Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – S02E06


Recap: Ragini decides to take Swara home whereas Abhi decides to take Abha for dinner.

Swara: Ragini I can’t come home. This house is my home now.
Ragini: But Swara
Swara: Sanskar is a nice person. We are not a couple not even friends. But we are married. I am his wife. Also if I leave the house again you’ll will have to face society taunts. Please Ragini understand.
Ragini: I don’t know what to say. Anyway you do what you want.

Malti comes with the seedlings. Swara asks Ragini to help her plant the seedlings.

Ragini says she will make tea as she is getting a headache and asks Swara to start planting.

Swara starts planting. Sanskar comes home and sees Swara gardening.
Sanskar: You are over watering the plant.
He shows her the right way to water the plant. They are very close to each other.
Swara: Didn’t know you were so interested in gardening!
Sanskar: There are lot of things you don’t know about me. You have some mud on your face.
He removes the mud from her face. It’s their first touch. Swara closes her eyes. Both feel some sensations.
Sanskar: Done.
Swara: You too have some mud on your hair.
Sanskar: Hair?
Swara: Should I remove it?
Sanskar: Yeah.

Swara takes the water pipe and pours water on Sanskar. He is drenched. He snatches the water pipe and tries to spray water on Swara but she saves herself as she runs. Sanskar runs behind her. Swara reaches the dead end of the garden. He walks towards her. She walks backwards. Finally she reaches the wall and she can’t escape. Sanskar shifts the water pipe from his right hand to his left. He holds it aside (that is not towards Swara). He comes close towards her and grabs her by the waist. She thinks he is going to kiss her. She closes her eyes. He sprays water on her hair.
Swara: Sanskarr………….
Sanskar: Well….

Ragini sees the whole scene and smiles. She thinks they are getting closer and decides to give Swasan their space to grow.

Scene 2

Pragya thinks Abhi will never confess his love. She thinks she will have to do something. She decides to confess her love to Abhi after he returns with Abha. She starts decorating candles in her room. She downloads some romantic songs. Pragya picks up a violet backless dress from her wardrobe. She wants to look her best for him.
She remembers her past with him. How he has been with her during her bad times.

Flashback starts….

Pragya has bruises on her face. Rajat had beaten her some time back. Abhi comes to give some papers to Pragya. She tries to hide them from him. He spots it and asks her how she got them. She makes some excuse. Just then Rajat enters and he thinks Pragya has told Abhi about their fight. He starts shouting at her. Abhi understands that Rajat had beaten her up. He shouts at him. They get into a fight. Abhi gets hurt by Rajat but eventually manages to defeat him and tells him to stay away from Pragya else he will go to the police.
Pragya is crying. He hugs her and wipes her tears.
Both put medicines on each other’s wounds with one hand while they hold each other’s other hand as the medicine stings them.

Tu jo mila (Bhajrangi Bhaijaan) plays in the background.

Flashback ends.

Scene 3

Ragini tells Laksh about Swasan’s closeness and she trusts Sanskar. Laksh is irritated as his plan does not work out. Sujata over hears them. She goes smiling towards her room and opens her draw. She takes out the chit which she found in Swara’s dustbin yesterday. It’s the same paper in which she wrote that she would take revenge from Sanskar. Sujata smirks.

Laksh thinks about Swara. He feels bad for choosing her over Ragini and betraying her. He says aloud ‘I could not be a good lover or friend. I do not deserve Swara. However I need to apologise to her. I will meet her today in the park near Sanskar bhai’s house’. Laksh calls Swara and asks her to meet him one last time. Swara reluctantly agrees.

Sujata hears this and says to herself ‘Swara your game is over’.

Scene 4

Sujata comes to Sanskar and asks where Swara is. Sanskar says he is not a possessive husband and believes in giving space to his wife. Sujata shows Sanskar the paper in which Swara wrote about her revenge. Sanskar is shocked but does not believe it. Sujata says Swara is planning revenge on him with Laksh. Sanskar tells her to stop saying nonsense. She drags him to the park.

Laksh is holding Swara’s hand and apologising to her. They both have tears in their eyes. Sanskar can’t hear their conversation but starts believing Sujata as he remembers that Swalak were lovers. Sanskar is shocked. He marches off angrily from the park.
Swara returns home. She is happy that she and Laksh are friends again. She is also somewhere happy that they are no longer in a relationship. She thinks it would have turned into a disaster.

Sanskar is waiting for Swara. She sees her bag packed. He sees Swara.
Sanskar: How dare you plot revenge plans against me?
Swara: I don’t understand what you are trying to say?
He shows her the paper.
Swara: Sanskar its not like…. He interrupts her.
Sanskar: Enough Swara! I can’t believe you would involve Laksh in this too?
Swara: Laksh?
Sanskar: Don’t deny it. I saw both of you’ll in the park too.
Swara: I will not give you explanations. If there is no trust there is no relationship. I’m leaving.
Sanskar: Please leave. I’ve got your bags packed too.
Swara angrily walks out of their house.

Scene 5

Abhi and Abha decide to have ice cream before going back home. Abhi tells Abha to wait for him while he parks his car. Abha is too excited and decides to cross the road by herself. She starts crossing but slips and a car bangs into her. Abhi shouts Abha and rushes her to the hospital. He is crying. Pragya comes too. Doctor comes and tells them that Abha is in come. Both can’t believe it. Pragya cries profusely and blames the whole incident on Abhi.
Pragya “I will never forgive you Abhi. Don’t you ever come near my daughter and me again”

Precap: Everyone is clapping for Pragya. Abha hugs her.

Credit to: xoxo

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