trusting her. If she had not gone then she would not have had the accident.
Abhi: Sanskar I catch lies very fast. I’m your best friend you can tell me!
Sanskar: Honestly Abhi I do feel something for her but I don’t want to get the hope that she will be mine someday cause I know it will never be true. 
Abhi: Life is complicated!

 Scene 4

 Pragya is talking to the Haryani woman (Laila) who is ready to disclose the atrocities of the society in which she lives.

 Pragya: Laila I really appreciate you telling me your story but you will need to open up more! Tell me more and also give me some proof.
Laila: Listen I cannot open up so much. What if my family finds out? I’m supposed to be in USA to take care of my husband’s grandmother. 
Pragya: I understand but how can I publish something if you cannot give me proof! This is anyway going to be a very controversial book.
Laila: I don’t know. I want my lawyer to be with me while I narrate the facts to you. I want to play safe.
Pragya: Fine we will arrange for it.

 Scene 5

 Pragya is working on her laptop when a message from Dashing Prince pops.

 Abhi: Wassup!

Pragya: Oh so you finally found out time for me!
Abhi: C’mon sometimes a person can get stuck up in some urgent matters!
Pragya: What an excuse!
Abhi: Not an excuse! True story!
Pragya: Whatever
Abhi: Well Its 5 AM in India. Dont you think that if I did not care for you I would not be awake just to chat with you and rather catch up on some sleep? I’m a lawyer and I have two hearings in the court tomorrow or as you can say today!
Pragya: Fine you are excused!

 (Guys I have started a new fan fiction – You N I Collide – Swaragini… If you’ll can please read it and support me on that one…. Thank you)

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