Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – S02E07


Scene 1: Manhattan, New York City

The bookstore is crowded. Fans have gathered to listen to one of their favourite author read her famous book. Pragya enters the shop. Everyone goes crazy and scream ‘Nancy Nancy!’ Pragya writes books by the name of Nancy. She chose to write stories using a different name as she didn’t want her readers to know about her Indian origin identity else they would be prejudiced. Her books become a huge success and her fans are no longer bothered about her Indian origin. They just want her to keep giving them passionate love stories.

Pragya reads the last passage of her book “Olivia sees Nathan go and says to herself ‘If there was one thing I wish I could have changed about my past it would be me meeting you. You came, saw me and then you conquered me! But now I need to be myself. Sorry! There are things which we have to accept. I don’t want to say goodbye to you but if I don’t then how will I say hello to a new life that awaits me?’ The end.” Everyone clap and but are sad too. They keep requesting her to unite Nathan and Olivia in the next book. She just smiles at them.

Abha comes to the store after some time. She hugs her mom and goes home with her.

Scene 2: Kolkata

It’s been a year since Swara left Kolkata. No one knows where she is. She just left a note to her parents asking them to not look for her. Sanskar gets to know of how Sujata separated Swasan. Meanwhile, Ragini and Laksh also get married. They are aware of the real reason why Sanskar had married Swara and informed the entire family that Sanskar had felt very guilty for his mom breaking Swara’s engagement with Shikhar and therefore, he decided to marry her. The Gadodia’s started loving Sanskar after knowing his truth.

The Gadodia’s loved him for one more reason: he along with Laksh saved Shekhar’s business from being wiped out. After Swara left, Shekhar felt very guilty of not trusting his daughter. He started neglecting his business and soon his business started facing so many problems that Shekhar stopped the business. Sanskar and Laksh along with Ragini started working with Shekhar so that they could distract them from Swara’s thoughts. Soon the business was revived.

Things are still bad between Sanskar and DP. However, Sanskar does not care he just feels a void. He hardly eats. Malti feels that he misses Swara’s cooked food. Every night before going to sleep Sanskar wonders ‘What has Swara done to me?’

Scene 3

Abhi tries to move on in his life. He has a new secretary. He still misses Pragya and her silly habits. He misses Abha too. He wonders why does he miss Abha? He has hardly interacted with her. He has no relation with her (Abhi does not know that Abha is his daughter). He feels he is not destined to have a family. He is happy that he has work to keep him pre-occupied during the day and good looks to keep him occupied at night (as he manages to attract many girls).

Abhi notices that Sanskar no longer pays attention to any girl. He is not aware of Sanskar’s marriage to Swara.

Abhi “Have you turned gay Sanskar?”
Sanskar “No. I’ve just got fed-up of spending my nights with strangers every night. I don’t wish to do it anymore!”
Abhi feels something is wrong and decides to find out.

Scene 4


A girl (Mishti/ Swara) is singing and playing the guitar in the orphanage. She is cheerful and bubbly. The younger children go crazy when they hear her. The energy is at another level. Everyone forget their pains and their loneliness.

Raveena (the head caretaker of the orphanage): I’m so glad we found Mishti that day. She is an angel in disguise.
Shana (another caretaker): I agree! God has given people so much yet they are not even 50% satisfied as Mishti is. She has nothing. She does not even know her true identity. I don’t know how she learnt the guitar so well in some months.
Raveena: Maybe she had learnt it before her accident. Some skills are inseparable from a person. It’s inbuilt. God gifted. God bless her.

One year back…..

Swara left Kolkata and came to Mumbai. She decides to join a law firm in Mumbai. While going for the interview, she gets lost in her thoughts. She thinks about Sanskar, Ragini, her family and how she left them. She does not realize and a high speed car comes and bangs into her. The doctors are able to save her but she loses her memory. She does not remember anything accept her music. The police post advertisements all over Mumbai yet are unable to trace her roots. An orphanage adopts her and calls her Mishti as they find her to be very sweet.

Precap: Abha “Abhi uncle is my dad!

Credit to: Xoxo

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  8. yup this episode is confusing. Previous episode abhi came to knw abha is his daughter n he donated bone marrow n took care of them, here he is not aware that she is his daughter n wondering y he’s attached to her. Also abhigya came to know swasan is married through news, in this episode he is not aware that they were married. Hey plz clear the confusion. Otherwise it is a good story line xoxo.

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