Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E13

Scene 1

Sanskar and Swara go to have pani puri. Sanskar stops by a restaurant. Swara sees a small vendor on the road selling pani puri.
Swara: Instead of the restaurant lets have pani puri at the roadside vendor.
Sanskar: Its unhygienic. 
Swara (laughing): Cmon Sanskar don’t be a brat
Sanskar: Arey! Fine!
They finish having their pani puri.
Swara: How was it?
Sanskar: Pas mal.
Swara: What’s that?
Sanskar: It means not bad in French. 
Swara: Please the pani puri was delicious. Chal jhuta(Liar)
They smile and leave for the orphanage.

They reach the orphanage. 
Sanskar: You live here?
Swara: Yeah.
Sanskar: I pity…
Before he could complete his sentence Swara says: Its nice out here. They take good care of me so please don’t criticize it.
Sanskar: You like interrupting unnecessarily. I was saying I pity the other kids they have to bear you! I got a headache staying with you for an hour!
Swara: Really!
She pulls Sanskar’s ears.
Sanskar: Swara its hurting!
Swara: So?
Sanskar: You know I was being sarcastic!
Swara: So?
Sanskar: Sorryyyy
Swara: What?
Sanskar: Sorry na!
Swara: Fine.

She says bye to him and goes.

Scene 2

Pragya is in the grocery store. She sees a couple buying food and they are arguing.
Abhi: Pragya choose fast. I’m feeling suffocated in this grocery shop.
Pragya: I’m not doing shopping for myself. Its for your house and I’m trying to get the best deal for you.
Abhi: How much difference does it make if cornflakes is cheaper by Rs 5?
Pragya: It does when every item has some discount.
Abhi: Next time I’m doing online shopping. This is very boring.
Just then Abhi sees a very hot chick shopping for grocery and decides to flirt with her. 
Abhi (to the girl): You should buy this cream. Apart from its fragrance it has a very good discount too.
Girl: I’m impressed! You are the first guy who takes into account the discount rates too. Other men don’t bother. Rather they get irritated if a girl takes time shopping for groceries.
Abhi: They are just stupid! Discounts are important especially when every item has some discount.
Girl: Impressive. 
Abhi: Let me help you.

Pragya sees this and gets irritated. She leaves Abhi’s trolley and goes out of the shop.

Girl (to Abhi): Aren’t you shopping?
Abhi: Oh yes!
Abhi thinks O God I left Pragya alone in the cereals section!
He goes there when he sees trolley lying there and Pragya is not there.

Abhi calls Pragya but she cuts his call. 
Abhi thinks now I’m dead.

Next morning Pragya sees a new handbag on her office desk. 
Abhi: Liked it?
Pragya ignores him. 
Abhi: Sorry!
Pragya: This handbag is ok!
Abhi: C’mon I bought it from Shoppers Stop.
Pragya sees the maid passing by and gives her the bag.
Abhi: What the hell!
Pragya ignores him.
Abhi: Ok open your draw.
Pragya sees a brand new Louis Vuitton bag. She smiles. 
Abhi: Reconciliation with you is expensve!
Pragya: No reconciliation yet!
Abhi: Now what more shall I do?
Pragya: Here is my grocery list. Please get these for my house.
Abhi: Noooo
Pragya: Bye and make sure you get good discounts.

Abhi makes a grumpy face and takes the list. Pragya smiles looking at him.

Flashback ends.

Pragya finishes her shopping and leaves. She feels sad. After getting out of the grocery shop, she sees a bag shop. She thinks of Dashing Prince’s dialogue ‘Bigger bags are just a waste’. She goes into the shop.
Pragya: I’m looking for a purse.
The shop keeper shows her a big purse.
Pragya: Smaller one please.
She buys a smaller purse and goes smiling home.

Scene 3

Sanskar (talking on the phone to Ragini): Ragini the pani puri idea did not work. She did not recollect anything.
Ragini: How is this possible? It is one of her favourite food. Now what shall we do?
Sanskar: I don’t know. We just have to be patient. 
Ragini: This is frustrating!
Sanskar: We cannot give up hope.
Ragini: Yes you are right. We just have to keep trying.
Sanskar: Yes I will not give up.

Scene 4

Pragya: You know dashing prince I realised that it is impossible to get someone out of your life. That person just stays with you always. You try everything to keep him away. Nothing works nothing will ever works. However one does heal. Soon old memories start replacing the new ones and then you feel you can survive. Time heals all wounds.
Abhi: Maybe you are right.
Pragya: By the way I bought a small purse today
Abhi: Ha ha, Maybe because you paid for it1
Pragya: GGL.
Abhi: What’s that?
Pragya: Go get lost!

Scene 5

Director to Swara: Mishti do you know how to dance?
Swara: No 
Director: You will have to learn then. In your video you will have to dance too.
Swara: Ok I will learn.
Director: I will arrange a choreographer who can teach you to dance.

The choreographer teaches Swara basic steps and asks her to practice.

Swara to Sanskar: I need some help.
Sanskar: Yeah I know. You still have to improve on your beats.
Swara: I need you to help me with my dance moves.

Sanskar remembers his dance with Swara in the charity function.

Swara: What are you thinking?
Sanskar: Why do you need my help?
Swara: Won’t you help me?
Sanskar: I don’t know how to dance and I’m sure you will pick up. Relax.
Swara: But…
Sanskar: I have to go…

Scene 6

Ragini: Sanskar why did you say no to Swara? I saw you dance at the charity function. You dance very well!
Sanskar: I am scared. What if she remembers something?
Ragini: Its good na!
Sanskar: Ragini she will remember something about me? What is she only remembers me telling her to get out of my life and what if she does not remember anything else? I cant take that risk.
Ragini: Ok. Bye.

Sanskar gets Abhi’s call.
Abhi: Where have you disappeared?
Sanskar: Doing business in Mumbai for some time.
Abhi: That’s great! I’m coming to Mumbai for a few days lets catch up!
Sanskar: Sure

Precap: Swara (to Sanskar): You lied. You are not Sanskar Kapoor. You are Sanskar Maheshwari

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