Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – S02E08

Scene 1

Its night. Pragya is sitting in her balcony with a glass of wine. She thinks of Abhi and says to herself “Abhi I could never express my feelings for you. I wish you would try harder and find out about Abha. I wish you would come looking for us and take us back with you to Kolkata. You just stayed back and never called once. Love stories are just meant for books and movies. That’s why I created a fictional love story with Nathan as you, Olivia as me and Celeste as Abha. You finding out about Abha through Mrs Shah, the bone marrow scenes, you taking us back to Kolkata, Abha going into coma, everything was a story I wish came true in my life except for Abha being ill. I would never want that for her. But I wish we were together. Why didn’t you ever come for me? Why?”

Pragya starts crying and goes to sleep in her room.

(For all those who didn’t understand right from Abhi finding out that Abha was his daughter to Abha going to coma was just Pragya’s imagination which she later created into a storybook. Abhi is still clueless about Abha being his daughter and he is unaware of Swasan. However, Swasan scenes were real)

Scene 2

Swara/ Mishti is in a garden near the orphanage. She is playing her guitar and singing. A middle aged man, Ram Kapoor, comes and says to her “Tum mein bahut sur hein lekin raago ki thodi kami hein”
Swara says to herself raag. She feels uncomfortable and stresses but she can’t remember anything.
RK: What are you thinking?
Swara: Nothing much. Who are you?
RK: I’m Ram Kapoor. I donate to the orphanage. I also run many businesses. I thought I could use your help.
Swara: My help?
RK: Yes. I run a music company and promote new artists. You sing well and are very original. Would you like to audition?
Swara: I don’t know. I’m not a professional singer.
RK: At least audition. If you get selected you will be working with very good music composers and lyricists. Also now a days there are lot of instruments which give a better tone quality to one’s voice. Do not worry about your raags.
Swara: OK I will audition.
RK gives her the address and asks her to come tomorrow to the studio.
Swara feels happy. She says to herself “Finally I can start earning and not be a burden to the orphanage. I have something to look forward”. She gets excited and starts practicing.

Scene 3

Sanskar has come to Shekhar’s factory to finalize a contract. He sees Swara and Ragini’s childhood photo and holds it. Ragini comes there.
Ragini: Guess which one is Swara?
Sanskar: It wouldn’t take a minute to guess that – Swara is the one to the right.
Ragini: Yeah. How did you guess so quickly?
Sanskar: She has a very dramatic angry expression. Like a spoilt brat. Has to be Swara.
Ragini laughs and says: Yeah. She was angry that she came second in her class. She was angry for a whole week. We tried so many tricks to get her out of the angry mood. Nothing worked.
Sanskar: I can understand. She is so angry with me she never bothered to call once…
Ragini: I don’t know if she can stay angry for so long.
Sanskar: She can. I tried searching everywhere for her. I want to apologize to her for not trusting her. But I just can’t find her.
Ragini: She will come back. True love has power.
Sanskar: I don’t love her.
Ragini: Yeah right. Keep denying.

Scene 4

Abha is returning home from school with her school friend, Josh.
Josh: Abha I was reading your mother’s books.
Abha: Who doesn’t read them?
Josh: Don’t you think Olivia resembles your mother?
Abha: Huh?
Josh: Yeah her qualities and description matches your mother and Celeste’s description matches yours.
Abha: I’ve never thought of that. But my dad’s (Rajat) description does not match Nathan’s!
Josh: Maybe that’s a fictional character. Maybe because your dad is a jerk so your mom could not put a character like him!
Abha: So true.

Josh’s home comes and he says goodbye to her. Abha starts thinking about Josh’s words.

Abha thinks to herself ‘What if Josh is speaking the truth? Who can be like Nathan?’ She keeps thinking all night. She feels hungry and goes to have her mid night bread and peanut butter when she remembers Abhi. She says ‘What if it was Abhi uncle. But how will I ever find out the truth. Its not possible. But what if mom loves him? How will they ever meet? I don’t know if he is my dad or not. But I will make mom meet him again. If they really love each other like Olivia and Nathan then I will get them together again’.

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