Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E14


Scene 1

Swara: Hi Sanskar
Sanskar: Hey
Swara: Will you help me?
Sanskar: I have already told you that I cannot dance.
Swara: No I need help for another thing.
Sanskar: Last time you were telling me you like to be independent. Now you are asking for my help in almost everything.
Swara: But then I told you I prefer being interdependent.
Sanskar: If you agree to come with me for coffee today then I can think of helping you.
Swara: Coffee? I’ve never had that.

Sanskar thinks about the time when Swara used to make coffee in the kitchen and check him out while he was working out. A smile lights up his face.

Swara: Why are you smiling?
Sanskar: You always bring a smile on my face.
Swara: I didn’t get it.
Sanskar: Forget it. Anyway how can I be of help to you?
Swara: We are celebrating a girl’s body in the orphanage. Can you video record all the celebration?
Sanskar: Sure.
Swara: See you today at 6 pm
Sanskar: OK. Do you need any other help?
Swara: Nope

Scene 2

Production house manage (PHM): Will you write the book?
Pragya: It’s quite dangerous. I’ve never written on non-fictional topics especially controversial.
PHM: But its necessary to show the world on the treatment women of Haryana have to struggle with every day in their lives. Since you are an Indian I thought you will be able to relate better.
Pragya: I understand but we will need more than just me. We will need some woman of Haryana who can actually tell us about her life. It will be very difficult as families are very conservative out there.
PHM: Yes we have a lady who is ready to disclose such details. But she will be anonymous. She has also appointed a law firm to execute her contract and see that no clauses are breached. We will be negotiating with them regarding the information she can give. Will you be joining in?
Pragya: No

Scene 3

Abhi: What’s new Charming Mia?
Pragya: Everything. There is a book I’m working on. The plot is very different from what I usually write.
Abhi: So?
Pragya: I’m just contemplating whether I should do it?
Abhi: Would you enjoy writing it?
Pragya: Yes but its new territory.
Abhi: Don’t worry about the uncertainty. Start listening to your instincts. Ignore everything. Ignore logic. Ignore common sense. Ignore what your mind is telling you. Just open yourself and listen to your heart. It knows what it wants. It sees your best interest.
Pragya: Hmmm
Abhi: Relax and just go for it.
Pragya: I feel more confident speaking to you.
Abhi: What are friends for?
Pragya: True

Scene 4

Swara: Sanskar are you ready?
Sanskar: Yup
Swara: Make sure you record all the details.
Sanskar: Relax. I have done video recording before.
Swara: Ok I’m going and checking the other preparations. If you need anything call out.
Sanskar: Yeah

The party finishes.

Swara: Sanskar show what you have recorded.
Sanskar: Not now Mishti. I will go home and make some edits.
Swara: Oooh… Editing n all…. Being professional n all
Sanskar: I always like to be perfect
Swara: Ok Mr Perfect.

Scene 5

Sanskar reaches home. He sees the video after which he starts writing in his diary….

‘I cannot show you the video Swara cause I did not record anyone else but you. The whole time during the party my eyes were on you n only you. You wore such simple clothes a jeans and t-shirt yet you looked more beautiful than any girl I have ever seen. Your simplicity shines. Every time you smiled my heart skipped a beat. There was warmth in you. I could feel it. I feel you are a candle in the darkness that surrounds me. You don’t even need to talk to me. All day long I can hear people talking aloud but when you come near me you drown off the noise. Maybe it’s true. Love does not have any words. A lover can say it best even when they say nothing at all. You can do that. You bewitch me. I’m sorry I cannot tell you the truth – I cannot tell your identity to you. I’m forced by circumstances. I do not know what will happen when you come to know who you are. I don’t know if you will even be my friend forget my lover. I hope you can forgive me. But no matter what the conclusion of our story remains I know one thing I will always love you. I will always be a narcotic – addicted to you.’

He shuts his diary. Tears flow from his eyes. He lies on his bed and thinks of Swara.

Scene 6

Abhi: When are we going clubbing Sanskar? I have been in Mumbai since a day and you have not taken out any time for me.
Sanskar: Sorry baba! Let’s go today to a new disc ‘DAD’. I have heard it’s good.
Abhi: DAD?
Sanskar: Dance all day!
Abhi: Cool

Scene 7

Some of Swara’s musician friends come to her.
Friends: Mishti in for clubbing?
Swara: Never been to a disc.
Friends: Relax. It’s fun! We have passes for DAD disc. Please Mishti! You dance well it will be fun.
Swara: Ok I will come along too.
One of the girls: Mishti can you get Sanskar too. It will be fun knowing him. He’s hot.
Swara feels a little jealous.
Swara: He does not know how to dance.
The girl: So what?
Swara: Ok I will ask him too.

Swara: Sanskar are you free tonight?
Sanskar: No. Have to meet a friend.
Swara: OK

Credit to: XOXO

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