Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E10


Scene 1

Ragini: We have to go and meet Swara and why has she changed her name to MIshti?
Laksh: Maybe so that none of us can reach to her.
Ragini: Reach her? We are her family we have full rights to reach to her and talk to her. Just by writing a note asking not to contact her she cannot break relations, am I not right Sanskar?
Sanskar: You are right Ragini.
Ragini: Then let’s go to Bombay and meet her. Let’s convince her to come back to Kolkata.
Sanskar: I don’t know what to say. I can’t convince her to come back. I did not trust her and threw her out, I’m responsible for this. Now that she has moved on in her life how can I ask her to abandon it?
Ragini: Don’t you think you should at least try?
Sanskar: I will not try to convince her to come back. It’s her decision. However, I do owe her an apology. I will go to her and ask her to forgive me.
Laksh: How will we reach her?
Sanskar: I’m well connected. Let me see if I can get to know the owner of the company. We will figure out something. Ragini Laksh pack your bags. We will catch an early morning flight to Bombay tomorrow.

Raglak leave while Sanskar calls his manager to find some contact in the music company.

Sanskar goes to his room. He opens the draw of his side table and takes out a photograph of him and Swara’s which was clicked at the charity function.
Sanskar (looking at the photo): Tomorrow I will finally get to meet you. I am dying to meet you to tell you how sorry I am for hurting you. I don’t know if you will ever be my wife again but please forgive me.

Scene 2

Abhi is staring at his computer and thinking ‘Should I text her first? No no Abhi does not text girls it’s the reverse always.’

Pragya is working on her computer. She is solving a puzzle on the internet and is unable to get an answer. She thinks “Strange! Pragya knows everything”. Pragya gets taken aback and thinks about Kolkata. She thinks about Abhi and how she used to keep telling him that she knows everything, the interview with Swara, her first meeting with Abhi, how she got his secretary removed. She remembers the time when she used to say that she knows everything then point the finger at him and he would take her finger and press it hard. She misses him and cries a little.

Agar tum saath ho plays in the background.

Abhi ‘Oh forget it! I’m Dashing Prince not Abhi, I’ll text her’.
Dashing Prince: Ssup

Pragya gets his message. She thinks ‘O God he remembered me! How stupid is this online dating thing’.

Charming Mia: Hey
Abhi: So how was Xmas?
Pragya: Fun. Ended up spending a lot on my daughter. She loves to spend on clothes and shoes. Total waste of money.
Abhi: Me too.
Pragya: God!
Abhi: You are a female right?
Pragya: Yeah. Why do you ask me
Abhi: You are the first woman that does not like spending on clothes!
Pragya: You see I don’t like spending my money on clothes but if it’s my husband or boyfriend’s money then I can shop the whole month.
Abhi: Wow! You are typical (he is about to write Pragya but stops).
Pragya: Typical what?
Abhi: A typical woman.
Pragya: You are a male right?
Abhi: Of course. Is it even a question?
Pragya: No you are the first male that loves shopping.
Abhi: Ok ok! So what are you doing?
Pragya: Nothing just chilling out at home. Music and coffee.
Abhi thinks about the coffee Pragya used to get for him. He feels some void and shuts off his laptop.
Pragya: Dashing Prince are you there?

She receives no reply. She sees his status as offline and thinks maybe a network issue.

Scene 3

Raglak and Sanskar have reached Mumbai. They keep their luggage in their hotel room and proceed to the music company. Sanskar manages to find a contact at the music company and tells him he wishes to discuss a business deal. The company invites him for a business meeting.

Swara reaches the music company as she has to practice on her chords. The company has also hired a few teachers and music directors to train all the singers.

Swara starts singing. She is perfect in her pitch but is unable to get the melody correctly. Ragini enters the room and starts singing. Swara joins her and they both sound very harmonious. Swara feels she has a connection with this woman. The song ends and everyone take a break.

Swara (to Ragini): Thank you so much for helping me over there.
Ragini: Since when did you start thanking me?
Swara: Excuse me! Do I know you?
Ragini: Know me!
She stares at Swara.
Swara: Anyway I’m Mishti. What’s your name?
Ragini is shocked.

Laksh comes from behind and asks “Ragini did you find Swara? The director said she has come to the studio today.”
He then sees Swara standing opposite to Swara. He is quiet.
Swara: So your name is Ragini. Nice name matches your character. I think your parents knew you were born with musical genes.

Laksh and Ragini are dumbfound.

Swara: Ragini are you okay?
Ragini: Yeah.
Swara: Ragini I have to go. Anyway don’t take tension does not suit you.

Swara turns back and goes. She starts muttering Ragini Ragini… She keeps stressing. Sanskar comes walking and sees her coming towards him. Swara is just lost and trying very hard. She keeps saying Ragini Ragini and bangs into Sanskar. She faints. Sanskar catches her in his arms.

Credit to: XOXO

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